How The Astrology Of July 25th Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships Until 2021

This is the sign you’ve been waiting for.

How The Astrology of July 25th Will Affect Our Love Lives Until 2021 getty

On July 25th, we will experience two different transits: Mercury conjunct Venus, with both Mercury in Cancer and Venus in Cancer, as well as Mars trine Jupiter, with Mars in Leo and Jupiter in Sagittarius. These two transits will encourage us to feel confident in speaking up about our emotions and then making the choice to pursue it, knowing that if we believe we will be successful, we will.

The first transit is Mercury conjunct Venus. A conjunction is when two planets are within eight degrees of one another within the same zodiac sign, essentially combining their energies so that both are stronger. Together, these two planets will have us speaking our minds and following our hearts.


In simple terms, a transit is when two or more planets align or cross one another. There are lots of different transits, based on the degree they are to one another, which is what gives them their names: a trine, square, conjunction, or opposition.

Mercury will conjunct Venus two more times this year, so while there is something incredibly unique about these two aspects occurring together, we may need to have more conversations as we progress into September and October.

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The second transit is Mars trine Jupiter. A trine is when two planets are within 120 degrees of each other, creating a very harmonious and balanced aspect. Again, this is where the energies of both lend themselves to each other, so they are stronger. This trine will have us acting on our desires for our future and because of the influx of positive energy we will feel extremely confident in having a successful outcome.

This aspect is interesting because it doesn’t always occur every year, so in many ways it has more impact on our long-term plans. This particular trine won’t occur again until April 2021, so it’s important to pay attention to what arises around this time, because it very well may be something that will become our focus for the next couple of years.

The biggest obstacle we often face, especially in romantic relationships, is ourselves. We write a story in our head about how we think life will be, how people will treat us, how successful or satisfied we will be in our relationships, and then, unknowingly, we make choices that align with that.

Essentially, we create a self-fulfilling prophecy regarding what is possible or what isn’t. For many of us, we err on the side of caution because we are afraid of being hurt or having too high of expectations, so we tell ourselves what we really want doesn’t exist, and becomes safer to not do anything. Or, at the very least, to not take that big chance; then we don’t have to risk feeling like we failed.  


But relationships will never follow a plan. Our lives will never follow a plan and life will never go as we think. Even those who meet their partner in their twenties and end up enjoying fifty or more years of marriage would never say their relationship went as planned, because events happen that we could never have predicted.

As we live, love and experience life, we come to realize that in order for us to get that big reward — whether it’s personal, love or career-based — we have to also take that big risk. So, it’s not a matter of if we try, but in knowing when and becoming preoccupied with making sure it’s the right time. 

When what we see is great timing, it's really us feeling confident within ourselves, knowing we are capable of having the life and relationship we’ve always dreamed. We just have to take that chance to get it.

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The first transit that is part of July 25th's astrology is Mercury conjunct Venus. Mercury is the planet that rules our communication — verbal, written and even electronic. Venus rules romance and our romantic relationships. So, this transit is about truly speaking love. It’s about saying "I love you" for the first time, or even, "I still love you."

This transit is about speaking about what we want: a relationship, a commitment, a second chance. Whatever it may be in terms of our relationships, this transit is encouraging us to take that step to do it.  

Having both planets meet in Cancer is also going to heavily affect how we think about love and relationships. It’s not just about dates or casual interludes, but in committed, long-term relationships, as this water sign rules our home and family life. This is about who we want to share our lives with in the most intimate way possible.

Mercury is retrograde right now and still has about a week left until turning direct, so his energies are very strong. We may find ourselves feeling strongly to speak about someone from our past. It doesn’t mean we’re going to be running back to the arms of our exes, although that is a real possibility if it aligns with our higher self. But it also means that a topic from our past might arise, an opportunity, or maybe even the chance to reignite the relationship we have with our partner.  


Sometimes, we feel that Mercury retrograde just messes with us too much so we try to stay away from any situations, but we have to understand that whatever is brought up for us, is something we’re meant to deal with, even if it feels uncomfortable, confusing, or messy.  

Adding to the energy of this speaking our heart is the trine between Mars and Jupiter. Mars is the planet of action and ambition, and he heads into battle without necessarily thinking about the repercussions. But in this case, it’s being tempered by Mercury and Venus who want to talk about it before they actually do it.

While Mars is bringing the action to the table, Jupiter is all about our horizons, our future, and the abundance of possibilities that exist, if only we take a chance.


Together, these four planets will give us a rare opportunity to see the sign that we’ve been waiting for, the perfect time we’ve been dreaming about, is happening now. All we have to do is take that first step, and this time, the universe will do the rest.  

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