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Everything We Know About Kameron Cline, Billionaire Chris Cline's Daughter Who Died In Helicopter Crash Over 4th Of July

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Who Is Kameron Cline? New Details On Billionaire Chris Cline's Daughter Who Died In Helicopter Crash

Kameron Cline lost her life at just 22-years-old in a helicopter crash in the Bahamas on July 4th. Her father, billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist Chris Cline also died in the crash along with the pilot, two of Cline's sorority sisters and her best friend. ABC 30 says that the helicopter was found "overturned in about 16 feet of water off Grand Cay". Find out more about who Kameron Cline really was. Here's a glimpse into what it was like being the well-known billionaire's daughter. Who is Kameron Cline?

1. College Life 

Cline graduated this year from LSU and she was involved in Greek life during her time at the university as a member of the Phi Mu sorority. Two of Cline's sorority sisters died in the unfortunate crash with her. The sorority sisters were identified as Jillian Clark and Brittney Searson. The girls were very close and considered best friends, according to Heavy.com. Cline was the recipient of a family trust and would have ended up being set for life.


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2. A beach lover

Cline seemed to love the beach since she posted many pictures on social media of her at different beaches and she wrote on Facebook that she liked wakeboarding. It appears that Cline took her three friends to a group of islands her dad, Chris Cline, owned in the Bahamas for the Fourth of July weekend. 


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3. Being remembered 

Friends and family of the victims are shocked by the sudden deaths of their loved ones. The Cline family tragically lost a father and a sister on the same day. Forbes says Chris Cline was worth an estimated $1.8 billion. Cline made his money in the coal mining business. He started out his career as a contract miner in southern West Virginia. Family and friends are remembering the father and daughter. In a statement, the Cline family said: "We are so deeply saddened to announce the deaths of our beloved father Chris and our sister Kameron...This loss will be felt by all those who had the privilege of having known them." Chris Cline was described as an American original who was full of grit, integrity, intelligence and humor. Kameron Cline was described as a bright light who was loving, smart, compassionate, and full of joy and enthusiasm for the world and people around her. 


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4. How the crash happened

The crash happened just minutes after the helicopter took off from the Bahamas on Independence Day. The helicopter crashed about two miles from the group of private islands Chris Cline owned called Big Grand Cay, according to AP. The Palm Beach Post reported that the helicopter may have been traveling from the Bahamas to Fort Lauderdale because Kameron was sick. However, the cause of the helicopter crash is still not clear.