30 Best Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas (To Greet Your Guests In Style!)

Your guests deserve some appreciation too.

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When hosting a wedding, the biggest deal is getting married, of course. But you are also host to a really big party and have to play that role as well. And hosting starts the second you welcome those guests.

“For wedding welcome bags, we recommend including three things: an homage to the local area where you're hosting the wedding, key details about the weekend, and snippets nodding to your love story,” says Esther Lee, Senior Editor of The Knot.


More than anything, these gift ideas should also be used to honor the guests who have traveled to celebrate the couple. “This could very well set the tone for the weekend ahead with your wedding guests, so you’ll want to make sure your loved ones are greeted properly to get them excited for what’s ahead,” Lee advises.

And here's what your welcome bags can include to make a great first impression for the weekend ahead.

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1. Custom Candle Favors

Regardless of where your guests are staying for the weekend, it’s important that they feel at home. Guests will love the rustic themed labels on each candle. Every gold candle tin comes personalized with your message.

“Fill your welcome bag with cozy favors such as a custom candle and matches, and treat them as if they were staying in your home. This shows that you put time and thought into their favors, and that you want guests to be comfortable as they visit and celebrate with you,” says Kylie Carlson, owner of Wedding Academy Global.


(Etsy, $22)

2. Pet Portrait

If you and your partner are known pet lovers among your guests, consider including a fun welcome from your fur babies. Because your pets deserve to get in on the fun, too!

Carlson suggests, “It’s a great way to include them without the stress of having them on site. There are plenty of options on Etsy where artists will come up with their very own rendition of your beloved pets."

(Etsy, $5+)

3. Custom Wine Labels

A great way to introduce your out-of-town guests to your wedding locale is by providing local wine or craft beer specific to the region. And these personalized wine labels are fully customizable and can be printed at home.

“This is one gift you know they’ll make good use of during their time, whether it’s continuing the party in their hotel room after the reception or even as a souvenir long after the weekend has ended. We recommend personalizing the bottles with custom labels for a sentimental touch!” advises Heather Jones, Director of Catering Sales at Wente Vineyards.


(Etsy, $3.59)

4. Custom Itinerary

When guests attend a destination wedding, it’s crucial to give them as many details as possible when it comes to the itinerary. Destination wedding guests will appreciate being in the know when it comes to the wedding weekend events. The more details, the better!

“We recommend including a customized weekend itinerary in your welcome bag, to give guests as much information as possible throughout their stay. This way, they know what to expect each day of their trip, and can plan accordingly. Destination weddings have so many moving parts once guests arrive to the wedding property,” says Jen Avey, VP of Marketing at Destination Weddings Travel Group


(Etsy, $175+)

5. Cameo Video 

More and more couples are going digital with their wedding welcome bags, so why not up the ante by having a favorite celebrity greet your guests? Cameo is a platform where fans can book personalized video shoutouts from their favorite celebrities, athletes, or influencers. 


“Cameo offers hundreds of celebrities for a range of prices. Just pick your favorite, send instructions on what you’d like them to say, and then they’ll create a video for you and your guests!” states Kevin Dennis of Fantasy Sound Event Services.

(Cameo.com, starts at $50)

6. Magic Mugs

Magic mugs look completely black, but when you pour hot liquids into them, a surprise message or picture appears. Customize yours with a special welcome message for your wedding guests on your big day.


(Canvas Champ, $14.49+)

7. Photo Coasters

Give wedding guests something they can use again and again. Create your coaster with a photo or upload a design centered around the theme of your wedding. 

(Canvas Champ, $4.99+)

8. Voke Tabs


These energizing, superfood tabs provide almost instant mental clarity and focus in a convenient, all-natural chewable tablet without the annoying jitters that accompany other alternatives. The convenient packaging fits easily into your pocket or purse, and you can count on 3 hours of smooth energy after consuming just one tab. 

