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The Meaning Of Bible Verse Jeremiah 11:11, According To Scripture & Why It's Quoted In The Movie 'US'

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Jeremiah 11:11 Bible Verse Meaning & The Movie "Us", By Jordan Peele

What is the Bible verse Jeremiah 11:11, and why is it use in the movie, "Us"?

It's fairly common knowledge that numbers in sequence are considered to be angelic messages sent from spiritual beings with good intentions towards us.

When a person sees the number one more than once in a row, it signals that a message is being delivered.

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There's someone out there in the universe who wants to catch your attention. They are trying to get you to be aware and to learn a lesson in life that will help you stay safe or move the dial in a project forward.

The 1 in sequence can be found in various chapters and verses within the Bible, Currently, Jeremiah 11:11 is one of the more popular ones due to it being used in reference to Jordan Peele's film, "Us".

Entertainment Weekly reports that Jordan Peele, the director, told NPR, "I tried to apply this idea of duality to everything in the film…. My favorite horror images are the beautiful ones that are subverted.

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This is why I was drawn to The Stepford Wives, and movies like Jaws and The Shining appeal to me is that when you have something idyllic and beautiful and sort of perfect, that’s where true horror lies.”

Jeremiah 11:11 quoted states, "Therefore thus saith the Lord, Behold, I will bring evil upon them, which they shall not be able to escape; and though they shall cry unto me, I will not hearken unto them."

Another Biblical version of the same quote presents the idea this way: "Therefore this is what the Lord says: 'I will bring on them a disaster they cannot escape. Although they cry out to me, I will not listen to them.'"

The tone of this verse is strong and foreboding.

The film has many references to Jeremiah 11:11, once written on a floating piece of cardboard, the baseball game was tied at 11:11, the clock read 11:11 p.m. at one point, and there were many other references.

There must be a unique meaning behind this Bible verse, especially with its impending doom and that disaster is coming message.

Here are three facts about Jeremiah 11:11 and how it is connected to the movie 'Us".

1. Why is Jeremiah 11:11 used in the movie, Us?"

The verse gives off a mirror image or double meaning to everything. Thus, explaining the use of doppelgangers in the movie.

You can also interpret this Bible verse as telling us not to worship false idols, which the family in the movie does, which is why the verse Jeremiah 11:11 keeps reappearing in warning of something bad.

This warning given in Jeremiah 11:11 relates to the movie because, if it's true, God will not be coming to save the characters from evil.

There is no way to escape.

They will literally have to pick up the scissors and save themselves.

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2. What is the history around Jeremiah 11:11?

Jeremiah was a prophet during the 6th century BC.

He was located in the southern kingdom of Judah, which was under a huge threat from the Babylonians.

Jeremiah predicted the tragedy that was going to come to the Judeans as a consequence of the Judeans losing faith in God.

The Judeans started worshiping other gods.

And he was right when, during his lifetime, Jerusalem was conquered and thousands of Judeans were taken into exile.

Moreover, this Bible verse is conveying that our actions have consequences but can be overcome by worshiping the one true God and He will return to restore what has been broken.

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3. The Biblical meaning of Jeremiah 11:11 is really negative.

According to Inverse, "In plain English, the verse means: y'all screwed."

It also is warning us to not worship false idols, or else.

This spawns from God saying that he will protect everyone who worships Him only.

The verse also means that God will not be coming to save the living from evil, they must protect themselves.

This comes from God saying to bring evil to those living because they are undeserving of His grace and protection.

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