20 Best Bridal Shower Favors Of All Time

Your bridesmaids did a lot to put your wedding together. You might as well reward them!

The 20 Best Bridal Shower Favors getty

Bridal showers aren’t just a celebration of the big day to come; they are a moment to really just thank all the ladies in your life for the hard work that comes with throwing a wedding. It’s a time when women show their support for one another, offer advice, and just celebrate the meaning of family.

As a bride, you should make a point to show the friends and family who attend your bridal shower how much they mean to you. That’s why bridal shower favors are so popular. they are the least you can do to show your friends that they deserve to get gifts during your special day, too.


Of course, there are party favors and then there are oh-my-God-this-is-awesome party favors! If you really want to make your bridal shower a blast, give these treats to attendees.

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1. The Perfect Mix Wedding Whisks

The biggest difference between a bachelorette party favor and a bridal shower favor is the rating. Bridal showers are family-friendly, while bachelorette party favors are not. The best way to make sure at least one of your gifts will be appreciated is to add a little functionality in your gift basket.

These cute pink whisks are petite, work well in the kitchen, and also serve as a warm reminder of the fun you had at your bridal shower. Domestic bliss never quite looked this cute.


(MyWeddingFavors, $3.19)

2. Cherry Blossom Soaps

Another popular bridal shower gift that works with almost every kind of guest list is soap. We all use it, it smells great, and it looks absolutely elegant in any gift bag you create. One of the better perks of adding decorative soaps to your bag is that you can get soaps that match your theme, no matter what the theme is.


It’s hard to find decorative soaps that don’t also impart a pleasant scent. It’s an added bonus. Few soaps, though, will smell as wonderful as these cherry blossom ones do.


3. Handwritten Thank You Notes

Yes, you will be writing plenty after your wedding too, but it’s still a great gift to give your friends. You are in the middle of embarking on a new branch of your life, and the people who got you to this point really could use a little extra love.


The best way to write a good note is to use elegant notecards that flaunt your personal style, like these ones from Etsy.

(Etsy$10/set of 12)

4. Rock Candy Geodes

No one can resist a tasty treat, but this is truly a gem of a favor. These “rocks” aren’t rocks at all, but a nice conglomerate of different candies all made to look like geodes! They definitely will get remarks from guests, and honestly, almost look too good to eat.


The candies are made with regular rock sugar, dark chocolate, and white chocolate. It’s a unique way to make your gift bags stand out.

(Etsy$205 for 25)

5. Love Beyond Favor Heart Measuring Spoon Set

Let’s go back to something a little more functional and affordable, shall we? If you’re doing a baking-themed bridal shower, you might as well get some other kitchen-friendly gifts to pair with that wedding whisk.


This set of heart-shaped spoons will prove useful to kitchen wizards of all types, and will remain a cherished gift for years to come.


6. Bridal Shower Bath Bombs

With all the stress that comes from putting a wedding together and supporting the bride, it’s not surprising that many friends end up feeling a little tense during those days leading up to the major event. Why not give your bridal party something that will help them unwind after a day of bridal craziness?


You can help attendees turn bath time into a blast with the right party favor. On Etsy, you can find packs of bath bombs that are specially decorated for bridal showers. Trust me when I say that this will be a welcome gift for every attendee.

(Etsy$50 for 24)

7. 'Mint to Be' Bridal Shower Sugar Scrub


Another good way to make your guests’ bath times a real splash is to add some home spa gifts to your favor bags. Soap and bath bombs aside, one of the other popular options for bridal shower favors is the gift of a sugar scrub.

Etsy has amazing selections of bridal shower sugar scrubs, including this elegantly decorated pot of mint-scented scrub. Each pot comes wrapped in tulle with an adorable sticker commemorating the occasion.


8. Gold Love Bottle Opener


Bottle openers are a classic party favor option, and they really do deserve the love they get from party planners. They can be elegant enough to work for “all ages” parties without issue, but at the same time, still can be used for more casual moments.

This gold bottle opener is in the shape of the word “love,” and is classy enough to use anywhere. Your friends will love it!


9. 'Cheers' Plastic Tumblers


If we are honest about bridal showers, there are three major themes that you’ll see in shower favor bags. Most of the time, you’ll see spa gifts, kitchen gifts, or drinkware. Drinkware gifts are difficult for some people to enjoy, especially if they aren’t drinkers. That’s why helping your ladies stay hydrated is a good option.

These adorable wedding-themed tumblers are perfect for staying hydrated at the gym. They are easy to clean, stylish, and a great memento for ladies who love to keep fit... or don’t mind sipping wine from a tumbler.