(VokeTab, $49.95/pack of 60)

9. Baublerella Blisters Bee Gone


Blisters Bee Gone is made of natural ingredients like Texas beeswax that protects your feet from blisters. Almond and coconut oil hydrate tired feet to prevent cracking. The gold case and thoughtfully designed packaging make this a wedding welcome bag essential.


10. Sparkling in Rosé Blush Original Wander Wet Bag


Wander Wet Bags are effortlessly chic, eco-friendly, powerfully water-resistant wet swimsuit bags. With gorgeous prints on the outside and waterproof lining on the inside, they are the perfect gift to keep a wet bikini stashed away and separate from clean, dry clothes.

(Wander Wet Bags, $36)

11. INKED by Dani Temporary Tattoo Packs


INKED by Dani eye-catching adult temporary tattoo packs come in a tiny case that is easy to gift, and this wearable art is all hand-drawn by founder, CEO and fine artist, Dani Egna. It's also made in the U.S.A. with cruelty-free, waterproof and FDA approved ink.

(Inked by Dani, $12)

12. Welly Bandages


Welly is a brand new line of premium bandages and first aid tools. For wedding guests, it’s important to have a first aid kit, and Welly offers two in full size and half size. Additionally, the blister blasters are great for ladies wearing heels.

(Target, $8.99)

13. Chatelaine Chocolate Company Custom Box


According to Paula Clark Ramirez, Proprietress of Historic Mankin Mansion, “Put your own spin on this crowd pleasing delicacy with personalized flavors, colors and even ribbon choices to match your taste and wedding theme. From pink champagne truffles to classic chocolates, La Chatelaine Chocolate Company offers many specialty treats to perfectly welcome your guests from near and far.” 

(Chatelaine Chocolate, $34.50)

14. Personalized Reusable Cups


These personalized, shatterproof cups allow you to choose any designs, fonts or monograms. The cups are perfect for serving beer, wine, cocktails, and soft drinks, and the shatterproof frost flex cups make a fabulous accessory.

“As a green company, we love sourcing welcome bag items that do not create any extra or unnecessary waste. These custom cups are a fan favorite because they add a creative and personalized item that can supplement some other edible or short lived welcome bag items,” says Kristen Gosselin, Owner and Creative Director of KG Events and Design.

(Etsy, $10+)

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15. Le Grand Courtage Blanc De Blancs Brut

What better way to kick off a wedding weekend than mini 187mL bottles of sparkling wine? Le Grand Courtâge is the perfect way to get the party started. The Blanc De Blancs Brut wines are sold in individual bottles, which is the ideal size for goodie bags.

(Wine.com, $6.97)


16. A Wedding Weekend Program

One of the easiest ways to make your guests feel heard (and orderly) is by including print-outs detailing your wedding weekend program. Why not make your very own wedding website and give your guests the link so they are in the loop?

“Tech-savvy couples will want to go the route of a QR code that links immediately to  your wedding website on The Knot, or a simple URL to your site that includes all the details,” says Lee.


(via The Knot)

17. A Local Guide: Custom Wedding Map

Have fun and include a mini guide to all of your favorite spots local to the area (with a little map). The wedding map us hand drawn to order and includes any information provided, including city landmarks and event sites.

“If your wedding is in the same location where you met your significant other, landmark special spots where you enjoyed your set of firsts together,” suggests Lee.


(Etsy, $275)

18. Pinch Provisions Travel Kit

This Travel Kit by Pinch Provisions was designed for minimum space and maximum comfort. The pouch contains 18 travel essentials. 

“Make your guests feel at home, away from home. Think: mouthwash, mints, snacks, aspirin, hangover kits, Emergen-C and electrolyte water,” Lee recommends.



19. Custom Water Labels

If you want to get premium with these bags, include tea bags, coconut water, mini bottles of liquor, or get creative. The Custom Water Bottle Labels are printed on 1.875” x 8” high-quality, fully adhesive, water resistant vinyl material that you peel and stick directly onto your water of choice.


