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Formerly Retired Bachelor Nation Star Chris Bukowski Heading To 'Bachelor In Paradise'

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Who Is Chris Bukowski? New Details On Formerly Retired Bachelor Nation Star Heading To Bachelor In Paradise

The first time I heard someone say Chris Bukowski's name, I was almost certain that they had said Charles Bukowski. This explains why I was so deeply baffled when I was told that he was going to be appearing on The Bachelorette. But alas, I was wrong, we do not have the powers to revive the dead, and Chris Bukowski is who is returning to the franchise, not a long dead writer. Who is Chris Bukowski? He's one of the most infamous people to appear on a Bachelor-based product and friends, he has certainly appeared in more than his fair share of them. Let's break down Chris's history with the show and find out what you're in for this summer in Paradise. 

1. Bachelor In Paradise 

The cast list for Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise has been revealed, and one of the names gracing that list has caused most of Bachelor Nation to gasp. It looks like the show is reintroducing Chris Bukowski! While Chris hasn't been in any of the Bachelor family of products lately, he's actually been on more Bachelor-based television than any other person! Admittedly, it's been some time since Chris last graced us with his presence, but now that he's back there's sure to be drama aplenty in Paradise. Let's catch back up with Chris so we're all ready when Season 6 starts back up again.  


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2. Chris and Bachelor Nation 

Chris made his very first appearance on Emily Maynard's 2012 season of The Bachelorette. Chris didn't win Emily's heart, but he did come in fourth place overall which meant that a lot of folks got used to that mug of his. In fact, so many people dug his mug (lol, I rhymed) that he was then cast on the ill-fated Bachelor Pad (which was a dating show that also, inexplicably featured like, physical challenges and a quarter of a million-dollar prize) for their third season where he actually was a finalist! Most would be happy to hang up their hat and call that a career, but not Chris! 


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3. Chris And Andi Dorfman

Chris made headlines once again when Andi Dorfman got her time to shine on The Bachelorette. In the very first episode of her season, he appeared, not summoned by anyone, at the bottom of the driveway with a bouquet of roses for Andi. After producers and Chris Harrison heard what he was up to, they called Andi out to the driveway and let her know that if she wanted Chris on the show, it was her call. Andi sent him packing! But Chris was only getting started. After his failed attempt with Andi, he appeared on the first two seasons of Bachelor In Paradise, only to leave of his own volition each season. 


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4. His Public Retirement 

But something about his time on network TV was getting to him. So Chris wrote an open letter announcing that he was retiring from TV once and for all: "I’ll be honest. I won’t hold anything back. I became obsessed with being on TV. That might not seem normal to some, but for me — in the moment — I always convinced myself I needed to go back. I won’t miss it. I can’t wait for my television career to be over. I miss being me. And after today, I get to be me again. The best part is, this is the last apology I’ll have to write. I’ll never have to be sorry for being myself. I’ve made great friends through this journey and for that I will be forever grateful to The Bachelor franchise. I’ll never say I regret being a part of it because at the time I always had a reason for doing what I did. At this point, it’s all in the past. I want to be Chris again."


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5. Chris's Bachelor Love Life 

You see, one of the major downsides of being on TV all of the time when you only appear on reality shows, is that people pretty quickly suss out that you aren't there to say, find true and lasting love, which is the conceit of the entire show and all of its spin off programs! People started to realize that Chris just wanted to be famous, and his love life didn't really do much to dissuade them of that fact. You see, in addition to "dating" Emily Maynard on her season, Chris has dated Blakely Jones and Jamie Otis, both from Season 16 of the Bachelor. He has also  dated Sarah Newlon (Season 11) and Elise (Season 18) relationships that all played out for the public to see. 


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6. Life Outside Of The Bachelor 

Whether or not Chris has truly changed remains to be seen, though coming back to TV seems to indicate that he's the same ol' Chris. When he's not trying to make every woman in America hate him, he is the owner of a bar and restaurant called The Bracket Room, in Arlington, Virginia. Currently, it doesn't look like Chris has his eye on anyone outside of the Bachelor world except for his beloved dog Miley who he frequently posts snaps of on Instagram. Whether or not Chris's intentions are real, the fact remains that he knows how to make good TV, so this season should be a treat. 


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