Is Ewan McGregor Cheating On His Wife?

Rumors of Ewan's infidelity swirl as photos of him cozying up to his new co-star surface.

Ewan McGregor and Melanie Laurent

Yesterday, Daily Mail Online ran pictures of Ewan McGregor strolling arm-in-arm down a Paris street with his Beginners co-star, Melanie Laurent. Naturally, their cozy appearance has many tabloids and blogs jumping to the conclusion that the two are having an affair.

Well, this particular Celeb Lover would like to present her analysis of the situation: No way. No. Just...NO!

The sexy Scottish charmer has long been dogged by cheating rumors, including an alleged off-screen tryst with Michelle Williams during the filming of Incendiary. And many still believe that Ewan had an affair with Moulin Rouge co-star Nicole Kidman, which caused Tom Cruise to leave her. Some have even suggested that the baby Nicole miscarried after her divorce was actually Ewan's.


As for these new allegations, Ewan and Melanie were photographed Tuesday night after leaving a dinner with some other friends. Sure, they look a bit "couple-y" in some of the pics, but Europeans are much more affectionate than us grumpy Yanks. Also, it's winter! So, it's possible that Ewan was just being a gentleman by seeing his friend home and offering her a little of his body heat. (Le sigh.) And if you look at the entire series of photos, it kind of looks like Melanie might have had a few too many. Maybe Ewan was just trying to keep her upright! Can Men And Women Just Be Friends?

Ewan has always vehemently denied any rumors of infidelity, insisting that he's very happily married to his wife of 15 years, Eve Mavrakis. He's also very protective of Eve and their three daughters, and insists on keeping the details of his home life private. So we can't imagine that, if Ewan were actually having an affair, he would suddenly be so inconsiderate of his family's feelings to openly parade his mistress around. He clearly knew the paps were there, and didn't try to hide. Most likely because he has nothing to hide. (Especially if the rumors that Ewan and Eve have an "open marriage" are true...but that's a story for another time!)


Scoop via Daily Mail Online and Mr. Paparazzi. Photo via Bauer Griffin.

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