What Mars In Leo And The Seven Of Wands Tarot Card Mean For Your Love Life And Relationships

There's a somewhat dark side to this.

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With Mars in Leo beginning July 1stand staying there until August 18th, this placement is no holds barred. Think about it: We have the warrior planet Mars shoving through the confident, extravagant, showy sign of Leo.

In traditional tarot, this placement is related to the Seven of Wands. This tarot card often shows a figure holding one wand to fend off the attacks of six others. This person is clearly outnumbered, but clearly not backing down. And why back down when the name of the card is the Lord of Valor? 


So, what does this mean for the rest of us?

Well, first and foremost, Mars represents our strength of will. It also rules represents our innate need to dominate.

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Think of what we need to win fights: Perseverance, energy, stamina and determination. It doesn't matter if the fight is a schoolyard scuffle, office politics, or a competition for someone's heart — you're going to need drive to go through with it. And on some level, we like it. We like the rush. We get off on the risk.


Let's add that to Leo — proud, loyal, generous, showy, loud, and has a tendency towards bossiness, vanity, arrogance and is not fond of criticism.

What does the Seven of Wands mean here?

With the planet of will and combat in the solar-ruled sign of Leo, our personal power is amplified. If you're the type who tends to have a hard time saying "no" to people, it'll be a bit easier for you during this time.

Defiance is an extreme keyword here. You're going to stand up for your conviction, even if they are unpopular.

Are you dating someone the folks or your friends don't approve of? Are you shying away from the career path your family wanted for you? Or (and this ends up being a popular subject when this card comes up), are you finding a belief system you grew up with is not for you? Have you been hiding your sexuality for people for fear of rejection?


During this month and good portion of next month, if you've been keeping quiet about any of these things, now is the time you're most likely to say, "Hey, this is me. Deal with it, or don't." This will cause some friction as everyone else is going to also feel that their way is the correct way. And they're going to be pressed to fight you on it.

And the Martian energy at play relishes the conflict and the chance at conquest. A love for risk is cropping up, even in the most careful individual. It may seem weird for more docile personalities, but this is needed in some cases.

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Another thing that is highlighted is you stepping out. Confidence is going to increase here. You're finding yourself more ambitious, especially in work and/or school. And in your appearance as well.


If you've been wanting to try a new look, do it. Own it and damn the haters! It's not your fault you're awesome.

What does this mean for our relationships?

For one, this increase in confidence makes us a bit more attractive than normal. However, it can serve as a repellent for those who aren't ready for you. And this is a good thing, as it lets you know who is in your corner and who is threatened by you trying get more out of life. You know who deserves to be in your life.

But there is a dark side to this. Mars energy can make for an extreme hothead, and negative Leo energy tends to be arrogant and often times tyrannical. We need to make sure we're not expounding our thoughts and beliefs on others, or belittling people so we can feel better about ourselves.


Another thing to look out for is being unwilling to hear criticism. Outright insults, ridiculous prejudices and belittling are things that shouldn't be tolerated. But if you're just being told an unpleasant truth, shove down your temper and try to listen.

Also, avoid looking for a fight just for the sake of looking for one. Try to avoid stirring up mess just for the fun of it or for your own ego. Look out for fighting a losing battle.

This card tends to come up for those who think anyone and everyone is after something that they have, when in reality that's not the case. This sort of tyranny drives people away faster than a silent fart.


On a fun note, Mars energy is related to the sex drive, as is Venus. While Venus represents what we like having done to us, Mars energy is what we like to do.

And during this time, if the bedroom department has been lacking, this is the time to crank up the heat. For some of us, the sex drive will be pretty high, and there might be a lilt toward performance. Anything from role play to trying to outdo yourself is noted here.

All and all, the next month and a half is going to one wild, extra ride.

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