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Who Is Jed Wyatt? New Details On The Musician Vying For Hannah B's Heart On 'The Bachelorette'

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Who Is Jed Wyatt? New Details On The Musician Vying For Hannah B's Heart On 'The Bachelorette'

Hannah B. seems to be pretty smitten with Jed W. on The Bachelorette and why not? He's hot, a musician and seems to be a straight shooter. He got the first one-on-one date with Hannah Brown during the June 3rd episode, which allowed all of us to get to know him a bit better. It seems to us that Hannah has been interested in the singer/songwriter since he stepped out of the limo on the season premiere. And, of course, when a guy can sing and play a guitar — the hot quotient goes off the charts! We think we know who ultimately wins Hannah's heart but for now, Jed W. seems like a frontrunner. Who is Jed Wyatt?

1. He almost gave up his singing career

According to Jed Wyatt's The Bachelorette bio, he went through a really bad breakup in the past, which made him want to give up on his dream of being a singer/songwriter. Since he's aleady sung to Hannah a number of times on the show, we can assume he's finding his voice again. Plus, he admitted on his one-on-one date that he originally signed up to be on The Bachelorette to promote his music. Now though, of course, he's in it for "love." Jed's latest single, "Vacation," came out last summer, and he played gigs around Nashville last summer and fall. It can be found on Spotify.


A post shared by Jed Wyatt (@jedwyatt) on Nov 14, 2018 at 5:13pm PST

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2. He's a male stripper

Jed Wyatt is from the Smoky Mountains and attended Belmont University in Nashville. Music doesn't always pay the bills, so the fit 25-year-old took a job at Music City Male Review. But don't worrry — there's no full-frontal nudity at this club. Jed is featured in the promotional materials for the club, which offers a PG-13 experience — no nudity!


A post shared by Jed Wyatt (@jedwyatt) on Feb 20, 2019 at 4:30pm PST

3. He's really into fitness and clean eating

Jed Wyatt has an amazing body and considers himself to be a bit of an expert when it comes to diet and execise. On his Facebook page, he posted a photo of a text from someone who thanked him for his help with his diet and captioned it: “It makes me so happy getting results from my diet and workout plans. If you’re interested in me helping you dial in for summer, shoot me over a message for pricing and more details.”


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4. He's close to his family

Jed is very tight with his family, especilly his youngest sister Lilly, who thinks Hannah Brown is just perfect for her brother.

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