Corey Feldman's New Video Announces Plan To Expose The Names Of Hollywood Pedophiles With An Indigogo 'Truth' Campaign

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If the past few weeks have taught us anything, it's that Hollywood has many dirty little secrets; one of them being a tremendous problem with sexual assault and rape amongst those looking to make it big in the industry, and those who can make it happen using their power for evil.

More than 50 women have already come forward with allegations against big time producer Harvey Weinstein, while others have revealed similar allegations toward some top name Hollywood stars.

One child actor has been vocal about the sexual predators and pedophilia in Hollywood for years and that's Corey Feldman. You might know him as one of two Coreys (the other Corey — Corey Haim, who died of an accidental overdose in 2010 — also claimed to be a victim of Hollywood pedophile ring) rose to stardom in the 80s in movies like The Goonies and Stand By Me.

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In 2013, Corey Feldman was a guest on ABC's The View where he spoke about the assaults of both him and Haim and the danger young actors face in Hollywood with pedophiles preying on them. Barbara Walters disgustingly blamed Feldman for "destroying an entire industry" by speaking his truth. You can view that portion of the interview here:

With Hollywood being turned upside down right now, Corey is ready to shed light on what really happened to him and his friend — as well as the men in the industry who are still preying on young boys. 

Here are 5 details about Corey Feldman, his recent marijuana arrest, fears he is being silenced, and his plans to expose the pedophile ring through an Indiegogo Truth Campaign. 

1. Corey Feldman wrote an autobiography Coreyography in 2013 detailing his abuse in Hollywood.

Amazon/ Corey Feldman's Memoir Coreyography

In 2013, Corey Feldman released a memoir, Coreyography, that details his life as a child actor and the abuse he suffered at the hands of those in power in the Hollywood industry. 

"Lovable child star by age ten, international teen idol by fifteen, and to this day a perennial pop-culture staple, Corey Feldman has not only spent the entirety of his life in the spotlight, he's become just as famous for his off-screen exploits as for his roles in such classic films as Gremlins, The Goonies, and Stand by Me. He's been linked to a slew of Hollywood starlets (including Drew Barrymore, Vanessa Marcil, and adult entertainer Ginger Lynn), shared a highly publicized friendship with Michael Jackson, and with his frequent costar Corey Haim enjoyed immeasurable success as one half of the wildly popular duo "The Two Coreys," spawning seven films, a 1-900 number, and "Coreymania" in the process. What child of the eighties didn't have a Corey Feldman poster hanging in her bedroom, or a pile of Tiger Beats stashed in his closet?

Now, in this brave and moving memoir, Corey is revealing the truth about what his life was like behind the scenes: His is a past that included physical, drug, and sexual abuse, a dysfunctional family from which he was emancipated at age fifteen, three high-profile arrests for drug possession, a nine-month stint in rehab, and a long, slow crawl back to the top of the box office.

While Corey has managed to overcome the traps that ensnared so many other entertainers of his generation—he's still acting, is a touring musician, and is a proud father to his son, Zen—many of those closest to him haven't been so lucky. In the span of one year, he mourned the passing of seven friends and family members, including Corey Haim and Michael Jackson. In the wake of those tragedies, he's spoken publicly about the dark side of fame, lobbied for legislation affording greater protections for children in the entertainment industry, and lifted the lid off of what he calls Hollywood's biggest secret.

Coreyography is his surprising account of survival and redemption."

2. Corey Feldman was arrested on marijuana charges.

TMZ reported that Feldman was arrested on marijuana charges while on tour with his band. In a series of tweets, Feldman explains what really happened:

3. Watch the video of Corey Feldman announcing his Truth Campaign.

In the video, Corey explains how the timing of his "arrest" and a near death experience makes him feel vulnerable and in need of protection, not only for himself, but for his family.

In the 7-minute video, he goes on to say that he is working on a film, which he will produce himself and distribute, about his life as a child actor and exposing the truth about the pedophilia he and others allegedly experienced.

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4. Corey Feldman is seeking funding for a documentary film exposing Hollywood pedophiles through Indiegogo.

Because of the security risks involved with exposing high-level Hollywood executives, Corey and wife, Courtney Mitchell have decided to crowd fund his film, and part of the money will go to making sure he and his family are safe. The campaign states:

"We are asking for friends, fans, family, industry peers, and people from all walks of life who may not know who Corey is or what this story is about, to all help pitch in, at fighting back against the Hollywood system, the best way a man created in the system, knows how to defend himself; by telling his truth through his art.  This is much bigger than raising finance for a film, this is about the balance of Good and Evil in very real terms.  Ever since Corey announced he was working on a plan to come forward with more information, he has been arrested, had a near death event, and his band quit with no explanation other than saying they were afraid to continue.  Corey and I fear for our safety, and we need protection to get this truth out.  To do this in the way Corey envisions it will take both time and money.  Firstly as a security measure Corey has already written down the names and details of the events and given them to a trusted person of power, in case anything should happen to him or any member of his family before the film is finished. In order to make a true Hollywood Blockbuster these days the studios are spending upwards of $150,000,000 on average.  We are asking for less that a tenth of that to make a top level quality film that will be guaranteed as a theatrical release.  Even if every twitter follower pitches in $100 we are there.  We can protect ourselves with security and a legal team as we fight to tell this story, and pay for the films production, editing, marketing, and distribution. This 1 time fee covers the whole process start to finish, and will pay for our families protection and security, while we go through this very difficult, painful, and scary process.  It will also cover initial legal fees.  Additionally, Corey believes this revolutionary approach to self financing and self distribution can revolutionize the film industry and take away the power from those who now hold the keys to the world of Entertainment, which allows the power monsters to continue doing the things they have for so long.  This can truly be a way to regain control over who has access to children in the industry, while weeding out the criminals who have already caused the damage.  This is a call for the world to unite for a most important cause, to preserve the innocence of children.  Please do your part TODAY."

5. The documentary An Open Secret shows the heartbreaking truth behind pedophilia in Hollywood.

In 2014, Amy Berg directed An Open Secret with 5 child actors, including Feldman and Todd Bridges from Diff'rent Strokes. In the film, it shows how bright-eyed young talents can so very easily become silent victims for fear of losing their career, family, but mostly because of shame. It is free right now on Vimeo to raise awareness about the problem in Hollywood. To watch the full documentary, click here

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