Who Is Chris Cuomo's Wife? Everything You Need To Know About Cristina Greeven

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Who Is Chris Cuomo's Wife? Everything You Need To Know About Cristina Greeven
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Nasty exchanges between celebrities or politicians and their critics aren't uncommon in this day and age, but they are most often limited to social media. However, in summer 2019, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who has just revealed he has coronavirus and will continue working form home, clapped back at a group of guys who were trying to rile him up while he was out in public. 

In a now-viral video, Cuomo was seen confronting a group of guys, one of whom called him "Fredo," the name of a weak, dishonest character from The Godfather movies. Cuomo, who was with his family, called the guys on for being rude, but did it in a profanity-laden rant that has been circulating online ever since. 

Now, the anchor and his family have been trying to apologize for his overreaction during their outing. He also recently went viral once again for a funny exchange on air between him and his brother, Governor Andrew Cuomo.

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But who is Chris Cuomo's wife Cristina Greeven? Read on for more. 

Greeven has a career in the publishing industry.

Greeven is no stranger to the world of news and content publishing, though viral content of angry confrontations isn't her thing professionally. She worked for many years as a magazine editor in the lifestyle content space.

She served as the editor-in-chief of the magazines Manhattan and Beach, published by the company Modern Luxury. She was downsized from that company in 2016 when they cut half their workforce.

She also worked as Creative Content Chief at a company called the Plum Network and served as the Editorial Director of Gotham and Hamptons Magazines at Niche Media Holdings, LLC. 

She now runs her own lifestyle magazine.

These days, Greeven runs a magazine she founded in 2017 called Purist. It has both print and digital editions and is devoted to wellness and peace of mind.

She writes on the About page, "...when I had three children, quality of life and health opened my heart to the world many parents live in: the world of wellness. I became a student of nutrition and the mysteries of medicine. The more I read and learned in an area oversaturated with information, the more I practiced good habits. Wellness is no longer an indulgence, it’s a necessity. The time is right for a good cleanse. I’m not just talking about a juice cleanse, I’m talking about mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and yes, physically too. Our entire environment has become so toxic–from politics to pollution–people are looking for inspiration in their good health and good lives. It’s time to arm oneself against the cacophony coming from disparate places."

She was with Cuomo during the angry confrontation that was caught on film in 2019.

Greeven was certainly witness to a cacophony in 2019 when she was out with her family and a group of men began antagonizing her husband. Her husband is the brother of New York governor Andrew Cuomo, son to former New York Governor Mario Cuomo, and an anchor at CNN.

He and his family were out when an unidentified man called Cuomo "Fredo," which refers to the weak-willed character from The Godfather. Radio host Rush Limbaugh regularly uses it to refer to Cuomo.

Cuomo clapped back at the men speaking to him, saying that the term was insulting not just to him personally, but to Italian Americans in general. 

"Punk-ass b****es from the right call me ‘Fredo,’ My name is Chris Cuomo. I’m an anchor on CNN,” he said. He then asked others in the group if any of them had Italian heritage and when they responded in the affirmative, he replied "It’s an insult to your f****** people. It’s like the N-word for us. Is that a cool f****** thing?”

The altercation went on for a while, with Cuomo dropping F-bombs and threatening to push the guys down a staircase. 

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Cuomo sent out an apology.

Possibly, Greeven's more zen approach to life had an effect on her husband, who took to Twitter to apologize for his behavior in the viral video.


He told his followers, "Truth is I should be better than the guys baiting me. This happens all the time these days. Often in front of my family. But there is a lesson: no need to add to the ugliness; I should be better than what I oppose.”

Is 'Fredo' really an insult?

The whole incident, aside from spotlighting the on-going issue of people being complete jerks to one another in public, raised the question of how serious an insult is the name "Fredo." The name does refer to a negative character in a film that Cuomo's father denounced for its negative portrayals of Italian-Americans.

Professor Michael Mark Cohen, an American studies professor at UC Berkeley, says, "Fredo was an untrusted and untrustworthy son who, after being patronized and 'passed over' by his powerful family, came to betray his brother out of stupidity and ego. So yes, that's a custom made, deep cut kind of insult for someone like Chris Cuomo. And evidently, it cut to the quick."

Cuomo has called himself 'Fredo.'

However, Cuomo may not have a strong platform to stand on to complain about Fredo as a nickname: he called himself that in a radio interview in 2010. He was talking to AM radio host Curtis Sliwa, who said, “There is a group of people — politicos — who always hint they might run, but not necessarily plunge all the way, and they are members of la Cuomo.”

“Who am I, then, Fredo?” Cuomo asked in response, laughing a bit. Silwa responded, “Yes, exactly! So you better be careful that your brother Andrew doesn’t kiss you on both cheeks and then all of a sudden they take you out on the middle of the lake and where’s Chris?”

Greeven didn't make any statements about the altercation. 

Cuomo and his brother, Andrew, recently went viral.

Cuomo has gone viral once again, but this time, it's in a more lighthearted manner. He recently interviewed his brother, Andrew, on his CNN show. 

While the brothers were engaging in a serious discussion about coronavirus, they managed to insert some levity into the conversation by playfully teasing each other.

Cuomo wanted to follow up with his brother after asking him in a previous interview to call their mother. He said, "I know you're working hard for your state, but no matter how hard you're working, there's always time to call mom. She wants to hear from you — just so you know. 

Governor Cuomo replied, "I called mom. I called mom just before I came on the show. By the way, she said I was her favorite. Good news is she said you're her second favorite — second favorite son."

Cuomo then thanked his brother for coming back on his show to which the governor replied, "Mom told me I had to."

Governor Cuomo has recently been gaining a lot of attention and positive feedback for how he has been handling the coronavirus pandemic. His daily updates on the outbreak have been praised for being informative, but have also been called therapeutic.

In a recent press conference, he made this ending statement: "Our closeness makes us vulnerable. That spatial closeness makes us vulnerable. But it's true that your greatest weakness is also your greatest strength. And our closeness is what makes us who we are."

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