Is Tori Spelling Broke Or Is She Playing That Up For 'BH90201?' What Happened To Her Inheritance?

It was super awkward.

Is Tori Spelling Broke? New Details On Her BH90210 Character's Financial Woes And The Real Life Bank Suing Her Instagram 

When Tori Spelling first joined the cast of Beverly Hills 90210 she had a lot to prove. She knew that she had the talent to go the distance on the hit show, but to many other people including those she worked with, she was just the boss, Aaron Spelling's kid, who was given a role as a favor. Now, decades after the fact, Tori is still in the public eye and it's got nothing to do with her late father. She's a 90s icon whose making a reappearance in the world of pop culture, and not everything that's coming to light is great. Apparently, she's deeply in debt. Is Tori Spelling broke?


1. Tori's Lawsuit 

There's been a lot of speculation about actress Tori Spelling, 46, and her finances long as I can, remember anyway. That hasn't changed now that she's back in the spotlight promoting the new incarnation of Beverly Hills 90201. Recently, Tori was appearing on Good Day NY with her friend and co-star Jennie Garth, 47, to do just that when her finances cames into the spotlight again. Currently, Tori is being sued by a bank for more than $220K in bills that have gone unpaid, but Tori was able to smile through her interview and reveal that contrary to what people think, she can still pay her bills. 


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2. The Interview 

The interview with the show's host Rosanna Scotto started off nicely enough but then things got a little awkward as Scotto dug into Spelling's personal life and her financial woes asking if her TV character's problems with money were directly related to her real life financial issues. “But Tori, it’s got to hit a little close to home when they start talking about financial problems, right," asked Scotto. Tori took it in stride: “That was a choice that I made and we made together to put that in there because that’s such speculation,” Spelling responded. “Media loves to talk about it. So we were like, ‘Oh, let’s face them straight on and let’s put them in there.”

3. Tori Gets Offended 

While Tori handled Scotto's first query like a champ, things quickly got even more tense on the live entertainment news show when Scotto asked her directly if she was able to fund her current lifestyle and successfully pay her own bills despite the fact that she's deeply entrenched in a lawsuit with a bank for more than a quarter of a million dollars. This question through Tori who said, “That’s appropriate,” sarcastically. “Am I able to pay my bills? Yeah, thank you. I am,” Spelling said. She went on to let Scotto know that she would be sure to have a version of their interview written into the show! Meow, Tori. 


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4. Tori's Financial Woes 

As fans of Tori's know, these financial troubles have been plaguing her for literally years. On May 22, 2017 she was told that she had to pay $220,000 to City National Bank after the case for Tori's unpaid bills went to court. Over time, that number hasn't gone away, and despite what Tori might say, the simple fact of the matter is that the number is continuing to grow due to interest. Financial matters are deeply private, but when you're a celebrity even the things that should be kept totally to yourself wind up being the stuff puff pieces are made of, so its no wonder Scotto pushed Tori so hard on the issue. 

5. The Awkward Ending 

So what was it like to be Jennie Garth during this interview? You don't have to be a genius at reading people to understand that she was pretty darn uncomfortable. During the tough interrogation, Jennie was giggling nervously and Tori herself appeared to be getting more and more furious by the minute. Fans weren't the only ones watching who caught on to just how upset she really was with the interviewer. “I’m sorry if I offended you about asking about your finances,” Scotto said. “It’s just everywhere you know?” Tori took it in stride saying only: “I have pretty thick skin."

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6. Tori Turns A Blind Eye

Right now, City National Bank, the ones suing Spelling, are demanding that they be given all of the paychecks she receives from BH90210 so that Tori doesn't spend the money herself or use it to pay off other debts she might have. She was called to court in late July to meet with City National Bank again but skipped it to go away on vacation with her husband Dean McDermott and their five children. "Best Summer Weekend at @fairmontwhistlr,” Spelling shared. “What a fantastic place for families summer and winter! Was here 10 years ago during the winter season and had best time. Now, we were here during summer for the weekend with our now family of 7. What an incredible family and dog friendly resort. Amazing rooms, food, service, pool, and right at the base of the mountain. Can’t wait to return!” Hey, at least she was working, right? 

7. What about her inheritance?

When Tori's father, Aaron Spelling died in 2006 he had a net worth of $600 million. Tori and her brother Randy each received $800,000 from their dad's estate. The bulk of the TV moguls fortune was left to his wife and Tori and Randy's mother, Candy. Tori and Candy have had a strained relationship for years. 

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