Demi Burnett Has First Same-Sex Hook-Up On 'Bachelor In Paradise' — Who's The Mystery Woman?

It's given her an opportunity to come out.

Who Does Demi Burnett Hook Up With On 'Bachelor in Paradise'? New Details On Mystery Woman instagram

Since its premiere in 2002, The Bachelor has created quite a stir among reality television fans. There’s just something about 20 or more single women looking for love and fighting for the affection of one man, that keeps us glued to the screen. The series created several spin-off shows, including The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad, and Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise first premiered in 2014 and features contestants who previously appeared on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. And in this upcoming season, Demi Burnett, who was on Colton Underwood’s season, is setting a historical milestone. She’s the first person in the franchise to have a same-sex hookup.



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But who is the woman Demi hooks up with on Bachelor in Paradise? The promo for the upcoming season, set to air on August 5th, shows Burnett passionately making out with another woman in the cast. 

After she’s caught on top of a blonde woman, she tells the camera, “I don’t care who sees this. I know I love this girl and I’m just so happy I found her. I could definitely picture being with her for the rest of my life.” 


However, Burnett is also shown kissing Derek Peth, who was on JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette, in a hot tub. The promo then shows a clip of Burnett crying to the blonde woman, saying, “I just don’t wanna lose you.”

The promo gave Burnett an opportunity to come out. She made a post on Twitter, revealing she’s bisexual.

Fellow stars from the Bachelor franchise tweeted messages of support, including Hannah Brown, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, and Elyse Dehlbom.


But who is the mystery woman?

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According to Reality Steve, the mystery woman wasn’t featured on the show. Instead, she was someone Burnett knew before filming.

“As prepping for Paradise was going on during the last month, word got around and I heard that Demi had a girlfriend and that she was planning on bringing her on the show,” he claimed on the website. The woman showed up during filming. “Demi’s girlfriend showed up on the beach late last week, Demi told everyone this is the woman she’s been dating, they were given a date card that night, and got to stay on the show. Demi’s girlfriend is Kristian Haggerty.”



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Added Steve, “Demi and Kristian have been seeing each other since around February, and all this of Kristian coming on the show was pre-planned. Demi talked about it with producers, she knew Kristian was gonna be brought in after filming had started, and she wanted to use the show as an outlet to come out as bisexual...

They’re not having Kristian battle over other men for Demi or anything like that. They are there and they are a couple and, seemingly, I guess just seeing where it goes. But the fact they didn’t leave together right away makes me think these two will stay ‘til the very end.”


We won’t know for sure who Burnett locks lips with, but it’s safe to assume that Kristian Haggerty may just be it!

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