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The Masked Singer Spoilers: Who Is The Thingamajig?

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The Masked Singer Spoilers: Who Is The Thingamajig?

The Masked Singer is back and we've got your spoilers! Who is the Thingamajig?

Last season, audiences couldn't get enough of the wildest, wackiest talent show on TV. The series showed a group of unnamed celebrities dressed in costumes that called to mind Vegas on Halloween and had them all perform musical numbers on stage.

A panel of judges that included Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger listened to the performances and had to guess who each performer was. 

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The speculation around each performance was off the charts. Everyone from the judges to audiences on social media had a guess about who the different singers were. Robin Thicke managed to ID football legend Terry Bradshaw by a shoulder movement. Jenny McCarthy figured out musical-theatre alum Ricki Lake was the one under the Raven Mask. And really, anyone who thought about could have figured out it was Tori Spelling sporting a magical unicorn mask.

The same panel of judges are back to share in the fun, and Nick Cannon has resumed hosting duties. The past accolades heaped on the contestants are pretty impressive as well. Combined, they have 69 Emmy Award nominations, 42 Grammy Award nominations, 22 Broadway shows, three New York Times Best Sellers, and two have been named Time magazine’s Most Influential People.

And the costumes? Let's just say that they are more fantastic than before. There's an Ice Cream, and Egg, a Flamingo, and... a Thingamajig. What or who is the Thingamjig? Let the guessing games begin. 

1. Clues

The Thingamajig's intro video bragged that it's the largest costume in show history, topping out at over seven feet tall. Of course, that doesn't mean the person wearing it is even close to that height.

The tall green monster drops some hints in the clue video (and no, Green Monster isn't a hint, so Red Sox fans can relax and stop looking for MLB players). He mentions that his persona is "puzzling" and says "Just don't call me Chewbacca, though I do celebrate with him." He also notes that the audience hasn't seen anything like him before.

2. Judge Guesses

The judges got a real listen to Thingamajig when he performed "Easy" by Lionel Richie. He claims he isn’t a professional singer, even though his voice was gorgeous. The judges are all taking their guesses based on his size, suggesting different sports figures.

Robin wondered if it could be Michael Strahan, but points out that Thingamajig is more slender than the former NFL player. Jenny suggested it could be Steph Curry, but Robin said Steph is as tall as the Thingamjig. Nicole went old school and said it could be Dennis Rodman, but Jenny said he's "away in North Korea.”

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3. Internet Guesses

The internet is not being shy about speculating on this one. Right now, the most popular guess is Wayne Brady. And it's a good guess. Brady is an accomplished singer and the voice sounds a lot like recordings of Brady. Moreover, Brady did host the game show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, an improv show, which might account for the hint about a puzzling persona: the show required contestants to put scenes together piece by piece.

However, Country Living notes that Brady once said he wouldn't want to be on that show since he's a professional musician. But that's also what Rumer Willis said and she was the Lion on the first season!

4. Best Guess

The side-by-side vocal comparison makes the Wayne Brady argument pretty strong, but I'm going to drop in a different guess on who Thingamajig might be. It could be John Boyega, who plays Finn in the latest Star Wars installments. Sure, at 5'9" he's not even close to the seven foot mark of the costume, but the Chewbacca hint points toward a singer from a galaxy far far away. Not only that, Boyega is British, born to Nigerian parents, where all prior contestants had been American, so that's nothing that the audience has seen before.

Finally, in one of the promos, it showed Thingamjig performing with dancers who have a Motown vibe. Boyega did an interview where he talks about listing to a lot of Motown and even busted out a few lines of "A-B-C" by the Jackson Five. Is the voice as close a match as Brady? No, but that doesn't mean that it isn't Boyega under the green fur. 

There’s also a chance Jenny isn’t far off with the Steph Curry guess. The baller can definitely sing. He appeared in a video with his daughters where all three belt out a tune from Hamilton in the car. He also did a bunch of Disney hits with James Cordon and he’s got some pipes. We can’t rule him out. 

5. Twitter Guesses

Twitter guesses have ranged from basketball player Victor Oladipo to Dwayne Wade to Wayne Brady.

Who is Thingamjig? Watch The Masked Singer to find out for sure!

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