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How LA Angels Tyler Skaggs' New Bride Carli Skaggs Is Coping With Sudden Loss Of Her Husband

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How LA Angels Tyler Skaggs' New Bride Carli Skaggs Is Coping With Sudden Loss Of Her Husband

Los Angeles Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs died suddenly on Monday in Texas, ESPN reports. He was discovered unconscious in his Southlake, Texas hotel room after police responded to a report. Skaggs was pronounced dead at the scene and police say no foul play is suspected. The Angels' Monday game against the Texas Rangers was cancelled after news of Skaggs's death. The 27-year-old's teammates, fans, friends and family are all mourning his loss, but someone who might be the most devastated is Skaggs's wife, Carli Skaggs. Who is Carli Skaggs and how is she dealing with the love of her life's death?

1. Newlyweds

Tyler and Carli Skaggs were very much in love, but the couple were married for less than a year. According to Heavy.com, Skaggs proposed November 9, 2017 in Bora Bora and they got married a little over a year later in December 2018. Even though they weren't married for long, you could tell through social media posts that the love they had for each other ran really deep. On his fiancée's birthday, Skaggs wrote to her on social media, "Happy Birthday to my Best Friend my Future Wife and my Forever Travel Partner. I love you babe. Thank you for always believing in me and pushing me to be great." 

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2. They were planning on starting a family soon

The Skaggs talked about wanting to expand their family of two and start having kids. Sadly, they never got to execute their plans of starting a family. Carli Skaggs told Wealth Management: "Tyler wants his children to be able to see him pitch." The couple recently bought a home in Skaggs' hometown of Santa Monica, California. They tried to have as much stability as possible given Skaggs' demanding professional baseball career. 


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3. Big Travelers 

Skaggs and his wife loved to travel together! They've been all over the world and Skaggs posted pictures of the pair in Tahiti, Hawaii, Thailand, the Bahamas and Bora Bora. He's even referred to Carli as his "travel partner." Carli was always drawn to traveling and she is a luxury travel advisor. She and her mom run a travel company together. According to their website: "Specializing in far-reaching corners of the world, they remove the guess work from the planning process and provide exclusive travel perks and VIP treatment through their industry relationships."


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4. The life of a baseball wife

In an article with Wealth Management, Skaggs' said that being the wife of baseball player is not as easy and exciting as people might think. She said: "Being a so-called baseball wife has a stress all its own... Since Tyler’s regularly on the move, we lack that traditional stability." However they seemed to still spend a lot of time together both at home and traveling to other countries. 

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