'Duck Dynasty' Star Sadie Robertson Is Pregnant! Meet Her Husband, Christian Huff

Congrats to the parents-to-be!

Christian Huff and Sadie Robertson YouTube

And baby makes three! Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson and her husband Christian Huff took to Instagram on Oct. 4 to announce that they were expecting their first child together. "SCREAMING WITH EXCITEMENT TO SHARE THIS NEWS! Baby we already adore you," she captioned a pic of herself and her hubby holding up a sonogram. "We are thankful to be carrying a miracle into the world!" the caption continued. "Baby, you are already loved and already believed in. Can’t wait to welcome you into the world with all the joy, hope, and excitement you will bring into the life of so many by your miraculous incredible life." And while Robertson is a household name in the reality TV world, we want to know more about her husband, Christian Huff.


Who is Christian Huff, Sadie Robertson's husband?

The couple had only been dating nine months before Huff popped the question back in June 2019. And now, Mr. and Mrs. Huff have a lifetime of happiness to look forward to, especially with their new bundle of joy on the way!

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Who is Sadie Robertson? She's from a famous family.

Sadie Robertson rose to fame when she was part of her family’s reality show Duck Dynasty. Her grandfather started a company that makes duck calls for hunters to use to attract waterfowl.

These days her parents run the company, which is now a multi-million dollar sporting empire, and the rest of the family, with their quirky personalities and signature looks, are involved. Robertson gained her own following when she competed on Dancing With the Stars, and followed that up with the publication of her book, Live Original: How the Duck Commander Teen Keeps It Real and Stays True to Her Values

She now bills herself as a motivational speaker and hosts a podcast called "WHOA That’s Good." She also wrote a second book, Live Fearlessaccording to her website.

Meanwhile, Huff stays out of the spotlight.

Huff’s life isn’t as well documented as Robertson’s, seeing as he isn’t a reality star himself. His Instagram page features many photos of himself and his friends and family, often posing at sporting events. His posts also prominently feature Robertson.



A post shared by Christian Huff (@christian_huff) on Oct 4, 2020 at 4:18pm PDT

How did Christian Huff and Sadie Robertson meet?

Before dating Huff, Robertson was seeing her ex, Austin North. But while their relationship was in the midst of ending, she met Huff. And the rest is history.

Robertson said: “My sister actually had known Christian for the year before we met and they were all friends. He has a younger brother and they were friends. So I knew about Christian, but I just knew him as my sister’s friend who I’d never met, so I didn’t think much into it.


The year after I kind of heard about this guy. I was in Florida with my friends on a trip and very spontaneously, his cousin, she DM’ed me on Instagram and she said, ‘Hey, I see that you’re down in Florida. We love Bella, so if you want to hang out that’d be so fun!’ And I said, ‘Yeah! Why don’t you all come crab hunting with us? We’re going on the beach tonight...’ 

So we're just running around being silly and they showed up and Christian was with them. And I was like, ‘Oh, hello there.’ He was so cute. I was like shoot. So I actually tried to avoid him for most of the night because I did not want to get in a relationship, and I was like, ‘He is too cute to talk to and not want to date.’

So it was kind of funny... [Huff] walked up to me and jokingly mentioned that I had followed everyone in his family but him, which is actually true. I had followed his brother and his cousin just because of my sister knowing them, but for some reason I never followed him.”

Later that night, she followed Huff on Instagram and saw a message he sent two years earlier.


She recalled, “I don’t get messages on my Instagram unless I follow that person, and when I followed him a message popped up that he had tried to send me two years ago that I never saw. It was the sweetest message ever. I kind of jokingly responded and was like, ‘Sorry for the late response. Haha.’ We have been talking since that DM. I guess you can say it started in the DMs but more so started crab hunting on the beach.”

When did Christian Huff and Sadie Robertson start dating?



A post shared by Sadie Robertson (@legitsadierob) on May 30, 2019 at 9:48am PDT

The couple started dating in September 2018. And they haven't been shy about sharing their feelings for one another. Robertson took to social media in 2019 to try and answer the question of why she loves Christian, and posted a picture of the two.

