Ian Ziering Asks Estranged Wife Erin Ludwig To Move Out Of Their Los Angeles Home; Files For Divorce

The two wed in 2010.

Who Is Ian Ziering's Wife? New Details On His Wife And Family That's Nothing Like His 'BH90210' Character Instagram 

While Beverly Hills 90210 essentially launched the careers of many celebrities, it's Ian Ziering who is finding himself in the spotlight recently, announcing that he will host Food Network Challenge. But he's also been in the headlines not because of his acting or future roles, but because of his wife.

And now, the couple are calling it quits. Who is Erin Ludwig Ziering? 

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The couple married in May 2010, and had two children, Mia (8) and Penna (6), shortly after. The couple said they met soon after she moved to Los Angeles, and were together for three months before he proposed.

It appears she's been incredibly supportive throughout their marriage, with Ziering commenting on his wife cheering him on while performing for Chippendale's all-male revue. “You know, it’s funny, because my wife calls me Magic Ian. She’s very proud of me. I had her come out. Unbeknownst to her, I made her part of the show, where she actually had to give me a lap dance! She did a good job," he said at the time. 



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Though she isn't an actor, she does have a job that's earned her more than her fair share of devoted fans. She's the co-founder of the lifestyle blog, The Millennial Mamas. Together with her friend and partner in crime, Veena Crownhold, she writes about fashion, family, and everything in between.

But that's not all she's known for. She's also hosted monthly dinners in her home in Los Angeles for celebrity moms. 

She also had some health issues. In 2016, Ziering had a "health scare," which she wrote about in a now-deleted post on her blog. She had 8 tumors on her liver, and though they were benign, they were also inoperable and presented other problems for the mom. 


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“The doctors told me that it would take about a week for the biopsy results and that I could go home and rest... The masses were non-cancerous tumors. One almost 5 inches in my liver most likely caused during pregnancy. I couldn’t even be mad. They were possibly the result of my 2 beautiful children. I had to be thankful. I deal with pain on a daily basis, but nothing that I can’t handle," she wrote on her blog.

Now, it seems like she has other things to worry about.

On October 31st, the couple announced they were separating, with a source reporting to Radar that the two had been “fighting a lot” and things were getting “ugly.” 


Ian revealed the split on a now-deleted Instagram post that read, “It is with a heavy heart that I tell you Erin and I are splitting up. With our hectic work schedules, we could not be busier, and over the last few years have grown apart. She is one of the most incredible women I have ever met and the best mom to our kids... [we will] continue to get along, protect and raise our daughters, and be examples of successful co-parents.”

Ziering also made a post on her Instagram discussing the divorce filings. Because it wasn’t an amicable split — Ian apparently filed for divorce!



A post shared by Erin Ziering (@erinziering) on Oct 31, 2019 at 2:23pm PDT

In her post, she wrote:


“I mean, it is kind of hard to choose an announcing your divorce picture, so I just went with my favorite one of myself... After 9 1/2 years of marriage Ian asked for a divorce. After having asked multiple times I knew it was time to give up. Knowing that I am not the person to make him happy makes the situation feel more peaceful. 

The girls and I are doing great and finding gratitude and love in our new life together and rebuilding. Thank you to everyone who has been reaching out and I am sorry if I do not get a chance to respond right now. I appreciate your love and the sisterhood of women who surrounds me during this time.”

A source also told Us Weekly that Erin has moved out of their family home, saying, “His wife already moved out. He asked her to.” She also made a public appearance at the premiere of the Amazon special, L.O.L. Surprise! Winer Disco Movie, alongside her children.

We truly hope these exes can come together and continue co-parenting for the sake of their children. After all, they are the most important thing in this entire situation.


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