10. Oh S*** Kit Bags


Even the most well-coordinated weddings will have mishaps, makeup smears, and mornings where the celebration makes people look a little under the weather. During those times, it’s a good idea to have a bag that’s filled with items that will fix wardrobe malfunctions, keep girls glam, and help the bride on her special day.

Nothing quite makes for a more suitable carry bag than these “Oh S***!” Kit bags. All you need to do is fill them with the equipment needed, and your wedding will be flawless, no matter what hits the fan.


11. Wedding Themed Playing Cards


If your group of gal pals are more of a gamer type of clique, or if you just want something that’s a little different from the norm, you can’t go wrong with wedding-themed playing cards. They can be used in a wide variety of different games, including ones you’ll play at your bachelorette.

Along with utility perks, these playing cards come with customized covers.

(Beau-Coup$60.24 for 24 decks)

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12. Eco-Friendly Natural Bamboo Coasters


Wedding favors are rarely ever good to the earth, but that doesn’t have to be the rule. There are awesome bridal shower favors that look great, offer great usage, and also don’t harm the planet. These eco-friendly coasters are an excellent example of the new trend of earth-friendly products.

Look at these gorgeous little things. They look like they’re pulled right out of a West Elm catalog. And yet, they are both affordable and sustainable.

(Beau-Coup$13.74 for six sets of 4)

13. Wedding Shower Bubble Bath


Bath bombs can get pretty pricey pretty quick, but that doesn’t mean you have to deny the bride tribe a good soak in the tub. Another epic bridal shower idea you can choose that accomplishes the spa day getaway is bubble bath.

Admittedly, it can be hard to find bottles of bubble bath that have bridal shower themes on them. Thankfully, this is an easy DIY project and can also be bought by indie sellers on Etsy.

(Etsy$7 for 20)

14. J Roget Brut


Though it’s not exactly the norm, there are some bridal shower parties that involve guests who all drink. Brides and bride tribes that love to share a toast might want to consider adding a small bottle of champagne to their party favor packs.

As it so happens, J Roget Brut is sold in petite 175 milliliter bottles — a perfect portion for a single toast and the perfect size for a bridal goodie bag. What more could you ask for?

(Total Wine$2.49)

15. Keepsake Tin Candles


This is one of the most popular bridal shower gifts out there: keepsake candles. They’re elegant, perfectly wedding-themed, and are sized for travel. Every single wedding favor kit seems to have at least one of these. One could even say it’s a tradition.

These keepsake tins are adorable, and can help ladies unwind during the hassles of a destination wedding. Is there anything better?


16. Tropical Chic Mini Frame


Your bridal party is going to be a blast and will hold so many epic memories everyone will want to revisit for years to come. It’s also safe to say that plenty of photos and videos will be taken while you bond with your bridesmaids and family.

To make sure that those memories stay alive, adding a picture frame that’s both stylish and affordable will always be welcome. After all, you can never have too many picture frames!

(MyWeddingFavors$4.44 for 6)


17. Indian Jewel Toned Henna Votives

Indian weddings are notorious for being a blast, and if you’re lucky enough to throw a bridal shower for one, you know that to be true. These votive holders are strikingly pretty, give a graceful nod to your heritage, and will help your family enjoy the beautiful glow of warm candlelight.

Even if you’re not Indian, it’s hard to resist the elegant charm that they hold. Your friends will adore them.


(MyWeddingFavors$15.79 for 4)

18. 'Rustic Charm' Bottle Stopper

Rustic weddings are in vogue right now, and rightfully so. It’s a beautiful, old-fashioned trend that just screams classic romance. Brides who are working on putting together their ultimate country dream wedding might as well add a little splash of rustic charm to their goodie bags.


These bottle stoppers are adorable and will keep champagne tasting fresh as ever. It’s a great way to add a personal touch to toasts. They couldn’t get cuter if they tried.


19. Hugs and Kisses Soap Favors

Soap still remains a popular bridal shower gift, and sometimes, you just might want something that adds a little pop of style for your party packs. If you’re looking for a more aeshetic and modern look, it may be better to spell out your feelings with your soapy goodies.


This duo of decorative soaps are created in “O” and “X” shapes, standing for the perennial “hugs and kisses” that dot love letters. It’s a great way to mix the modern and classic, all into one pretty little box.


20. Gold Dipped Ceramic Acorn Salt and Pepper Shakers


Most kitchen accessories that are given as bridal shower favors are pretty basic, but this pair of shakers will spice things up. An ideal companion to a rustic-styled bridal shower, these acorn shakers are meant to add a little designer flair to your favor bags.

The gold accents really will make these pop, even in the most demanding of homes. These goods look so good, you might even want to grab them even if you aren’t throwing a shower.


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