How Celebrity Tim Tebow Shares His Christian Faith By Quoting John 3:16 & Other Bible Scriptures

God came to him, and he shared it with the world.

Christian Celebrity Tim Tebow Faith, Quoting Bible Scriptures Including The Verse John 3:16 instagram

Tim Tebow is an American athlete who has shared his Christianity with the world as part of his fundamental drive in life.

He currently plays as an outfielder with the New York Mets.

His football career started in college, where he played as a starting quarterback for the University of Florida and won the 2007 Heisman Trophy.

He was a first-round draft pick by the Denver Broncos in 2010 and played with them for two years.


Next, he played with the New York Jets.

Tim Tebow also spent some time with the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles.

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While he was in college, Tebow was preparing to compete in the 2009 BCS National Championship game.

He felt that God was speaking to him and telling him to share His word with others, using the national platform he was about to engage with.

Tebow recalls thinking about which verse he should share for weeks before finally deciding on John 3:16.

He wrote the verse title in the eye black under his eyes and his image was broadcast across the country.

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This verse reads, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”


After his team won the championship, Tebow found out that 94 million people had Googled “John 3:16.”

In an interview with CBN News, Tebow said, “I was just so humbled by how big the God is that we serve.”

So thankful for the hope we have in Jesus! #Hope

— Tim Tebow (@TimTebow) May 16, 2019

Three years later, Tebow was playing for the Broncos in a playoff game against the Pittsburg Steelers. Upon winning the game, a tsunami of information hit the player.


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He found out that in that game he threw 316 yards, maintained 31.6 yards per completion, 3.16 yards per rush, and held the time of possession at 31.06.

But it doesn’t stop there.

The rating for the game reached 31.6 and 91 million people Googled “John 3:16” during his play time. It was trending on all major platforms.

Tebow gained a huge following of fans with this celebration. In an act of celebration, he would kneel in the End Zone and bow his head in an act of prayer and gratitude for the grace God showed on him.


He turned himself into a viral internet meme! Instagram and Facebook were subsequently flooded with images of people recreating the pose in various locations.

Tebow even tweeted a picture of the infamous hip-hop/rap artist, Snoop Dogg, Tebowing!

This is the kind of thing that Christians would call a miracle.


It is known that God works in mysterious ways. And this can be added to the list.

Tebow takes this as a reminder that God is always with him and around him.

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