Convicted Pedophile Romano Lukas Hitler Claims To Be Last Living Relative Of Adolf Hitler

He claims to be the only person alive with the last name Hitler. Now he's accused of pedophilia.

Who Is Romano Lukas Hitler? New Details On Last Living Relative Of Adolf Hitler Convicted Of Pedophilia YouTube

A German man claims he is the last living person to have the last name Hitler and that he is directly related to Adolph Hitler. Now he has been convicted of pedophilia after he reportedly kissed a 13-year-old girl. Romano Lukas Hitler, from the German city of Goerlitz, claims he is innocent and that he just liked spending time with the girl. He plans to appeal the conviction.

His claims of innocence about the pedophilia accusations are as questionable as his claims of being related to Adolph Hitler. His story about his family tree doesn't match history's record of the dictator's family. 


Who is Romano Lukas Hitler? Read on for all the crazy details. 

1. Angry father reported him

The girl's father was the one who reported Hitler for his abuse of the girl. He is a mechanic who was selling his business and Hitler was a prospective buyer. "I had put a garage up for sale and Hitler answered the advert. But when he turned up he didn't seem to have much interest in the garage, only in Ania. He lured her to his flat with sweets, brought her clothes and plastic flowers and even offered to marry her," he said, according to the Mirror. Hitler said there was no inappropriate intent in the relationship between him and the girl. "I wanted to time with her. They were just harmless welcome kisses,” he told Bild. The judge in the case disagreed and said it was obvious that Hitler had kissed the girl "against her will on both the neck and cheek."


2. Not actually the last Hitler

While the convicted pedophile Hitler claims he had an exclusive familial connection to the German dictator, the truth is that there are known relatives of the Fürher living in New York. The New York Post reported that children of Hitler's nephew live in Long Island.

Hitler had a half-brother named Alois Jr. who fathered a son called William Patrick Hitler. Willy lived outside Germany starting from before his uncle's ascent to power and, though he gave some interviews about his murderous relative, he stopped when the dictator told him to. He eventually moved to New York and enlisted in the US Navy, serving in World War II to take down his uncle. He ultimately changed the family name to Hiller and then Stuart-Houston. His three sons grew up in New York and seldom talk about their connection to the most reviled man in history. One of them, named Alexander, gave an interview to the German magazine Bild in 2018 but other than that, they all refuse to speak to the press. 


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3. Tenuous claim of relationship

The current Hitler claims that he is related to the Hitler family through Adolph's father Alois. He asserts that Alois had a brother who fled Germany. "Adolf Hitler's father Alois had a younger brother. His grandson was my father," he said to German website, MOPO24 in 2015. He claims his parents fled communist East Germany and died in Bratislava in Slovakia. After he was orphaned, he spent part of his childhood in a monastery before being adopted by a Polish couple. He uses the name, which has been an obstacle to him. He says he moved to Germany as an adult and trained as a ship's helmsman but his last name made it hard for him to find work. "The name is like a cross to bear and I wish that on nobody." 


He says he's the last living relative but that isn't true.

4. Not historically accurate

The story about being the great-great-grand-nephew of Hitler's father may not be possible. The Express UK noted in 2015 that Alois Hitler had no known siblings. In fact, Hitler wasn't even his original last name. He had the name of his mother, Maria Schicklgruber, who was 42 and unmarried when she gave birth to Alois. There are no records of her having had other children. It's not known for certain who his father was but the best guess is that it was Johann Georg Heidler, who later became Alois' stepfather and could have had a relationship with his mother before his birth. Heidler also no other children.

While it is possible that Heidler was not the biodad, and the unknown father of Alois had other children, they would not have been named Hitler — the name was invented for Alois as part of a scheme to make him seem like Heilder's legitimate heir and claim his estate after he died. Based on all of this, it seems quite possible that Romano Lukas Hitler is not actually a Hitler by blood at all and there is no discernible reason for him to have the last name Hitler. 

5. The end of the Hitler line

Romano Lukas Hitler, who is 69-years-old, told reporters in 2015 that the Hitler name will die with him. "After me, there will be no more Hitlers. That's it, shame must have an end," he said. However, his childlessness isn't the final reason the bloodline will end. The three verified Hitler relatives have no children either. Heavy reports that David Gardner, a British journalist, has claimed the surviving brothers decided never to have children. “They didn’t sign a pact, but what they did is, they talked amongst themselves, talked about the burden they’ve had in the background of their lives, and decided that none of them would marry, none of them would have children. And that’s…a pact they’ve kept to this day.” Alexander Stuart-Houston denied the pact in the one interview he gave but it is true that neither he nor his brothers have children. 


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6. Not the end of the Hitler name

Despite Romano Lukas Hitler's assertions that he marks the end of the road the name Hitler, that isn't true either. He isn't really the last person using the name Hitler. A 2014 documentary explored the lives of people with the last name Hitler or Hittler. The film called Meet The Hitlers dealt with people who are still living today

Regardless of his ancestry, the man using the name Romano Lukas Hitler has been convicted of kissing an underage girl and faces fines of about $900. He says he is going to appeal. 


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