15 Best Personalized Wedding Favor Ideas For A Unique Touch

Leave your guests with a small token to remember your special celebration.

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While weddings are a time to celebrate the love and commitment of a couple joining their lives together forever, there's also something to be said for the guests who travel to enjoy your special day with you. As they're also there to witness this beautiful moment, it should go without saying that the couple should thank their guests too!

This can (and should) be done with an open bar, wedding favors, and a take-home gift. And not just any take-home gift, but one personalized from your special day. Read on as we break down 15 of our recommended personalized wedding favors to share with your guests. 


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1. A hotel welcome bag



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To start the wedding weekend off strong, couples can leave customized and tailored goodie bags at the hotel awaiting their guests' arrival. Not only does it properly welcome anyone from out of town to your wedding location, it prepares them for the celebration ahead.


Some recommendations include:

  • A welcome note: While you can take the time to write each one, it's okay to write a blanket welcome and print it for each of your guests.
  • Snacks: Everyone raids the hotel vending machine anyway, so make it easier for your guests.
  • Water bottles: People get thirsty after traveling, give your guests some water as they unpack their things. If you want to avoid 
  • A schedule of events: Let your guests know where they should be and at what times. 
  • Electroltye tablets: Helps with any cold they may have picked up from the plane or even any potential hangover. (Try Cure Hydration, $12 for 6 count.)
  • Ibuprofen: Did we mention hangovers?
  • Mints: Especially for any of your single guests.

2. Custom name plate

Couples spend money on name plates, anyway. So why not put the time, money, and effort into a name plate that guests can bring home with them? Websites like Etsy and inspiration found on Pinterest are great ways to learn of ideas on how to create keepsake name plates.


One creative example is to leave a chalkboard decal with your guest's name in script. Not only can they bring it home, but can erase their names and use it for a functional purpose inside their homes. (For chalkboards like the one pictured, try Joann Fabrics, $1.99 a piece.)

3. Personalized matches



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Many don't think to gift matches as a wedding token, but they're an easy, inexpensive, and quite useful take-away. Homes will always need matches, and your special wedding day personalization on their box will spark joy and memories each time they reach for a match. 


(Companies like GB Design House will customize match boxes for your wedding, with prices starting at $49 for 50 count.)

4. Custom koozies and drinkware 



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One of the most trending personalized wedding favors we've seen in the last several wedding seasons are koozies and drinkware. From featuring wedding hashtags, custom cups, personalized wine stoppers, to venue themed bottle openers, there are many creative outlets to take when it comes to drinking accessories. 


(Companies like GB Design House will customize various drinkware accessories for your wedding, and prices vary pending upon direction.)

5. Letter board



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Just like custom name plates, letter boards are a great way to showcase information in the form of a take-home gift. Letter boards can be at guest tables listing everyone with guests deciding who takes the letter board home, or setting them up in their rooms and welcoming them to your special occassion. As this particular gift is a little pricier, we recommend one per family, couple, or table. 


(To purchase a custom letter board, shop at Joann Fabrics, for $17.99 each.)

6. Couple's favorite snacks



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Not only does gifting your guests you and your partner's favorite snacks shed a light on an aspect of your personality and food cravings, it leaves them with a (hopefully) yummy snack. Unless your favorite movie theater candy is raisinettes, you're in the clear.


(Companies like Giftzza will personalize boxes for your guests that include your hand-picked selection or an assortment from already made packages.)

7. Engraved wine bottles



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In addition to the open bar, treat guests to customized wine bottles that engrave your special day. By personalizing the label on a wine bottle, you're able to extend the wedding magic fun for your guests long after last call. 


(Companies like PersonalWine will create bulk orders of white, red and even rosé wine with customized labels.)

8. Photo booth prints 



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Pictures are worth a thousand words, so they must be quite valuable. While money can buy certain trinkets, you can never replace or cherish something more than a photograph.


By putting your personalized wedding favors budget towards a photo booth at your wedding, you're supplying your guests with entertainment and a very special keepsake to bring home with them. 

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9. Personalized chocolate dessert

Who doesn't like chocolate? It's probably just a few, so it goes without saying the perfect (universal) gift for your wedding guests can be personalized chocolate, from the couple's favorite candy bars (with customized slips to present them in) to actual personalized chocolate from gourmet chocolatiers. 


(Companies like Chocolate Pizza will customize orders of chocolates for your special day, whether it's small goodies for the guests' seats or big chocolate pizzas waiting for them at their hotel rooms.)

10. Couple's favorite drink or cocktail 



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We're combining our listed snacks and wine into one! Just like showing off a small piece of you and your partner's personality by displaying your drink or cocktail recipe of choice, you're giving guests the ability to party (after the party). 


11. Custom candles 



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Screaming romance, candles are the perfect gift for your wedding guests to take home with them. We love the idea of gifting a personalized wedding candle, not only because it can add to the decor of a wedding reception, but it provides use and utility for your guests for many days (or even months) to come. 

(Everybody loves the signature scents of Yankee Candle, but did you know they can create personalized candles for your special day, starting at $5 a unit?)


12. Personalized cookies



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It's truly amazing what bakers can do to cookies, and it's debatable as to whether these culinary geniuses are bakers or artist. For your wedding guests, "commission" cookie designs can be a yummy treat for your guests (yes, even with cake), and add a nice touch to their table settings (or dessert bar). 

(Companies like Oak City Cookies will bake and create "beyond fantastic" designs, starting at $36 per dozen.)


13. Custom deck of playing cards

Talk about fun, useful, and creative! Providing your wedding guests with a customized deck of cards is such a unique way to keep their wedding memories on-mind forever, from playing blackjack at the hotel bar after the reception to go-fish at home. 

14. Engraved honey or jams 



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Perfect for a themed backyard, barn, southern or countryside wedding are perserved jams and honey. They add a nice touch to the decor, as well as bring a little local charm right to their homes. 


(Companies like Bee & You engrave honey jars and provide them for each of your guests, and price varies).

15. Personalized ornaments



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If having a winter wedding, giving your guests an ornament for them to put on their trees may be a fun and creative idea. You can personalize it by adding your names and the date of the wedding, or a characteristic charm nodding to the location or theme of the wedding. 


(Check out Etsy for vendors and creative ideas for personalized ornaments.)

Bonus: A personal succulent



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It's hard to gift plants or flowers at a wedding, especially if you have a lot of people flying in. If you and your partner are big plant lovers and have a lot of people coming to the wedding in town, try gifting these beautiful succulents.  


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