Zodiac Signs Cursed By Rahu & Ketu, Per Astrology

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Rahu, Ketu, And Cursed Zodiac Signs, Per Astrology

There are curses in astrology, and certain zodiac signs have Rahu and Ketu, planets who carry the heaviest karmic weight, associated with their own planetary ruler.

For example, have you ever felt like you were walking around with a huge, stormy cloud hanging over you?

From the moment you wake up to the moment you close your eyes to sleep, something feels off but no matter what you did to shake things up, you constantly felt fear and dread for your next move.

Maybe you tried to change your surroundings or focus on more positive actions, yet, nothing seemed to go your way.

We are traditionally taught that if you put good into the world, you will get good out in return.

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Often, you attract the energy you put out. These are the basic rules of karma. For some, there is no exponential reward for making actively positive choices.

Curses have been extremely played up in mainstream Hollywood film culture. A lanky, dark figure with scraggly hair and long, unkempt fingernails may scratch at her boils and curse another character’s family, love life, or future.

We’ve all seen the movies, even as kids! The enchantress sequence of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, the poison apple charade in Snow White, and basically the entire plot of Princess and the Frog is based on the creation of and belief in wicked curses.

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Come October, you cannot channel surf without coming across the mention of spells and curses with, at least, every other click of the remote.

Normally, the things we see in the movies could never happen in reality, especially the animated princess happenings. But that may not be the case here. If you feel like you have done everything in your power to turn your luck around, yet nothing is working.

You may be cursed! And no, I do not mean by a witch and an ancestor.

Studying your personal astrology can prove that your luck may not necessarily be a product of your actions.

What is a curse, according to astrology?

We all spend a lot of time talking about “vibes.” When your bestie is about to go on a first date or walk into a really important job interview, you would probably say “I’m sending good vibes your way!”

We know that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Sending negative “vibes” is a form of a curse.

If a stranger cuts you off on the highway or a coworker gets the promotion you were grabbing at, and you wish something negative onto them, either verbally or nonverbally, you are wishing a curse on them.

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There is enough bad energy in the world as it is! Let’s keep the positivity flowing!

A quick search of the fundamental laws of astrology reveals that your sign is a reflection of the alignment of the planets and the stars at your time of birth. As we know, the world keeps turning.

So, you may find periods in your life where things have a strong comic shift. As the planets shift in and out of domicile (positive, home) and detriment (negative, opposite of domicile) placements, you can see reflections in your own life.

Based on the original alignment of an individual sign’s placement, some are more susceptible to curses than others.

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Rahu & Ketu

When looking to see your degree of cosmic curse potential, you should first go to your ruling planet.

The two most malefic planets, meaning planets that are known to bring bad luck and misfortune, are Mars and Saturn.

The shadow if these main planets are Ketu and Rahu, respectively.

Scorpio (ruled originally by Mars) and Aquarius (ruled originally by Saturn) are the two most sensitive signs to the world of astrological curses. So, what do these signs feel? Scorpio being the 8th house, represents the death of something in your life.

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You may feel like you are constantly six feet under. You can feel like nothing goes right for you, no matter how fortunate your situation lends itself to be. With every new life, comes the death of that acquisition.

Aquarius, being the 11th house, is representative of materialistic gains. You may feel like you are never content or satisfied, no matter what you are given.

With Saturn and Rahu as a ruler, you will feel like you need to constantly give your gains away.

An Aquarius ascendant will sacrifice their personal health and happiness for achievement. You have to make difficult decisions that often leave you feeling unfulfilled.

You may have to give up a successful career for spirituality or financial gains for marriage satisfaction.

Scorpio represents a transformation. Take advantage of when Jupiter or Venus are placed in Scorpio in any divisional chart. This will show you the advantages to the metamorphosis of life and transform you in a positive way.

When you once felt like your marriage was falling apart and your partner was only hurting your growth, Jupiter or Venus can reveal a positive transition to a fresh, new outlook.

Aquarius is also affected by Jupiter; it is your saving grace.

When Jupiter is involved, your sacrifices become positive. For example, you may receive so many fortunate financial gifts that you can give it away in an act of charity.

Or your career becomes so fulfilling that you can step back and pass the torch to your successor.

The major takeaway is to pay close attention to the alignment of your planets.

If you are a Scorpio or an Aquarius, not all hope is lost. You may feel cursed more often than others, but your persistence and dedication to remaining positive and seeking Jupiter will prove to balance out your sacrifices in the end.

Madison Kerth is a writer who covers astrology, pop culture and relationship topics.