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Ewan McGregor Plans To Marry Former Mistress — Why His Kids Have *Major* Issues With It

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Who Is Mary Elizabeth Winstead? New Details On Woman Ewan McGregor Plans To Marry And His Kids' Issues With Her

When I was 12-years old I wanted to mary Ewan McGregor. Seriously. I wrote to the guy's fan club. I watched all of his movies, whether or not they were age appropriate (what up, Pillowbook! I should not have been watching you!) and I consoled myself with the knowledge that while I, a chubby child in Rhode Island could never marry him, neither could anyone else: it was common knowledge even back then that he was happily married to a sexy, older, French woman. When news of their marriage crumbling made its way to me, I, like many of his fans, was bereft. Now, he's marrying someone new, and that has everyone asking one very important question: Who is Mary Elizabeth Winstead?  

1. Ewan Getting Married 

Ewan McGregor, young Becca Stokes' one true love, has broken my heart again, this time by announcing that he and his girlfriend, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who is a year younger than me, are getting married. It turns out that I'm not the only who is quietly (or not so quietly) outraged by this news. It turns out that there are people a lot closer to the actor (though he did once mail me a signed headshot) who are pissed about these pending nuptials. The actor's daughters, Esther and Clara McGregor are reportedly "disgusted" that their dad's making things official with Winstead. 

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2. What His Daughters Think 

At least one Ewan's daughters has been in hot water with her dad over her feelings about Winstead before. When the news first broke that the two were in a relationship, one that effectively ended Ewan's marriage, Clara publicly replied to a fan account dedicated to Winstead saying: “Most beautiful and talented woman on earth? Oh man y’all are delusional. The girl is a piece of trash." Later on, she apologized for her actions and admitted that she wasn't mature in dealing with it, but that anger and hurt got the better of her. It was only a quick peek into the family's suffering at this time, but it was the only peek we needed. 

3. The Scandal That Rocked Them

Before falling for Winstead, Ewan (who is 48-years-old) was married to his wife Eve Makrakis (53-years-old) for over twenty years. Winstead and Ewan first met while filming season three of Fargo. Not long after they met, they were photographed kissing in a London bar. Later on, Ewan admitted that he fell for Winstead but claimed that nothing happened between the two of them before his marriage to Eve was over. Eve, not being a ninny and having eyes that work and can see, saw the photograph of the couple kissing and had a very difficult time believing a word that came out of her former beloved's mouth. 

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4. Woes For Winstead 

But of course, the path of true love ne'er did run smoothly. After Winstead and Ewan were publicly outed as being very much in love despite Ewan's allegedly happily married state, their relationship hit a serious rough patch. In fact, for a period of time, the couple even ended things completely. But that wasn't because Ewan wanted to reunite with his wife and try to make his family work. Apparently, it was Winstead who pulled the temporary plug on the union, because she was mortified at being perceived as a homewrecker. Ultimately, they worked things out, but things were tough for a little while! 

5. Eve Breaks Her Silence 

Longtime fans of the Scottish actor were shocked to see him leave his older wife with whom he seemed to enjoy so much happiness and to whom he was once so devoted. You see, it wasn't just his daughter who was making her feelings known in public, Ewan's fans weren't quiet about their feelings either. One wrote: "I can’t believe Ewan would end things with u for that cheap w**re! U are so much better than him!!!! Take him for every penny u can!!!!” People post comments like this all the time on the social media accounts of all their favorite celebrities, usually with no response, but this was different. Eve herself replied to the comment saying simply, heartbreakingly, "What can I do?" 

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6. Winstead's Background 

Mary Elizabeth Winstead was born in 1984 in North Carolina, but she actually grew up in the great state of Utah. Winstead had ambitions of being a performer from the time she was very young, but it wasn't always acting she dreamed of doing on the stage. She wanted to be a professional ballerina but ultimately she was too tall and turned to acting instead where her height was no obstacle. She had her first real breakthrough (after several working gigs) playing the lead in the movie Final Destination 3. From there on out she's produced a steady stream of commercials hits and interesting indie releases. 

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