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Aaron Carter Sparks Suicide Concern After Police Wellness Check; Singer Says He's 'Fine'

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Is Aaron Carter Suicidal? Singer Films Police Wellness Check On Instagram Live

When we care about someone and their well-being, especially if they’ve recently gone through a rough time, we may take matters into our own hands.

In such cases, family and friends may call police and request that they perform what's known as a welfare (or wellness) check, especially if they're concerned a loved one who's been through trauma or personal grief may be suicidal and they believe doing so is the only way to ensure that person's safety.

This appears to have been the case when police recently visited Aaron Carter yet again, this time captured by the singer himself on Instagram Live and shown in the video below.

But is Aaron Carter suicidal?

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Following another welfare check back in August, allegedly made by a family member who indicated to law enforcement that he may be a danger to himself and others, an insider told Us Weekly, “He is not suicidal. He was basically swatted — this was a false alarm. He has been working a lot and busy.”

So what caused someone to report him to begin with?

Some believe it may be linked to the fact that Carter and his then-girlfriend, Lina Valentina, had just ended their relationship.

Says the same source, “He initiated it, and she was upset about it. He bought a house and they were planning for the future, but he realized it wasn’t a healthy relationship and ended it.”

In a statement to Us Weekly, Carter said, “Lina and I have decided to go our separate ways. I was really hoping this would be the one that lasted forever. We had even talked about having kids, but we couldn’t seem to get past our differences and the relationship eventually turned unhealthy ...

I’ve been through so much the past few years and am trying to learn from my mistakes. I don’t have any regrets being with Lina, and I definitely learned a lot about myself. I think this decision was the mature thing to do. I’m going to keep focusing on my music, my tour and my fans. Hopefully my soulmate is out there somewhere and I’ll meet her soon.”

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Carter checked himself into rehab in September 2017, left two weeks later, and returned one week after that.

In the months prior, he'd been arrested for a DUI and possession of marijuana, totaled his BMW M4 in an accident involving no other vehicles, and received multiple police welfare visits to his home, including one in which the person calling reported that Carter "had been threatening suicide and that they believed him to be 'engaging in drug activity,' including Xanax, Klonopin and 'dusters' (huffing compressed computer duster spray)."

Around the time of his 30th birthday In December 2017, Carter revealed that he'd been struggling with grief over his sister's and father's deaths, his arrest, his split from now ex-girlfriend, Madison Parker, coming out as bisexual and what was eventually a 90-day stint in rehab.

According to Page Six, "the stress of his past was 'literally killing' him."

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As he told Us Weekly:

“Life, it was pretty tough. I dealt with a lot of trauma, a lot of loss, a lot of loneliness. I just felt like I needed to get away ... I’ve been burnt ... My goal is to be the phoenix that rises from the ashes...

I produce music when I feel depressed. It’s just my way out, my way of resting my mind. That’s how all these songs came about. They’re about ex-girlfriend that didn’t work out. I wrote songs about them while I was with them, trying to get them to understand what they were doing to me... My therapist Chris wanted me to write letters about my ex because it was killing me. I was having nightmares every night. They had me on Prazosin and Remeron and certain medications that make it so you can’t dream because they were that vivid — I would wake up sweating. So I wrote a letter and it’s called ‘Hungry for Love.’ I am going to record it and put it on my next album...

I have post-traumatic stress disorder. I had a different-style upbringing. I wasn’t able to go to school, have normal friends. I wasn’t allowed to have friends over. They had to sign waivers that said if they killed themselves, we weren’t responsible. I was always working and flying to different countries. One minute my dancer’s my tutor and the next minute my grandma is my tutor. I was lonely even though I was performing for millions of people...

I never abused medication. They did a hair-follicle test and found oxycodone, Xanax and Klonopin. But that’s because I got punched in the jaw by my drummer, and I had a fractured jaw. I had seven ulcers, and I couldn’t do anything about it. Then I went to a wellness center and they knew exactly how to prescribe me: medications that are going to take care of certain things. I go through a lot of pain, and my pain is reflected in my music.”

We certainly hope Aaron receives the help he needs.

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