Before And After Pics Of Aaron Carter Following DUI & Drug Arrest Show The Toll Addiction Has Taken On Him

Photo: People
Aaron Carter

This is what he's been up to.

Gone are the days of beating Shaq at one-on-one and crushing on Candy. 

Aaron Carter was arrested over the weekend for a DUI and drug possession and says the police targeted him because of his fame.

Which begs the obvious question: what fame?

The 29-year-old singer blew up when it was still cool to cover your walls in posters from the center of J-14 magazine. My friends and I would run around my basement screaming the lyrics to "I Want Candy," and hoping against hope to one day meet our pre teen superstar crush. 

The stringy hair, the gold chain, THE ZIP UP PANTS. It was a glorious time to be 8 years old. 

But now, now not so much. According to ABC News, Aaron and his girlfriend, Madison Parker, were arrested Saturday night in Georgia. Carter, was charged with DUI, possession of marijuana less than one ounce, and possession of drug-related objects. Parker is charged with possession of marijuana less than one ounce, obstruction of law enforcement officers, and possession of drug-related objects.

Aaron, what are we going to do with you?

In what seemed like an effort to be supportive, his brother, Nick Carter, tweeted out the following: 

But Aaron, didn't feel the love. His rep told ET, "If my own blood (Nick) truly cared about my well-being, why wouldn’t he call me directly and have a conversation instead of making this about him through a very public forum? That’s not cool at all to use me for his PR and kick me while I am down."

The rep also claimed that he wasn't driving when he was arrested, but in the parking lot of an Auto Zone getting a new tire for his car. 

"After being at the store and requesting help to get his alignment fixed, he was arrested inside by several police officers with aggression. The police also revoked his rights to have an attorney." 



His rep also stated that Aaron has a medical license for medical marijuana, due to anxiety. Aaron was apparently on his way to perform his latest single "Sooner or Later," in a concert with Flo Rida. He told TMZ, he plans on suing the police department. 

Despite going to rehab and being open about smoking weed, Aaron claims that he's not a drug addict. He told Entertainment Tonight that he's not a meth head or a crack head, but just a skinny guy. 

"If you look at my parents, they have high cheekbones and [are] very skinny. I don't want to always feel like I have to prove myself, but people put me in these positions, and that's fine."


Though he was at a facility for a month, he said he's not committed to living a sober lifestyle.  

"I drink wine. I smoke weed. I have anxiety problems, I take medication for anxiety. I mean, it's just what it is," he said. "I like will power and I'm going to live my life the way that I choose. I'm not going to abuse things. It's just how I'm gonna do my life."

Earlier this month, he gave a very interesting interview on the podcast, "I Don't Get It," where he talked about how he met his girlfriend, how he's related to William Shakespeare, and how he doesn't drink.

"Everybody body shames me all the time because I'm skinny," he said. "But I'm out here meeting with big fashion people who want to sign me to agencies because I am skinny. So just like back off of me." 

However, mug shots aren't the most flattering photos, so here's are a few photos from Aaron's Instagram to show you what he's like now:

1. For starters, he calls himself "Prince Carter" now. 

It's obviously annoying, like almost everything in one of his more recent photos. Why are you wearing a robe AND a baseball cap? 

2. He looks a little unstable. 

Like, I probably wouldn't want to run into him while walking alone on a dark street. Just sayin'.

3. He does post cute pics of his girlfriend. 

I mean getting surprised with a vacation to Aspen is definitely relationship goals. So props to AC for showing the romance

4. He thinks he's on the brink of a comeback. 

Is this ambitious or delusional?? 

5. He dresses a little emo-ish now. 

I mean, this is a little much. 

6. He loves looking at his genetically high cheekbones longingly in the mirror. 

Sorry Aaron, I still can't get over the neck tat.