What The Mars-Saturn Trine Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships Until March 2021

Our comfort zone kills more dreams than failure ever will.

What Mars Trine Saturn Means For Your Zodiac Sign's Love Horoscope And Relationships Until March 2021, According To Astrology getty

On September 9th, there will be a magical trine between Mars and Saturn that will cumulate the energy of the last few days. Mars trine Saturn, with Mars in Virgo and Saturn in Capricorn will present the zodiac signs with an opportunity to manifest and pursue their deepest love desires. 

In astrology a trine is when two planets are within 120 degrees of one another, creating a positive and beneficial aspect that will affect all of our love horoscopes. This is the second trine between these two planets this year — the first one occurring back in March. 


With the energy from this aspect lingering, it will possibly create a theme until we experience the next one in March of 2021. While this trine usually can occur twice a year, depending upon the transit, we can skip years.

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The last year without a Mars-Saturn trine was 2018, so it’s important to recognize this energy and make the most of it within our romantic lives. Think back to March of this year. What was going on specifically within your romantic life? While this transit can initiate new beginnings, it also likely will carry forth similar themes from what occurred in late winter/early spring of 2019.

While transits that occur more rarely are always cause for greater awareness, knowing this is the last one until March of 2021, about a year and a half from now, means we will be seeing a storyline play out from now until then.  

Mars is the planet that governs ambition, drive, passion and even motivation. The planet that governs the divine masculine represents the fire within our soul and the energy we want to make it a reality. At the time of this transit, Mars will be in Virgo, which changes his energy incredibly. We’re still passionate, we’re still ready to rush ahead, but we’re also going to be logical and wanting commitment.

It’s because of Mars that this aspect strongly affects our romantic relationships. While it's not the planet that governs love, being a passionate representative of the divine masculine means this is the area he tends to draw our focus to. 


Often times, Mars and Virgo aren’t thought of as going well together; however, this aspect of feeling grounded from a very fiery planet is one that is necessary to make plans to move forward.  

The energy Mars is bringing into our lives isn’t just logic, but a strong sense of patience; he’s normally known for diligence in what’s right and completing whatever task he’s focused on. For those of us who have been at a critical point in our career, we may see this energy positively affect us and our sense of responsibility or drive at work.

Because of the positive nature of the trine, Mars energy will be amplified, giving us the chance to take changes and make a stronger commitment outside of our love lives.

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But while the energy that Mars is bringing is important, Saturn’s contribution is one that is essential as well. Saturn is known as the lord of time and karma, the planet that governs our sense of boundaries and commitment. Nicknamed the father of the zodiac, it’s also one that represents that relationship between student and teacher.

Saturn is currently in Capricorn, an earth sign, which means we’re going to focus on commitment, boundaries, loyalty and the dedication it takes to make a dream into reality. Saturn in Capricorn is concerned about stability, so that's something many of us will be working on as we lead into this transit.

A very grounded energy yet one with so much fire behind it is an interesting combination, so it makes total sense that while we could see changes in our careers, the biggest arena we’re going to be focusing on is how those themes of passion and commitment play into our relationships. For many of us, this has been a focus we’ve been considering since early summer.

When we look at who we truly are, our passions, our dreams and our lives, we also have to acknowledge what a difference the kind of partner and relationship we choose to have, affects our life path. In some ways, the romantic decisions we make seep over into our career because not every relationship can open those of opportunity within our career and our lives overall.


Mars is all about the passion and wanting to commit now that he’s in Virgo, and Saturn is ready to pull his big boy pants up and settle down. Saturn helps us be sure about the choices we’re making; we don’t need to try every option before knowing what’s going to fit the best. But perhaps even more important is that we’re not going to be feeling fear when it comes to making those big life decisions such as commitment and even marriage.

While this transit can and will affect both genders, because we all have a feminine and masculine component, specifically, this will have a stronger influence on the masculine. Because Mars is so amped up with passion and commitment, we could see many big acts of love come around the time of this transit and even into the future as this alignment awakens something within all of us.

There will always be a reason to be scared, to wonder if it would work or if we’re up for the responsibility of commitment.


But what we have to learn and understand is that fear is the reason to jump and take a chance. Anything that’s new, anything that’s amazing will scare us, even just a little bit.

If we feel no fear, it means whatever we’re looking at doing, whatever option we’re thinking of, is one we don’t have to leave our comfort zone for. And while it can be comfortable, we can’t make our dreams a reality if we never take the risk to leave.

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