'Bachelorette' Runner-Up Blake Horstmann Heads To Mexico For 'Bachelor In Paradise' — What He's Been Up To

Get all the details on 'Bachelorrette' runner up and 'Bachelor in Paradise 'star!

Who Is Blake Hortsmann? New Details On The Former 'Bachelorette' Contestant Heading To Mexico For 'Bachelor In Paradise' Instagram

Blake Horstmann was a fan favorite when he appeared on The Bachelorette season 14. He was most beloved for his ability to express his emotions and wear his heart on his sleeve. He was known as the “nice guy” of the season. The Bachelorette that season, Becca Kufrin, surprised viewers of the finale by not choosing Horstmann as her beau, but overlooking him in favor of Garrett Yrigoyen. Most people were disappointed because everyone thought Becca was sure to chose Horstmann. But there's no need to worry because now we get to see more of him as he will be appearing in the 2019 season of Bachelor in Paradise. So, before that airs, lets get to the bottom of the question everyone is asking. Who is Blake Horstmann? 



1. He is finally over Becca and ready to move on!

Blake appeared onn Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti’s podcast, Almost Famous and said: “I had been healing, but it wasn’t until After the Final Rose where I had felt, the door was closed. It really wasn’t. And it wasn’t even when I saw her. It was when I saw [her and Garrett] together...on the couch when I thought, ‘They’re happy...I’m ready to move on.’” We’re rooting for you buddy!



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2. He makes great money!

Horstmann makes an average of $100,000 per season when starring in The Bachelorette franchise. He also works for Coors Brewing Company in Denver Colorado, where he acts as a sales representative. I think most of us out there would love to crack open a beer with Blake!



A post shared by Blake Horstmann (@balockaye.h) on May 4, 2019 at 3:09pm PDT3. He considers himself a romantic.

3. He considers himself a romantic.

Blake Horstmann who is known for wearing his heart on his sleeve, considers himself a romantic. He believes that when you fall in love, you should be two independent people who decide to live their lives together. He has been known to say that he is looking for his “equal match”. I think I speak for all of us when I say “swoon!”





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4. He really believes in finding love through The Bachelor/Bachelorette.

He has been quoted saying: “I really do believe in this process. I’ll defend it to my last breath. I do think you can find your person through that.” What a softy!



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5. His mother cheated on his father

When he was in high school, it was revealed that his mother was having an affair behind his father's back. Even worse, it was with his English teacher and basketball coach! That must have been hard on poor Blake.



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6. He is a great dancer!

Horstmann claims to be a really good dancer. But not just any kind of dancer, he is a swing dancer! Isn’t that every girl’s dream to have a guy who can swing her around the dance floor?!


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7. Our “nice guy” Blake may be going for the “bad boy” card on this season of Bachelor in Paradise 

Apparently Horstmann is causing quite a stir among the Bachelor in Paradise contestants as he’s choosing to go out with multiple girls in the same episode. He also seems to have a history with most of the girls on this season of Bachelor in Paradise! This can’t make them happy. Who knows what’s to come this season, but it appears as if there is going to be a LOT of drama!!!!



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8. He was a college athlete.

Horstmann attended Hastings college in Nebraska. He played football and basketball and received an athletic scholarship because of his talents. He graduated with a marketing degree in 2011.



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9. He is a dog lover.

He recently adopted a black lab puppy named Remi! Horstmann jokes on his Instagram that Remi is a “chick magnet”. Believe us Blake you don’t need one.



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