The Alleged Bizarre And Troubling Relationship Between Lindsay Lohan And The Crown Prince Of Saudi Arabia

This isn't exactly a Princess Grace of Monaco situation.

Who is Mohammad bin Salman? New Details On The Crown Prince Of Saudi Arabia and His Alleged Bizarre Relationship with Lindsay Lohan Instagram

Back in the 1950's, Princess Grace enchanted the world when she went from being Grace Kelly, Hollywood actress, to Princess Grace of Monaco. Sixty years later, Meghan Markle did the same thing when she became Duchess Meghan of Sussex. This latest "royal pairing," however, is getting attention for all the wrong reasons. Lindsay Lohan, actress-turned-club-owner is allegedly getting a little too close for comfort with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. Who is Mohammad bin Salman, and what is the nature of his bizarre and troubling relationship with Lindsay Lohan?


Let's look at what we know about this "relationship."

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1. He's mega-rich. 

According to The Wall Street Journal, Prince Mohammad bin Salman is worth nearly half a billion dollars and has a series of "big boy toys" that would make even the wealthiest actor blush. 


Amongst his "big boy toys" are flying cars, giant animatronic dinosaurs similar to the ones found in Jurassic Park, and even an artificial moon. 



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Lindsay Lohan is a former actress. 


2. Mohammad bin Salman is responsible for allowing Saudi Arabian women to drive. 

Just as in other religions, there are some practitioners of Islam that are more conservative than others. In the case of Saudi Arabia, women were forced to conform to very restrictive "guardianship laws" in the country that stemmed from a more conservative interpretation of the Quran (Koran). And, thanks to these restrictive laws, Saudi Arabian women were not allowed to drive without a male guardian, amongst other restrictive laws. 

Recently, however, those restrictive laws have been lifted in Saudi Arabia and that, according to Vox, is because of the influence of Mohammad bin Salman. 

"Saudi Arabia’s Council of Ministers approved a royal decree this week put forth by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman that would loosen some of the restrictions placed on women through the kingdom’s network of so-called “guardianship laws,” a move critics say is too little, too late. The decree marks the most significant changes to date of Saudi Arabia’s wilayah, or guardianship, system — a network of regulations on the movements and behavior of women that required them to seek the permission or accompaniment of a close male relative in matters of work, leisure, finances, law, and health. The new law permits unprecedented mobility to women, including the right to obtain a passport and travel abroad without a male relative’s permission. Any Saudi over 21 — regardless of gender — will now be able to obtain, renew, and use a passport," reported the outlet.



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Rumors about Lindsay Lohan's love life have circulated for years. 


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3. Some believe he's responsible for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

The murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi sent shock waves through the free press. But what was more disturbing than the "death squad" sent to kill the journalist (and cut up his body with a bone saw) is the suspicion that his murder was ordered by none other than the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. 

"The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman is determined to “fast track” court proceedings against the murder squad sent to kill Jamal Khashoggi, before Donald Trump’s re-election campaign starts in earnest. Mohammed bin Salman, who is thought by the CIA and Turkish investigators to have ordered the killing of Saudi journalist Khashoggi, wants to close the chapter as soon as possible, according to a report based on Emirati intelligence," reported The Middle East Eye



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Is Lindsay Lohan dating the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia? 


4. Are Lindsay Lohan and Mohammad bin Salman dating? 

According to Page Six, the relationship between the actress and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is one that, at the very least, is raising eyebrows. 

"A wild rumor hit town that Lohan and the bloodthirsty crown prince of Saudi Arabia have gotten close, and that he’s been flying her around in his jets and showering her with presents — including a gift-wrapped credit card. And when we started asking around, a source in her inner circle acknowledged that they “know each other," reported the outlet.



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Lindsay Lohan denies dating Mohammad bin Salman. 


5. She says they met about a year ago, but there's some question to the validity of that claim. 

According to Honey, even though there's some question as to when and how Lindsay Lohan and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia met, a rep for the actress claims that the duo are "just friends" and aren't dating. 

"Lohan's reps deny she is dating Salman, saying the pair only met once during last year's Formula One Grand Prix, and they also rubbished the claims he gave her a credit card for personal use," reported the outlet.



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Could there be more to the story?


6. The whole thing seems rather bizarre 

There's just so much to unpack in this situation that the best way it can be summed up is with a quote from The Big Lead

"It’s not unusual for the “Rumors” singer to be courted by Middle Eastern dignitaries. “They go crazy for her out there,” exclaimed one insider. Bin Salman, who has played a major role in bringing WWE to Saudi Arabia, is widely suspected as having been involved in ordering the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi," reported the outlet.

What a time to be alive, indeed. 

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