Who Is Garrett Powell? New Details On 'The Bachelorette' Contestant And His Chances Of Winning Hannah Brown's Heart

Will he steal Hannah's heart?

Who Is Garrett Powell? New Details On 'The Bachelorette' Contestant And His Chances Of Winning Hannah Brown's Heart Instagram

As we all know, this season's Bachelorette, Hannah, is an all-American Alabama girl! As Hannah would say, "Roll tide!" I feel like this southern belle needs a southern boy. Maybe Garrett could be the one? 

The competition is getting more and more serious each week and we're continuing to learn about Hannah's guys. I have a few favorites in my mind and one of them is Garrett Powell. Garrett stands out to me because of his accent, southern charm and of course his handsome face! Garrett's a cutie and Hannah is clearly feeling it too! There's a lot more to him than just his good looks, so let's dive in a little deeper into this bachelorette contestant. Who is Garrett Powell? 


1. Sweet Home Alabama 

Like Hannah, Garrett is also from Alabama. Heavy.com says Garrett grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, which is less than an hour from Hannah's town of Tuscaloosa. Could it be a match made in heaven?! It's crazy to think these two lived so close to each other and finally met on The Bachelorette. They share many similarities, and being raised in Alabama is just one of them. It's a great thing to have in common with The Bachelorette because Alabama is so near and dear to Hannah's heart. 



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2. Garrett was nominated to be on The Bachelorette by a family member

Garrett didn't choose to be on The Bachelorette himself. The 27-year-old's sister-in-law, Jessalin Powell signed Garrett up! She felt that Hannah and Garrett would have a lot in common. Jessalin is married to Garrett's brother, Austin, and they're expecting their first child together. Garrett is going to be an uncle again! He's already an uncle to his sister Lindsay's son. Maybe Hannah will be a new aunt? That's if Garrett steals her heart at the end of this season, which it's hard not to! 



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3. Garrett is a hole in one

When he's not making Hannah's heart flutter on reality TV, Garrett is on the golf course. Refinery29 reports that Garrett is a professional golfer. He studied golf management at Mississippi State University. Garrett was also the quarterback for his school's football team during his years at the university. His golfing and football skills show that he's an athletic guy. Who doesn't love athletes?! 



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4. Family and Faith

Garrett seems like an all-around great guy! He's certainly one who is "there for the right reasons," as they say on the show all the time. Garrett is a big family guy. Just scrolling through Instagram I could see that lots of his pictures he posts are with his family. Both of Garrett's siblings, Lindsay and Austin, are married, so Garrett is next! This Alabama boy is also a religious guy with a strong faith. Hannah's been open about her faith this season and I'm sure she wants a guy who has similar religious beliefs as her. It seems he was raised in a religious household, but wasn't baptized until September 2016. 

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