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20 Situations Every College Student Experiences, As Told By Totally-Relatable Gossip Girl Memes

20 Relatable Gossip Girl Memes That Perfectly Describe What Going To College Really Feels Like

Hey Upper East Siders, we all know college has its ups and downs and we have a love/hate relationship with it. From running to make it to your early morning lecture to dancing the night away at some random frat party you just can't remember the name of, college life is unlike any other.

We are working so hard to get that degree and we won't let anything stop us along the way — unless it's snowing and we can't be bothered to walk to our 8:00 A.M. or we are too hungover from our best friend's 21st birthday party the night before.

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Gossip Girl is a TV series that highlights the highs and lows of wealthy (and not so wealthy) New York teenagers. They battle it out on the MET steps and in the halls of their high school over love, friendships, and money. If you haven't seen Gossip Girl yet, I highly recommend you pick a week and binge the entire series. You'll find yourself gravitating towards Chuck Bass or Nate Archibald — but you can't have both.

What these characters don't know is that some of their famous one-liners perfectly sum up the life of a college student.

Who understands the struggle of college life more than Blair Waldorf or even Dan Humphrey? Here is a list of the best relatable Gossip Girl memes that perfectly sum up your college experience — from the timid freshman to the ready-to-graduate super senior.

xoxo, Gossip Girl.

1. When you rush to get to your 8:00A.M. class, only to find out its been canceled.

The worst.

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2. When you notice the boy you hooked up with from Tinder sits in front of you in Econ.

Blair knows what it's like to run in to the exes you wish you'd never see again.

3. The moment when your college advisor tells you that you can graduate on time.

Can you believe college is almost over? You should be proud of yourself. Maybe.

4. When your professor is having a rough day and assigns a pop quiz.

You professor definitely wants you to be unhappy.

5. When someone asks you what it's like being in your sorority.

Wouldn't you like to know? 

6. When you take control of the group project because nobody is doing it right.

When you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself.

7. When you see a cute dog on campus.

Dogs are EVERYTHING in college.

8. The moment when you pass the exam without knowing there was a study guide.

You got lucky.

9. When you and your best friend make a pact not to make out with any gross guys at a party.

That's what best friends are for.

10. When Chad from Omega Phi asks you to stay the night.

Hint: you should just go home. Trust.

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11. When your squad is helping you decide which boy to take to formal.

Go for Nate. Trust me.

12. The moment when you tell yourself you're done partying every weekend and are going to start focusing on all those late assignments.

You'll be back at it again soon.

13. When you and your homie get into a drunk fight at the tailgate and he gets a little too close.

Back off, Chad.

14. Literally at any frat party.

Frat parties aren't as fun as they sound.

15. What you tell yourself when you have no idea what you plan to do with your major after graduation.

You're just happy you're graduating at all.

16. When you and your friends are trying to decide how drunk to get for the day.

Day drinking is always the better choice.

17. When the person in front of you during lecture finally gets yelled at for talking so loudly.

Oh the satisfaction!

18. When all your friends are busy and you need someone to vent to about the guy who stole your seat in lecture.

That's what rage texting is for.

19. When you're drunk and your sober friend won't pay for your Uber home.


20. Getting ready to put on your birthday sash and go to the bars on your 21st.

The best night of your college life.

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