“Lately, we’ve seen an uptick in CBD-themed gifts and welcome bag items, like sparkling water infused with CBD. Couples who love wellness might want to add aloe waters and green juices (kept cool) too,” says Lee.

(iCustom Label, starts at $10)

20. Custom Wedding Cookies

These cookies are individually packaged in self-adhesive clear pastry baggies. Each cookie is then individually wrapped with bubble wrap and placed into a pastry box, perfect for gifting. They are as delicious as they are beautiful, and are the perfect addition to wedding welcome bags.


“Local greetings will make your guests fall in love with the region even more,” says Lee. She also suggests adding cans of wine from the North Fork or cheddar made in Wisconsin. Popcorn from Brooklyn or cookies from Momofuku are also delicious late-night snack options. “Or, if you really want to go the custom route," she continues, "we recommend a custom cookie company that can come up with fun designs that are perfectly you.”

(Etsy, $42)

21. Boxed Water


This boxed water is better than bottled, as the boxes are made of paper from sustainable well-managed forests. The water is purified via an 8-step process that includes reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, and UV light treatment. It's also 100 percent recyclable and BPA free.

“The sustainably-minded couples will want to keep to the theme by including environmentally friendly options like paper straws and boxed water,” Lee suggests.


22. Personalized Towels


Finally, buck the typical welcome bag tradition overall in favor of a welcome gifting suite. Think: custom towels, tiny chapsticks, mini deodorants, and more. You don’t have to break the budget to accomplish this, but work with your venue and hotels to make sure it’s feasible.

According to Lee, “Warmly receive your guests at the start of the wedding weekend by getting them in a designated room filled with stations of goodies that they can hand-select to include in their welcome bag. They can take everything up to their hotel/inn/villa room. Think: custom towels, tiny chapsticks, mini deodorants, and more. You don’t have to break the budget to accomplish this, but work with your venue and hotels to make sure it’s feasible."

(Etsy, $45.99)

23. Fiesta Wedding Welcome Bag


This listing includes 1 favor bag, printed with the "Just In Queso" design and optional custom text. You're also able to select the exact quantity you need. Easy peasy and perfect hangover kit bags for your guests!

“I prefer welcome bags that are fun and useful, but that can also serve as a way to get the mood started for the event,” says Brett Galley, founder and Director of Special Events at Hollywood Pop Gallery. “Loving these 100 percent cotton handmade bags that you can style and combine as you like. And if you’re having a destination event, it's a great idea to have the location (state, country shape) printed on the bag as well.”

(Etsy, $1.50+)

24. Uber or Lyft Gift Card


Chances are your guests will be tipsy and tired at the end of a long night. Make sure they get home safely with a gift card to a ride-sharing service.

(Uber or Lyft, amount of gift card varies)

25. Farmbox Direct Fresh Fruit

There might be tons of food options around, but at the end of the night when your guests leave, they'll appreciate the nosh. Farmbox Direct lets you choose from a variety of fruits and veggies options, and you can buy in bulk to divide up the fruit among your bags. 


(Farmbox Direct, starts at $45)

26. NewAir Wine Glass Tumblers 

NewAir’s Stemless Wine Tumblers feature a double wall vacuum, are insulated to perfection, and are made with Stainless Steel. Keep your wine or cocktail icy-cold for up to 9 hours and your coffee or tea scalding-hot for over 3 hours.


(NewAir, $24.99)

27. Pain Relievers

After all that dancing, music, and drinking, it's fair to say your guests will have a headache at the end of the night. They'll really appreciate your forethought.


28. Bausch + Lomb Soothe XP Dry Eye Drops


Tearful toasts, cocktails, and a late night lead to a lot of crying, and maybe a need for eye drops for those bloodshot eyes come nightfall.


29. Ear Plugs

After dancing the night away, your guests will need a good night's rest after that kind of party. Ear plugs may help them get it.


30. Personalized Playlist


How fun would this be? Buy a bunch of cute flashdrives and put the playlist from the wedding on the drives. That way, your guests can take the memories home with them.


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