20 Best DIY Wedding Favors Of All Time

Use that money for something else.

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You want your wedding day to be special and for people to remember it as unique. So, why don’t you add a personal touch to your wedding favors? Instead of buying ones that don't quite make an impact, you can stick with personalized, handmade, or even DIY wedding favors.

Sure, it’s not as easy as going to a store and buying some sort of generic favor in bulk, but this shows you care in a big way. And your friends and family are showing the same by being there. Show them you notice with these wonderful favor ideas.


1. Succulents



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Succulents gives your guests an actual piece of the wedding to remember, and it eliminates any waste from the typical packaging that ordinary wedding favors can create.


“Succulents make for beautiful favors, whether you grow them yourselves ahead of the wedding or purchase DIY custom labels for the miniature pots. Plants are also perfect for the couple looking to style and provide favors for an eco-wedding,” says Kylie Carlson of International Academy of Wedding & Event Planning.

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2. Instant Photos



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Kitschy favors aren’t your only option when searching for something that your guests can take home as a memento from your big day.

“Set up a photo booth with instant film cameras (complete with props, of course), and let attendees create their own favors with mini-albums of snapshots from your wedding,” Keith Phillips of Classic Photographers advises. Small, custom envelopes are perfect to store their photos, and they’re a wonderful personal touch when paired with your wedding hashtag.

(Etsy, $0.75+)


3. Agenda



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Rather than spending your money on disposable favors, consider treating your guests (or wedding party) to activities during your destination wedding. As a cute announcement, you can create custom print-outs or itineraries as a way to reveal that you’re taking them along for the adventure of your choosing.

“This is a great thank you for traveling to celebrate with you and your new spouse, and you’ll have those memories together for a lifetime! For example, tropical locales offer ATV tours and snorkeling excursions, while Mexico can be the perfect setting to take your guests along for a tequila tasting. Bonus: you won’t have to travel with your wedding favors, either!” suggests Jen Avey of Destination Weddings Travel Group.

(Etsy, $5.79)


4. Hangover Kit Bags



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If you have a fun, lively crowd, they may get a kick out of little hangover kits to help make the next morning a bit more manageable.

Suggests Kevin Dennis of Fantasy Sound Event Services, “You can order custom bags with your name and wedding date, then fill it to the brim with additions such as Ibuprofen, an eye mask, and instant coffee packets.”

(Etsy, $1.70+)


5. Mini Champagne Bottle Favors



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Mini bottles of champagne are festive and let the guests bring the party home with them.

"I love mini champagne bottles as favors because not only can guests continue the celebration after your wedding, but the couple can write their wedding date or short message on the bottles. It's the perfect reminder of an epic day," says Andrew Roby, an event planner with Andrew Roby Events.

(See Pinterest for ideas)


6. Handmade Coasters



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Whether you personalize your coasters with your faces or the date of the wedding, they will make a great keepsake that you can do so much with — from personalizing the photo, font, coster color, and more. Use them on special nights for years to come.

(Etsy, $2.99)

7. Tree Seedling



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These White Spruce seedlings are wrapped in burlap and tied with your choice of white or ivory double ribbon. Seedlings are packaged and shipped closer to your event date, making it a personal gift that can grow with the memories.


"This is genius! What better way to be reminded of the perfect wedding and to give back to the environment than by planting a tree? For eco-friendly couples, this makes the perfect sense and is something that will last a lifetime," Roby says.

(Etsy, $3.31)

8. Bath Salts



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Salt and mineral baths are a great way to relax at the end of the day while simultaneously infusing the skin and body with minerals and hydration, making personalized bath salts in the style and scent you choose a great gift after a long wedding day.


"I'm a huge fan of self-care," Roby says. "Being able to luxuriate at home from a stressful day is essential. Bath salts that are customized based on the couple's preference is a great way to present their personality to their guests while giving them a unique experience."

(Etsy, $5.90+)

9. Mini Gumball Machine



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Mini gumball machines can be a great way to hold place cards at the wedding dinner, but also are a wonderful favor for guests to take home with them. Personalize it with gumballs that match the wedding colors.


(Etsy, $29.99 for set of 12)

10. DIY Cocktail Kits



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This can be the signature cocktail of your wedding dinner or any cocktail at all. Just print up the directions for making the cocktail that you choose, attach with a piece of twine to the package, and it’s a fun gift they’ll remember you by when they are drinking.

Says Roby, "There's no better way to keep the party going than to have a delicious cocktail recipe. Your guests may very well have a new favorite drink thanks to you not only introducing this drink at your wedding, but allowing them to serve it at parties or their upcoming wedding."


(See Pinterest for ideas)

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11. Customized Candy Favors



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The guests of your wedding will have a sweet reminder of the special day when you send them home with one of these elegant personalized candy jars. Fill them with candy that fit the theme of your wedding colors too.


(Etsy, $46.08+)

12. Cookies and Milk Favors



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Gather a mason jar of milk and a bag of some fresh made cookies. It’s easy and fun. And perhaps you can use your grandma's or mom's famous family recipe to make it extra special.

(Etsy, $8.50)


13. Hot Cocoa Favors



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Hot Chocolate or Latte Mixes are delicious and adorable, making them perfect for favors. Each 2 oz mini jar makes a single serving (1 cup). And according to Roby, "Hot Cocoa is the perfect idea to make people feel warm inside while they reminisce over all the new memories they now have thanks to your wedding."

(Etsy, $50 for 12 cups)

14. Macarons



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Macarons are such a popular snack and dessert delicacy. Bag up a few that work with your wedding colors and offer them as favors. These will make a sweet finale to a beautiful evening.


(Etsy, $38.50)

15. Handmade Soap



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Handmade soaps come in various scents and colors, and you can even make it yourself. What a fun, wholesome idea that's sure to clean up a great night (so to speak).

(Etsy, $23.15+)


16. Pie Pops

How cute is this personal pie pop idea? Do them in a flavor that works with your theme, or choose a crowd favorite, like apple pie! Plus, it's fun and photo ready.

(Etsy, $36 for one dozen)

17. Toffee



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Love is sweet, and so are these personal toffee brittles that make great favors for the guests at your wedding. Plus, toffee is so different and unique, it's exactly what you want from a party favor.


(Etsy, $10+)

18. Fortune Cookies



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Do you get more personal, fun and unique than fortune cookie party favors? These can also be adorned with frosting, glitter, or anything else to make them extra special.

(Etsy, $11.68+)


19. Chocolate Truffles



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It's another sweet idea, and also so easy to personalized. Make them yourself at home if you have time, or you can order them online if you're in a crunch.

(Etsy, $30 for 12 boxes)

20. Candles



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They'll light up when they see this gift. (See what we did there?) Customize them in the scent or color that reflects your relationship or your special day.


(Etsy, $22)

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