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All The Deets On Aaron Carter And Trisha Paytas' Hookups — Are They Dating?

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Are Aaron Carter And Trisha Paytas Dating? New Details On Their Hookups And Relationship

You've probably heard of the singer and troubled celebrity Aaron Carter. Nick's brother has been in the news for most of his life. His successes have been chronicled and so have his failures and his struggles with drug addiction. But now he's in the news for another reason entirely and Trisha Paytas is to blame. Who is Trisha Paytas? She's the fast-living YouTuber rumored to be having a fling with Aaron now that he's newly single. But Aaron's telling a different story...Are Aaron Carter and Trisha Paytas dating?

1. Trisha & Aaron?

This isn't the first time the rumors have flown about these two, which begs the question: Are Aaron Carter and YouTuber Trisha Paytas officially offical as boyfriend and girlfriend? The 31-year-old stars are catching a lot of attention with their recent online antics but the big question is this: is there heat to go with all the sparks these two are shooting off? So let's break it down. At the beginning of the month of August, Aaron split up with his girlfriend of one whole year, Lina Valentina. When the news made the internet, Trisha was quick to chime in with claims about her own involvement with Aaron. 

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2. The Twitter Claims 

Just a mere two full days after Aaron's breakup started making waves, Trisha took to Twitter and dropped this tasty morsel: “I hooked up with @aaroncarter [two] nights ago and all I got was an unfollow I’m sorry [your] d—k is too big for me to take” she said. While Aaron didn't deny the encounter happened, he did hit up Twitter with a cryptic statement of his own.“Single is not a status, it is a word that describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others,” he wrote. Sure, he didn't come out swinging at Trisha, but he was definitely sending a message. 

3. The Live Session 

This little tangle was only the beginning of what got the rumor mill tossing and turning about Aaron and Trisha. See, on September 1 the duo (who refuse to use the word "couple" to describe their union) decided to go ahead and share an Instagram Live where among other things the pair drove around town and spent some time gettin' their smooch on for anyone who followed them to see. As soon as this little live stream was over though, Trisha went ahead and upped the ante once more, by posting a still from the feed on her own Instagram page along with a caption including...a diamond ring emoji! 

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4. Aaron Backs Out 

While it's clear from what you see the two have been up to together online that they have some kind of bond, Aaron finally decided to speak up and clearly about his relationship with Trisha. He knew he couldn't stay silent anymore. He broke his secrecy about Trisha with a post on Twitter where he said: “I’m single guys...for the time being. I’m not rushing into anything. I just got out of a relationship that isn’t mature to move on too fast. PERIOD. I have to learn from my mistakes," he assured his worried (and nosy) fans who were eager to hear him address the rumors about his love life. 

5. Playing It Cool 

Ever since Aaron revealed that he considers himself single, he and Trisha have continued to toy around with the press in the same way my cats toy with me. I mean, I'm assuming that Aaron and Trisha didn't drag my clothes into the litter box to make some kind of dramatic point, but you catch my drift. When a story surfaced about the two being a serious item, they both shared it on social media with their own funny comments. Aaron quoted it and simply remarked "True!" Whereas Trisha shared it along with the following tweet: “No no just like brother and sister who kiss on the lips love [you] @aaroncarter we mise we’ll be twinnnns"

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6. Trisha Gets Serious 

Finally, people were getting fed up with the coy act. That's when Trisha took to her primary medium (YouTube) to put a lid on things once and for all. "First and foremost, I freakin' love Aaron so much. I really, really love him. I think he's a really kind guy, a really sweet guy and I think he's misunderstood. He's had a lot of tragedies in his life, a lot of setbacks in his life. Everyone has but even compared to myself…he has it on a different scale. But he's genuinely a good person and wants to be loved and I relate to that…Of course I'm a fan. I think he's super talented. "I'm a lonely person and I want a boyfriend but we're just friends. I'll always say good things about him even if he trashes me. I think we both just need love in our lives and we'll be happy."

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