Who Is Krystal Nielson? New Details On The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Star And Her Marriage To Chris Randone

Here comes the bride!

Who Is Krystal Nielson? New Details On The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Star And Her Marriage To Chris Randone Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com

For a show that's all about love, romance, and finding your happily ever after, it's not exactly normal for anyone to walk away from The Bachelor or The Bachelorette newly engaged to the love of their life. But strangely, there is one show in Bachelor nation with a record of pairing together couples who go on to spend their lives together: Bachelor In Paradise.

While the show might be considered the red-headed stepchild by most fans, the truth of the matter is if you're on the show and serious about love you can make it happen for yourself. If you don't believe me that's fine, just let Krystal Nielson and her new husband do the talking...Who is Krystal Nielson?


1. Who Is Krystal?

If you think you recognize Krystal Nielson, your eyes are not deceiving you. Just like the rest of her compatriots on any given season of Bachelor In Paradise, Krystal originally appeared on another Bachelor property. In her case, that meant appearing on Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s season of The Bachelor where she quickly earned the nickname "Hurricane Krystal" and became the villain of the season.


But appearances (and good TV editing) can be deceiving. See, Krystal is more than just an easy target. She's also a personal trainer living in Missoula, Montana. Krystal studied NASM National Academy of Sports Medicine, where she concentrated on core strength and flexibility. She's more than just a pretty face: this is a woman who puts her money where her mouth is when it comes to pursuing her ambitions. 



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2. Tying The Knot 

Though she didn't find love on Arie's season, she didn't have to leave the Bachelor family to meet the man who was destined to sweep her off of her feet. Krystal married Chris Randone who she met on Bachelor in Paradise! The duo just tied the knot in Mexico after a year long engagement. When Chris finally did pop the big question he did so in front of TV audiences on BiP last summer! 

Anyone who watched Chris and Krystal meet and cavort last year knows that this is a love that really has the power to go the distance. Krystal is carrying around all that newbride energy. “We are so excited to start this new chapter of our lives together,” Krystal, 31, told People magazine, who broke the story. 



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3. The Guest List 

As you might imagine, because this was a TV wedding of another couple whose love was forged in the flames of Bachelor nation, the wedding wasn't exactly like what you'd find on any given weekend in your local park. Sure, the bride and groom were surrounded by their family and loads of people who love them and wish them well, but there was another less homey contingent present, too. 


The wedding itself was officiated by none other than Bachelor host extraordinaire, Mr. Chris Harrison. But there were plenty of famous guests in attendance who played less pivotal roles, including Ben Higgins, Becca Kufrin, Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon. There ain't no party like a Bachelor party because of Bachelor party is full of people who are contractually obligated not to stop. 



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4. Tender Memories 

While we the people didn't get a chance to attend their nuptials IRL, thankfully Krystal and others in attendance chronicled the entire affair and shared massive amounts of photos on social media. She's made sure to post plenty of photos of the cute couple on her Instagram page, complete with tender and loving emojiis. 

But cute pics aren't the only thing you'll find if you pay Krystal's Instagram page a visit or two. She's used her profile to share a whole lot more than just her personal life. Krystal often posts adorable pics of her dogs and perhaps more importantly (depending on your interests) she shares loads of workout tips and tricks. And she does that for free! Who says it costs a ton to get fit?



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5. The Proposal 

It's a rare thing that you happen to get the moment of your proposal captured on film to watch back year after year. Even if you do think ahead and get someone to record it they are almost never close enough to capture everything that was said or to accurately convey the sheer amount of emotion that the moment contained. Luckily, Chris and Krystal aren't most people. 


At the end of their season, when Chris made up his mind to propose to Krystal, it wasn't just a moment that was going to change his life forever, it was also exactly what the producers needed to make for a killer season finale! In true Bachelor nation form, Chris selected a pear-shaped diamond courtesy of Neil Lane, and popped the question in front of Krystal, the crew and everyone watching at home. 



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