15 Best Personalized/Custom Wedding Tote Bags For The Bride And Bridal Party

15 Best Personalized/Custom Wedding Tote Bags For The Bride And Bridal Party

Wedding parties are getting increasingly pampered when it comes to the kind of party favors engaged couples offer them. Getting regular tiny treats like candles, spoons, and chocolates is great, but these days, bigger is better. Personalized tees, tanks and tote bags are now in. 

Most bridal parties will have girls who will be carrying a ton of things for the bride-to-be, so why not gift them some cute matching custom tote bags? If you’re walking down the aisle, these amazing gift ideas will be wonderful to give your besties... and yourself!

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1. Color Pop Jute Tote

If you have a destination wedding at a faraway island, you might as well gift your friends a tote that matches with the vibe. This colorful, tropical-themed tote offers up a bright splash of pink, navy, cream, or black with a rich tan bottom. 

It’s sturdy enough to last for years and looks so cute, your friends might want to wear it long after the big event has happened. It’s a winner, no matter how you look at it. 

(MyWeddingFavors, $13.95)

2. Gold Stripe Tote

This tote bag is glamorous enough to make your wedding party squeal with joy, and yet, totally appropriate as a bridal shower party favor. Each bag comes with a cute rope handle, a gold foil accent, and a perfectly white body that will look amazing in photos. 

Each of these bags can be emblazoned with the bridesmaid’s name on it, ensuring that no one will get their bags confused during that wild bachelorette party you’re planning. 

(MarryMe, $25.99)

3. Floral Bride Tote Bag

Why should bridesmaids have all the tote fun? This beautiful, retro-rustic tote bag will add an extra touch of awesome to your bridal get-together. The accents around the frame say, “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.”

It’s a perfect bag to carry all your bride-specific supplies on the big day, and also can work as an adorable memento of all the wonderful memories you made during your journey towards married life.

(MarryMe, $4.77)

4. Bliss Jute Wedding Tote Bag

Gold and black are two colors that find themselves at every wedding, so why not use those colors as a theme for your totes? It just makes sense! That’s what makes the Bliss Jute Wedding Tote such a good choice for just about any bridal party. 

You will be hard pressed to find a tote bag that looks classier than this one, that’s for sure. That being said, it’s definitely a choice that is best for larger wedding parties. 

(TotallyPromotional, $309 for 50 bags)

5. Gold Foil Bridesmaid Canvas Tote

Canvas totes are always in style, and part of the reason for that is their simplicity. They are simple. They are sturdy, and you know what? Everyone likes them. Sometimes, simple is the best route to go, and that’s why you’ll love this cute tote. 

The gold foil accent writing has that perfectly modern, stylish, and yet slightly artsy look that people adore. Better still, you can personalize each one.

(MyWeddingFavors, $5.09)

6. Team Bride Canvas Tote

“Team Bride” has become the de facto way of saying you’re in the bridal party, and it’s a phrase that’s easily found on tees, tanks, and even shorts. If you’re going for a bridesmaid gift set that has this phrase as a theme, it’s a good idea to keep that theme going with a sassy, classy tote. 

This personalized tote has a striking gold and black theme that will draw attention to your crew in the best way possible. 

(MyWeddingFavors, $10)

7. Watercolor Bridesmaid Tote Bag

Finding customizable totes that carry a lot of color can be seriously hard, but thankfully, this tote is available for your bridesmaids to enjoy. This affordable tote comes with a personalization option, a breathtaking floral motif, and enough room to make everything fit perfectly. 

If you’re looking for a great all-purpose tote with a slightly woodsy or garden theme, this tote will fit your vision. 

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

8. Black and Pink Bridesmaid Bags

This series of bridal bags is extra awesome, because it’s not just doable for bridesmaids. It also has a maid of honor option, too! Unlike other options on this list, the lettering colors are customizable too. You can choose from gold, white, pink, or a very respectable range of glittery hues. 

If the actual bag’s design wasn’t cute enough, the pink accent bow really adds extra icing to the (wedding) cake.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

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9. Chevron Jute Tote Bags

Jute totes are always in, but these cute bags are even cooler than your typical already-cool tote. Chevron print offers that delightfully trendy look that turns a bridal party tote into an everyday tote, all while giving a little Southwestern or beachy flair to your wedding flavors. 

This tote comes in two different themes: grey and white. You get to choose which will work best with your crew.

(WeddingFavorsUnlimited, $20)

10. Striped Cooler Tote

Everyone knows that weddings are events that quickly become major drinkfests. The same can be said about bridal showers and bachelorette parties, too. So, why not gift your friends a tote that can make carrying drinks easier than ever to do?

This customizable tote has a little secret that most others out there don’t: it’s insulated. Carrying wine and vodka just got a lot easier to do.

(MyWeddingFavors, $63)

11. Pink and White Picnic Tote

There’s no rule says that you need to use your wedding party totes during wedding season, you know. Sometimes, it’s just bet to have a gift that they will want to use for years to come. Why not give them a tote they’ll love to keep around?

This picnic tote is designed to carry all the gear you need for a nice picnic for two, and has an adorable white and pink motif. 

(WeddingFavorsUnlimited, $28.97)

12. Geo Prism Tote

If you’re looking for something a little different than your typical bridesmaid tote, we totally get it. Some people just aren’t into flowers and cursive writing. That’s where this epic bridal tote shines. It’s modern, classy, and at the same time, notably different. 

The geometric print gives this tote a serious splash of pop art style, and with its elegant monograms, you can bet that your bridesmaids will all be thrilled with it for years to come. 

(TheWeddingOutlet, $27.95)

13. Personalized Rhinestone Skull Tote

Tired of seeing all the “pretty in pink” types of totes on this list? Want something a little more punk rock for your bridal crew? This glitzy, glam rocker-approved tote bag is just what the doctor ordered. 

The rhinestones on this will shimmer beautifully in photos and underneath dance lights. Your inner goth will thank you for this treat for you and your fellow babes. 

(Advantage Bridal, $34.95)

14. The Jet Set Weekender

Want to spoil your friends with a weekender tote they can use while they travel the world? This elegant number is sure to please. The tote is massive enough to carry all your goods for a weekend abroad, and also comes with a neat customization option so every bag will be a bit different.

Inside the bag, you’ll find zippers and a sleek striped microfiber lining. Outside, you have a decadent faux leather exterior and canvas strap. 

(Bridesmaid Gifts Boutiques, $48.99)

15. Beach Burlap Tote Bag

You might know The Knot as one of the top sites for people planning out their big days, but did you know that they also have a majorly awesome wedding shop, too? It’s true, and this extra large burlap bag is proof that you should check them out. 

Beautifully blue and ready to customize with your friends’ initials, this unisex bag will be a very welcome gift for every attendee. 

(The Knot, $9.99)

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