She captioned it:


"Someone asked me the other day in my 'ask me anything' story what I love most about christian. I tried to answer this question that day in a story, but I could not make it short enough for a story. Of course there are a lot of things that I love about this man. He’s strong and kind. He’s handsome and humble. He is hilarious. He’s my best friend and the best one to have.

Our relationship is beautiful, but it’s not perfect. We work through silly communication things, but at the end of every day I couldn’t be more grateful for this walking answered prayer. I literally have a picture of us taped to the back of my bible to remind me to thank God for this miracle gotta give some credit where it’s due! I love his eyes — not just because they are beautiful, but because of what they seek and what they find.

But to answer what I love most about him would be His pursuit of love. His pursuit of the Lord caught my attention me before He started to pursue me. I saw the way his eyes were so captivated by God who is love and I felt the fruit of that fixation when he spoke to me. Now i feel it in the way he looks at me, and loves me. I love who he is and who he is becoming based on what He is constantly pursuing."

How sweet is that?!


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Christian HUff proposed to her in June 2019.

And he went all out for the proposal, driving Robertson to a picnic set up in a lakeside field, complete with champagne. In a video she shared on Instagram, you can see Huff carrying Robertson to the site before dropping to one knee and offering her a ring that he pulled from his pocket.

In the caption, she wrote, “I screamed YES. so many words and so many more pictures to come, but for now just know my friends I’m the happiest human in the world on June 9th, 2019 today and for the rest of my life. I GET TO MARRY THIS MAN. God is faithful and so so good.”

The proposal evidently took place on Robertson’s birthday, and the couple went to a celebration with her family immediately afterwards. Her mother was delighted with the situation and wrote on her own Instagram page, “Sadie’s getting married!!!!! To the most amazing man, and we are beaming. Today was an absolute dream. I love every second of being @legitsadierob mom and can’t wait for @christian_huff to join the fam!”


When did Christian Huff and Sadie Robertson get married?

On November 25th, 2019, just five months after becoming engaged, the couple wed on her family's Louisiana farm. The couple transformed the family’s tennis court into a venue, hanging string lights and having guests sit on golden chairs. Roughly 600 guests attended, including Candace Cameron-Bure and Alfonso Ribeiro.

“We’re having it on a tennis court, which is kind of unique and fun. Christian and I both love to play tennis and every time we’re home, we play tennis on this court. So we’re like, ‘Well, what if we transformed the court?’ So we’re taking off the net, taking off everything. We’re laying down AstroTurf and lights everywhere all over the fence and white roses. So it’ll actually feel like this nice garden,” Robertson said of their aesthetic.

“Christian and I both love night; we love the stars and the moon, so I think all of it together is going to be so magical. There’s going to be tons of lights, Christmas lights everywhere. Lots of white roses and greenery. It’s going to be very romantic and elegant... We have a milkshake station, we have a coffee station, we have food stations — a big Louisiana feast, if you will — so it’ll be fun!" she added.


They just celebrated five months of marriage during quarantine.

Robertson took to Instagram on April 25 to share her and Huff's milestone.

In the caption, she wrote, "Now is the time to bust out the gorilla that squirts water and attempt “the bachelor” run hug ! being married to you for 5 months has been the best — even in some crazy times. u r my best friend. I’m holding on for forever and ever."

They didn't plan on having kids for awhile.



A post shared by Sadie Robertson Huff (@legitsadierob) on Feb 9, 2020 at 11:29am PST

After she got engaged, Robertson revealed that she was in no rush to start a family with Huff. 


“That’s probably years down the road. We definitely want kids, and a lot of kids. I grew up with six in our family and Christian just has one brother, but he has so many cousins. First things first. My sister just had a baby and my sister-in-law is pregnant, so we’re going to have plenty of babies around,” she said.

Earlier this year, Robertson took to social media where she joked about the baby rumors. In the caption, she wrote, “As soon as you get married everyone starts talking babies but right now when we say pink and blue we are def talking Baskin Robbins?”

Looks like their plans definitely changed!


They've been staying with Robertson's family amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Robertson family have all been quarantining together at their family estate in Louisiana. However, in Apirl, a scary incident occurred when the family's homes were the target of a drive-by shooting. 

Thankfully, no one in the family was injured and the man responsible for the shooting was arrested. Robertson spoke out about the incident saying that while the family was shaken up, they were just thankful that no one got hurt. 

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