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Ashley Olsen Spotted With Bling On Ring Finger — Is She Engaged To Louis Eisner?

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Is Ashley Olsen Engaged? New Details On The Bling On Her Finger And Whether Or Not She's Getting Married

Is Ashley Olsen engaged? She was spotted out and about on Monday with a ring on her left hand that looked suspiciously like a wedding band. Ashley and her boyfriend Louis Eisner were on a date to the movies and the black band was prominent on her left ring finger. Ashley and Louis have known each other for a long time — they met through mutual high school friends in Los Angeles and they've been close for more than five years — they've been dating for about two of those years. They were first spotted back in 2017 in Bel Air. What's the story with that ring? 

1. Movie and dinner in Los Angeles

Ashley and Louis were out for dinner and a movie in Los Angeles when paparazzi snapped the photo of the famously reclusive duo. Ashley and Louis were out to see the new Quentin Tarrantino film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood in Pacific Palisades. Ashley was wearing an oversized black sweatshirt and matching sweatpants in the sweltering summer heat. Ashley and her artist boyfriend have been officially dating since October 2017. 

2. They like their privacy

Even though Ashely and Louis are so clearly a couple, the two have never publicly commented on their relationship. Good for them! Recently, the two celebrated Ashley's 33rd birthday together in New York City. Back in February, a source close to the couple told Radar that Louis packed up his art studio in Mexico City and his home in L.A. to rent a house in the Hamptons with Ashley. You don't need to publicly admit you're in a relationship Ashley, we know you are! Ashley and Louis also seem to enjoy double dating with her twin Mary Kate and her husband Oliver Sarkozy.


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3. Ashley's past boyfriends 

It seems like Ashley and Louis' relationship is the real deal. Before Louis, Ashley was linked with Jared Leto, Justin Bartha, director Bennett Miller, and art dealer Richard Sachs. Miller and Sachs, at 47 and 58, are quite a bit older than the now 33-year-old fashion designer. Louis is 30.


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4. Something in common with her sisters

Ashley's sister Elizabeth Olsen literally just got engaged to her rock star boyfriend Robbie Arnett. Mary Kate Olsen has been married to Oliver Sarkozy, the brother of the former President of France Nicholas Sazkozy, since 2015. If Ashley and Louis are engaged it will be interesting to see who gets married first: Ashley or Elizabeth and the different styles of their wedding celebrations. 


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5. All about Louis

Louis Eisner is an artist. He grew up in Los Angeles and met Ashley through mutual friends about five years ago. He went to Columbia University — so he should be right at home in Ashley's chosen city of New York City. His mom, Lisa Eisner, is a successful jewelry designer and photographer. The couple made their public debut (without acknowledging their status) in October 2017 at the Hammer Museum's Gala in the Garden. Then, in August 2018, they were photographed walking arm-in-arm while Ashley wore a tee with a photo of Brooke Sheilds on it that said: "High Wasted." That photo went viral and the t-shirt sold out immediately.


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6. So is Ashley Olsen engaged?

Whether or not Ashley and Louis are engaged is, sadly, something only they know and they will tell us when they are good and ready — which, knowing Ashley's craving for privacy, is not likely to be anytime soon. In fact, for all we know that band on her left hand may mean they've alredy tied the knot. Or it could be a fashion statement. Who knows?! 


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