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New 'Bachelor' Revealed — And It's Not Tyler Cameron Or Mike Johnson As Rumored

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Who Is The Next 'Bachelor?' New Details On The Tyler Cameron And Mike Johnson Rumors

With the finale of the 2019 Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise seasons, fans of the reality show were waiting on the announcement for the next Bachelor. It wasn't revealed on the After the Final Rose Special, which aired on July 30.  Rumors circulated about Mike Johnson and Tyler Cameron from Hannah Brown’s current Bachelorette season. Cosmopolitan reports that most of the finale was filmed in Greece some time in May, but between ex-girlfriends and cheating scandals, a lot has happened since then. Here’s everything I found on the internet relating to this pressing issue, concisely summarized for your convenience. Who is the next 'Bachelor?'

1. Tyler Cameron’s mother might have started the rumor.

According to a very blunt blog post by Reality Steve from July 16, he was told at a watch party in Florida on the 15th that: “Tyler’s mom was telling everyone he’s gonna be the next ‘Bachelor.’ Now, I didn’t hear his mom say this. Nor do I even know if she actually did. I was just TOLD (ten different times from people) she was heard saying this. So take that for what it’s worth. Look, it’s not like it would be a major surprise if Tyler became the ‘Bachelor.’ Hell, I think a lot of female viewers of this show would probably collectively orgasm if he did. But do I think he’s already been chosen and his mom spoiled it? Probably not. This is gonna be between Tyler, Peter, and Mike for the most part.”

2. Even Gigi Hadid is on Team Tyler.

Ah, yes, fashion model Gigi Hadid has recently followed Cameron on Instagram, and Cameron has followed her back. If this doesn’t translate into “I profess my undying and unwavering support for Tyler Cameron to be the next Bachelor,” I don’t know what does. Now that she and Zayn Malik have split up, I can’t see a single reason this rumor wouldn’t be true.

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3. But Mike Johnson has Twitter and fellow castmates on his side.

In a tweet a few days ago, Cameron shared an adorable GIF of Johnson with a caption that read, “If you’re ever having a bad day, just look up [Mike Johnson] gifs. They bring so much happiness.” What’s more, the image he used links back to a Flare article titled “I'm Low-Key Glad Mike Got Cut From ‘The Bachelorette,’” which was captioned, “Mike Johnson needs to be the next Bachelor.”

4. He even has Chris Harrison on his team.

Johnson told Hollywood Reporter, “It’s 100 percent time to have a black Bachelor,” and Harrison backed the sentiment up on Men Tell All with: “Everyone’s excited about Mike here tonight," Harrison told HR at the taping. “I love him. The smile, the charm, the sincerity, the maturity. He’s a great man and I feel like he’s a dear friend of mine already, so he’s a great candidate and he’s definitely going to be in the mix.”

It’s true—there hasn’t been a black Bachelor or Bachelorette since Rachel Lindsay in 2017, which only came after 33 combined seasons of the shows. Johnson also added: “They’ve never had a Bachelor that’s a veteran either, so I think that it’s time to have a veteran that served the country as well.”

Cheers, Johnson. I’ll drink to that inclusivity.

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5. And we can’t forget about Jed Wyatt.

Oh, yes, Jed, the musician who assured his Nashville girlfriend he only went on the show to promote his music career and then ghosted her when he returned from filming. He'd be a wonderful candidate, no? “He told me [early on] that he had applied,” Haley Stevens shared. “‘It’s probably not going to happen, but it’s a huge opportunity,’” Stevens quoted Wyatt  what said. He really had her thinking he was only doing this for his music career. Even if this is true, you deserve better, Haley.

6. Peter Weber is our new Bachelor

He’s the third finalist no one was really talking about because he apparently had a girlfriend during the audition phase of the show. Allegedly, he ended things before officially joining the show, which I think makes the situation slightly less sh****y. Reality Steve claims to have interviewed the ex in question. (Although, he never published it, reportedly because the ex was worried about getting backlash from fans, as Jed Wyatt's girlfriend Haley Stevens did after her People interview). Last week, it was revealed that pilot Pete Weber will be the star of the 24th season of The Bachelor. This is going to be interesting!

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