21 Best Bachelorette Party Gifts For The Bride-To-Be

Time to celebrate!

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Break out the sashes and pour some shots — it’s your friend’s last night of being single! And we have selected the best bachelorette party gifts for the bride (and some can be used as favors, too).

Marriage is something to celebrate, and there’s no better way than partying it up with your closest friends during an outrageous bachelorette party in honor of the bride. Head out to a club or some bars, take a girls trip, or plan a spa day to pamper the bride-to-be.


Whatever you end up doing, there are ways to ensure you all have a blast at the bachelorette party. Create a killer playlist, take lots and lots of photos, and remember that it’s all about the one with the ring on her finger.

During the extravaganza, show the bride-to-be some extra love by treating to a special bachelorette party gift from you and the rest of the bride tribe. You might even get a few extras as bachelorette party favors for the rest of the ladies, too.


Here are 21 of the best bachelorette party gift ideas for the bride to help her celebrate this fun occasion:


1. Hangover Kit


Bachelorette Party Hangover Kit, Amazon.com

Help your bride power through that post-party hangover with this adorable drawstring bag. It comes empty, so you can fill it with medicine, gum, or anything else you think she'll need the next day to rejuvenate. 

2. Rose Gold "Bride" Headband

Headband Tiara For Bride, Amazon.com


Available in several colors, this pretty cursive headband is a perfect way to announce to everyone exactly what (and who) you're celebrating. You can also get coordinating headbands that say "I Do Crew" for everyone else to wear.

3. Marriage Milestones Wine Covers

First Year Of Marriage Wine Covers, Amazon.com


These colorful wine slips would be a fun addition to any dinner party the new couple may host. Each slip features a milestone that your bride will experience in her first year of married life.

4. Bright Pink "Bride" Straw

Bride Straw For Bachelorette Party, Amazon.com

Sip in style with this pink straw spelling out "bride" for all to see! Great for a photo prop or for the bride to use during the bachelorette party.


5. Wedding Survival Kit

Classic Wedding Survival Kit, Amazon.com

Get the bride through her wedding day with this charming, color-coordinated kit. It's chock full of day-of essentials, like bobby pins and an emergency sewing kit. 

6. Bachelorette Memory Book 


Bride Tribe Bachelorette Party Photo Album, Amazon.com

For that special night you might need some help remembering! The bride will love this soft pink photo album to help her cherish her bachelorette party.

7. LOL-Worthy Lipstick

Same Penis Forever Lipstick, Amazon.com

Celebrate the bride's new commitment with this dirty lipstick. It'll be sure to get a laugh out of the bride-to-be. Available in a variety of colors.


8. Red-Hot Lingerie

Red Lace Babydoll Lingerie, Amazon.com

Guarantee her honeymoon's success with this sexy lingerie set. The bride will feel sultry and stunning in red-hot lace, but if this one doesn't quite suit her, check out other saucy looks on Amazon.

9. Matching Bride And Groom Caps 


Bride and Groom Wedding Baseball Caps, Amazon.com

Perfect for the bride who's headed to a sunny honeymoon destination! This cute matching set will show everyone that this bride and groom are newly (and happily) married. 

10. Dirty Coloring Book

Raunchy Brides and Bachelors Coloring Book, Amazon.com

For your creative brides-to-be, here is a naughty coloring book to heat things up. This gift will get her in the mood and help her relax!


11. Glittery gold bride sash. 

"The Bride Sash," Amazon.com

An essential for any bachelorette party. This gold lettered sash is a good fit for your elegant bride, but there are plenty of options with flashier decorations, too.

12. Chiseled Shot Glasses 


4-Piece Men Shaped Shot Glasses, Amazon.com

The best way to take body shots. These glasses have some key components for your bachelorette party: hot bods, alcohol, and lots of wild girl friends to share them with. 

13. Sequined Bride Tote Bag 

Gold Sequin Bride Tote Bag, Amazon.com

This tote bag is a nice way of recognizing the bride on her fabulous day. It'll be a perfect place for her to store her shoes after the ceremony or to pack some entertainment on her honeymoon flight.


14. Journal For The Bride-To-Be

From Miss to Mrs. Engagement Notebook, Amazon.com

Weddings take meticulous planning. There are lots of things to write down, so help your bride stay organized with this notebook, complete with a cute decal declaring her new title. 

15. Captain Bride On-The-Go Flask


Captain Bride Mini Flask, Amazon.com

We all know the bride is the captain of the wedding. This teal mini flask is a great way to pay homage to your bride, while giving her a discreet way to steal a nerve-calming drink in her dressing room.

16. Personalized Champagne Glasses

Etched Flutes For Bride And Groom, Amazon.com


A personalized gift is a beautiful gesture to help her commemorate her big day. These glasses are etched with the couple's names and can be used during their first toast as a married couple. 

17. Couples Coffee Mugs 


Mr. And Mrs. Ceramic Coffee Mugs, Amazon.com

This gift goes beyond their wedding... and the morning after. Give them these mugs so they can fondly remember their wedding day each morning in their new life together as a married couple.

18. Bride And Groom Cookbook

William-Sonoma Bride And Groom Cookbook, Amazon.com


This beautiful guide will help teach your bride and groom everything about cooking for two. This cookbook also has tips for stocking just the right amount of food for a couple. 

19. Couple Passport Covers

Matching Mr. And Mrs. Passport Covers, Amazon.com

Say "bon voyage!" to your newly wedded friends with these embroidered passport covers. This gift is perfect for their honeymoon or their future travels as Mr. and Mrs. 


20. Bridal Robe

Rhinestoned Bridal Robe, Amazon.com

Pamper your bride-to-be with this luxurious robe. She'll love the rhinestones spelling out her title and the comfort it brings before changing into her beautiful dress.

21. Wedding Dress Hanger


Wedding Dress Hanger, Amazon.com

Give your bride the gift of comfort knowing her special dress is protected with this adorable hanger. She can use it after the wedding as well to remember her big day. 

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