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'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 4 Winner Derek Peth Heads To Mexico For Another Season Of BIP — Here's What He's Been Up To

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Who Is Derek Peth? New Details On The 'Bachelor In Paradise" Winner As He Tries To Win It All Again

Derek Peth, a Sagittarius, was born December 6, 1987 in Waverly, Iowa. A hottie on all accounts, Peth came and stole our hearts during season 12 of The Bachelorette. He unfortunately didn't find love and was eliminated earlier than most fans would have liked. Then he appeared on season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise and won not only the season but the heart of Taylor Nolan in the process. Unfortunately, that didn't work out and he's back again hoping that this time he will find the girl he's been missing. As season six is just around the corner let's ask ourselves, who is Derek Peth?

1. He appeared on The Bachelorette season 12.

On season 12 of The Bachelorette he was competeing for the heart of Joelle "Jojo" Fletcher. He didn't make a splash right out of the gate but he did win the first one on one date with her. They bonded over their mutual experiences of being cheated on, and being more invested in their relationships then their partners. He ended up being eliminated during week six. Fans were heartbroken to see him go, but luckily they got another chance to see Derek Peth in the spotlight.


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2. He appeared on Bachelor in Paradise season 4.

After leaving The Bachelorette, he quickly agreed to join the cast of Bachelor in Paradise season 4. After weeks of competition he was delcared the winner of the entire season, alongside Taylor Nolan. On the finale of the show Peth got down on one knee and proposed to Nolan. She, of course, accepted. We were all thrilled to see Derek find love, but we were a little heartbroken that it meant that he would no longer be appearing in the Bachelor franchise. Or did it?


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3. The breakup of Derek Peth and Taylor Nolan.

After less than a year Peth and Nolan broke off their engagement. Peth was qutoed saying that Nolan wanted to stay in Seattle, while he had just got a job in New York City. He said that she was very much interested in traveling and taking advantage of "The Bachelor Nation stuff," while he just wanted to have a normal week day to day. They released a joint statment saying "It is with much sadness that we have decided to end our engagement. We put everything we could into our relationship and are hearbroken to go forward separately, but we know this is the best decision for the both of us. We will still be present in each other's lives with support, admiration and respect for each other." We're sad to see our guy with a borken heart! 


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4. Peth went to therapy after break up with Nolan

When dealing with thier broken engagement, Peth decided to go to therapy to deal with all of his feelings and everything he was going through. When asked about it he said: '...another great thing about millennials is we're not afriad to talk about mental health and like, going through therapy and having someone who professionally handles a lot of relationships. And it has real solultions and so that's what I did." He also said, "I know a lot of people who have been through similar situations and not being afraid to ask for help is an important thing." Wow, super-hunky and emotionally evolved! Ladies, he's single and ready to party.


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5. He is very involved in charity work.

Since his stint on The Bachelorette, Derek Peth has committed himself to charity work. Specifically,  helping women who are survivors of sexual assalt and domestic violence. He was inspired to start this sort of work when his best friend Mark's sister Brenda lost her life to suicide. He was very close with Brenda who dedicated her life to helping survivors of domestic violence and sexual assult, so he does his work in her honor. He was quoted in an article in Bustle saying: "She had worked very closely for years with women who had been victoms of domestic violence, domestic assult and sexual assult so it was a very important thing to her." What an amazing guy!

6. Is he the new Bachelor?

Rumors are flying about who the next Bachelor will be. Will it by Tyler Cameron? Mike Johnson? Pete Weber? Or...will it be Derek Peth? Fans on Twitter have launched a campaign to get Peth elected the next Bachelor. Part of the reason is because he was part of the first same-sex relationship on Bachelor in Paradise. He was just starting a relationship with Demi Burnett when her girlfriend, Kristian Haggerty, joined the show. 


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