25 Of The Best '90210' Quotes Of All Time

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25 Of The Best '90210' Quotes, To Bring Out Your Inner California

Before, there was Beverly Hills, 90210; then, there was the reboot, 90210. Following characters Annie and Dixon, it's clear to see that they're no longer in Kansas anymore.

When a family packs up and moves from middle America to the west coast (Beverly Hills), they're in for a total change. The students at West Beverly Hills High lead very different lives than those they're used to. With additional characters like Naomi and Liam, you never know what drama the bunch will get into.

And to celebrate these timeless quotes, read on as we list 25 of our all-time favorite 90210 quotes.

1. No boy is worth a tear

"I have better things to do than just cry about little boys."

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2. Every person is responsible for their own choices

"Let's make a deal: once you fix your own life, you can tell me how to run mine."

3. Embrace every quality about being a fierce woman

"A strong woman admits when she's hurt and faces her problems head on. She never takes the eye off the ball, especially for a man."

4. Ordering takeout for the second night in a row

"I didn't expect to see you. Ever again."

5. If you can't stand the heat

"I'm sorry, if you can't handle heels, wear flats."

6. Sometimes there's a place for a little glitz and glam

"Going to Paris without a Chanel bag is like going to St. Barths without sunscreen. It is not healthy."

7. It's tiring to talk negatively 

"Okay, sad talk is making me exhausted. Let's go get coffee."

8. An apology may not always be enough

"I don't give a crap how sorry you are." 

9. All minds can wander

"When I'm talking to people, it's like I'm not even there."

10. Talking to your roommate before coffee

"I'm too tired to insult you back."

11. The heart can really get in the way

"Love really screws people up, doesn't it?"

12. Always keep your head up, even when life throws obstacles

"You reach deeper until you find strength. That's all life is: one big fight after another."

13. Life is about the journey, not the destination

"I can't write my own happy ending."

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14. When you blow off yoga class for happy hour

"Namaste, b****es." 

15. When people drop their unwanted opinions

"It's my life, and I don't really care what you think."

16. Heartbreak after heartbreak

"Love sucks."

17. The morning after a night of drinking

"Why are you wearing sweat pants?"

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18. When someone compliments your Snapchat pictures

"Why don't you accept compliments?"

"They make me feel like I'm being lied to."

19. After finding Prince Charming

"You bring out the best in me, okay? I would never risk losing that."

20. Setting your standards high

"Oh, I'm not playing. I actually am hard to get."

21. After your friend ditches your Friday night plans

"I'm pretty sure you're going to burn in hell."

22. Your best friend after saying she's getting back with her ex... for the 5th time

"I'm fine. I'm always fine, aren't I?"

23. Everyone can experience a broken heart

"I'd do anything to make my heart stop hurting."

24. Your friend refusing to take tequila shots at the bar

"Well, you sound like a little b****."

25. Finding out you're dating someone smart

"He reads books, you guys. For fun!"

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