15 Best Wedding Ideas For A Jack And Jill Couples Shower

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best ideas for jack and jill shower

Throwing a Jack and Jill shower, more recently referred to as a couples shower, have had rising popularity over the past decade. Going against tradition, it's a wedding shower in which both the bride and groom are present. Essentially, it's a bridal shower for the couple.

Says Shayla Kelly, Director of Marketing at Complete Weddings and Events, “These are great parties to throw if the couple is having a destination wedding and many guests are unable to make the trip, or as an alternative to a bridal shower. These are great options when the bride has male friends, and doesn't want to put anyone in an uncomfortable situation inviting them to a traditionally girls-only get-together.”

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It sounds like a crazy concept, but believe it or not, it's quite popular. And if you're looking to throw a wedding shower where the almost-newlyweds are both present, here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Include a sign


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Find a way to let your guests know they are in the right place. And after the day is done, the board or sign can act as a fun keepsake to remember your day.

2. Have a theme


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Jack and Jill showers do still typically have a party theme ranging from a fiesta, to backyard BBQs, or game night. Says Kelly, “When planning one, it's best to first consider who might be hosting and what they plan to take off for the event.”

3. Hosts will vary

Typically, another couple or a maid-of-honor and best man host the Jack and Jill shower. But deciding up front if other bridesmaids and groomsmen will be helping out makes sure to avoid any confusion and conflict later. 

4. Plan a specific time


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Plan what time of day the party will be held: brunch, lunch, mid-afternoon, early evening, dinner or late-night event. “This will help you decide on the necessary food and beverages needed for that time frame,” advises Kelly.

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5. Have a strict endpoint


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“We do suggest including an ending time on the invite, unless you don't mind guests lingering into the night at the event location,” Kelly suggests.

6. Add color and texture to the menu


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For example, this particular party had individual cakes in different shades of pink and blue, for the gals and guys!

7. Play to their interests


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If the couple met at a baseball game, a baseball theme would be extra fun for their party. Make sure the theme is on point with something they like, or a shared hobby.

8. Keep alcohol in mind


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If the bride or groom love beer or wine, consider throwing the party at a brewery or a vineyard. Plus, there will be endless alcohol on tap for the guests to enjoy.

9. Have lots of fresh flowers


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You want to keep the party bright and happy. So, just like you would include flowers in a wedding ceremony, remember that flowers reminds guests that it’s a beautiful reason to celebrate.

10. Include fun favors


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It's a shower, right? What about soap party favors? That plays into the concept and is such a cute idea. Plus, everyone needs to use soap... at least, we hope.

11. Make it a fiesta


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It's a party, so get colorful and exotic, like with this fiesta cake. Tie in colors and interests that work for the couple. For example, maybe they met at a Mexican restaurant over margaritas.

12. Have animals come play


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Whether they are animal lovers or just want to do something different, having the party at a farm or animal sanctuary can be educational, fun, and lead to a lot of great photos.

13. Take it to the water


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If you're celebrating during summer, or anywhere where the weather is outdoor-friendly, having a party on a boat is a great idea. It's scenic and allows for tons of different settings as the boat floats out to sea. 

14. Add lots of pink


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Yes, it's a Jack and Jill shower, but it's also a celebration of love and romance. So don't be afraid to play up the pink and sparkle.

15. Send your guests home with something sweet


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A cookie is a great way for your guests to leave the day on a sweet note, and have something to snack on during the ride home.

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