What Mercury Turning Direct In Cancer Means For Your Love Life And Relationships

Everything arrives at the perfect moment.

Mercury Turns Direct In Cancer and It’s Clear What We Must Do getty

On July 29th, Mercury turns direct in Cancer, making it clear what each zodiac sign must do to manifest their deepest desire.

In astrology, Mercury is the planet that often causes disruptions or set-backs when he turns retrograde approximately three to four times a year. This is because, while this planet is retracing his steps, we slow down and do the same.

Depending upon the sign that Mercury is transiting through, our lives are affected in different ways. Because of the heavy Cancerean energy, this retrograde was all about love, home and family.


We will feel the benefit of Mercury turning direct until August 11th, when he moves back into Leo with the clarity he gained during this phase.

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Mercury always shows us what needs to be reviewed, even if we’re resisting it. Mercury helps us think about things more deeply, helps us consider all the angles, and when the time comes, helps us to make a plan.


We began this retrograde journey back in the beginning of July when he first turned in Leo, prompting us to feel that though we weren’t able to follow our hearts, there were too many obstacles, and that maybe what we were dreaming of was just plain impossible.

Leo is a fire sign that rules our hearts, but in retrograde motion, we were feeling constricted, almost like we couldn’t speak about what we wanted or even make a move to manifest it. We were stuck, yet it was never that we couldn’t move forward but that we had to think about things before we did.

Once this retrograde was underway and we became aware of what obstacles were holding us in place, we had the time to also think about what was most important. While Mercury retrogrades are known for bringing exes back into our lives, regardless of the sign he is transiting through, this one held a deeper energy because of the connection to not only Leo but also Cancer.

Leo goes after what he wants. Leo doesn’t let anything stop him, and he doesn’t make excuses. He can feel the truth in his heart and then follow it, knowing that it’s up to him to make things happen. It's about love but it’s also about passion and life fulfillment.


Cancer is love too, but also home and family. Cancer wants us to think about not just who we want to take home for the night, but who we want to share a life with. This zodiac sign doesn’t just want passion, but security as well.

It’s because of these two signs that our retrograde was focused on our relationships, but specifically the people we share a home with. The nature of retrogrades aren’t to rush ahead making new plans; instead, it’s about going over what has already occurred.

So, more than likely, we’ve spent the past month thinking of any existing relationships and those in the past, as well as our behavior and how that continues to affect the connections we are in.

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But retrogrades are often about showing us something we previously weren’t aware of, some new piece of information or sudden awareness that occurs by a shift in perspective. During the past few weeks, we had various thoughts about why we can’t follow our hearts, what or even who is considered an obstacle, or if it’s us that have been holding ourselves back because of fear or feelings of unworthiness. 

Coupled together with the Cancer energy, not only did we gain insight about why we are feeling a particular way about our partner or ex, but if the person we’re with or interested in is someone we want to create a family with. It made us look at the big picture and whether or not the relationship we’re in is one we want to be a part of our future.

But it also gave us greater clarity about what family means to us. Perhaps it’s that it doesn’t need to be traditional or even the norm. Maybe what we realized is that we aren't just born into families, but we create them. When thinking on that, we also want to make sure the person we’re creating that family with is on the same page — both emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

In many ways, it’s likely that as the retrograde went on, even if we received more downloads of insight and were feeling greater clarity in what direction we wanted to move in, we still weren't positive of how to make that bridge from where we are to where we want to be. This means that it could have seemed overwhelming to end a relationship or even confess our feelings towards someone.


Maybe it was that now that we were able to bring more awareness and healing to ourselves, we were unsure how to actually be that new person in our dating lives.

But the fog is clearing because as Mercury turns direct, new paths will open that we hadn’t considered, as will conversations we weren’t ready for a few weeks ago. We will feel that sense of ease, of certainty that even if we don’t have everything figured out, we still know what direction we want to head in. We know what we want from love and what we’re able to give to it, so we can exhale and breathe a sigh of relief.

Everything arrives at the perfect time, including the words to say what we need.


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