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Is Tiffany Franco Pregnant? New Details On The '90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way' Star And Her Baby News

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Is Tiffany Franco Pregnant? New Details On The '90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way' Star And Her Baby News

As you might recall from my previous article featuring Corey and Evelin from this same show, 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way is about six Americans abandoning life in the U.S. to start over in a foreign country. In Corey’s case, he was committing to moving to Ecuador to be with his fiancée Evelin, where she lives. This week I’m covering Tiffany Franco and her fiancé Ronald Smith. Who is she, how did she meet Ron, and is Tiffany Franco pregnant again?

1. Tiffany is a single mom preparing to move with her son to South Africa to be with her fiancé.

She has an eight-year-old son named Daniel. During her confessional on the show’s season premiere, she shared that she had Daniel 20 days before her 18th birthday. “I was absolutely not planning on having a child. I found out 15 minutes before he was born that he was going to be born.” Then she added: “I went through my pregnancy with no signs of pregnancy. I got my period every month, I had no belly, no kicking, no cravings, no morning sickness. So one would not assume that they’re pregnant. And then one night, out of nowhere, I had these horrible cramps. I went to the hospital and I was like, ‘Am I dying?’ So the nurse goes, ‘You are 10 centimeters dilated and you need to deliver that baby now.’ And I was just like, ‘What?’”

Tiffany said that Daniel’s birth came as a shock, but she instantly thankful to have him in her life. “Five minutes later, Daniel was born. And I just looked at his little fat, newborn baby face and I’m like, ‘I love you,’” she recalled. “And now, he is the number one love of my life…”


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2. Daniel’s biological father recently passed away.

The two were separated by the time she gave birth, though. “Daniel’s father and I were in a serious relationship and we decided we no longer wanted to be together,” she said. “Obviously, nine months later, I had a baby. It was a big, huge surprise to him. I told him he either needed to be all in or all out, and he chose to be all out… I absolutely cannot be with someone who doesn’t 1,000% embrace and absolutely love my son.”

The topic came up when a fan asked if he was fine with her taking him to South Africa. “Daniel’s dad recently passed away,” she responded. “He was ok with me taking Daniel and always supported my choices as a mother.”

3. And now she’s pregnant with her second child!

Thanks to an insider source, we know that “Tiffany is definitely pregnant.” The source said: “I saw her and she was showing off her [baby] bump. She seemed really happy and obviously didn’t touch any alcohol.”


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4. Is the baby a boy or a girl?

According to a report from Starcasm.net, Tiffany Franco is pregnany with a girl. They plan to name the new bundle of joy Carly Rose. Starcasm.net shared photos of Tiffany that were posted on her social media in April when she announced that she was seven months pregnany. The photos have since been deleted. 

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