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Who Is Nicholas Medforth-Mills? New Details On Prince Of Romania And The Paternity Test He Was Forced To Take

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Who Is Nicholas Medforth-Mills? New Details On Prince Of Romania And The paternity Test He Was Forced To Take

Once upon a time, kings and queens ruled us peasants from their lovely castles. That has changed now, mostly, but like it or not, we're all still fascinated by the glamorous lives of the kings and the queens who still reign, albeit, not supremely. Most of us are more than a little familiar with the British Royal Family, but that is just the tip on the Monarchical iceberg! Take, for example, the royal family of Romania. 

That's right, Romania has a monarchy, and its made up of characters who are just as dapper and glam as what the Brits have on offer. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that when it comes to scandals worth the cost of a tabloid, they trump the Windsors. In fact, you might have heard of the Romanian royals lately since Nicholas Medforth-Mills, the one time heir apparent to the throne, stepped down after fathering a child out of wedlock. Here's everything you need to know about this delicious royal gossip. Who is Nicholas Medforth-Mills and was he actually FORCED to take a paternity test?

1. The Confirmation

Nicholas Medforth-Mills (formerly known to his constituents/peasants as ye olde Prince Nicolae of Romania), 34, just let it be known that a popular piece of royal scandal formerly thought to be rumor alone is indeed, a fact! Prince Nick got a lady pregnant! And while it's taken him three years (and a DNA test) he's finally copping to it. Weirdly enough, he chose to make the announcement that he was a dad to a toddler daughter (and had been for years) on his Facebook page. On the page, he announced that he and a woman named Nicoleta Cirjan conceived a child together. This is a big deal considering that the dude claimed for years not to even know who she was. But, blood doesn't lie, even if princes do. 


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2. The DNA Test

Although the child's mother has insisted for some time that Nicolas is the father of her child, Nicolas has denied, denied and denied that he even could be for quite some time. But the mom in question wouldn't give up! This ultimately led to Prince Nick taking a paternity test and the results were undeniable, as he himself shared in his Facebook post. “As a result of my insistence on the test of establishing the paternity of my alleged child, Ms. Nicoleta Cîrjan accepted the realization. The result was positive, thinking I was her child’s father. Given the context in which this child came to the world, the fact that I did not have a relationship with my mother, I assumed legal responsibility for it," said Nicolas. 


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3. Private Lives 

While it may have taken him a while (and the loss of his place in the line of royal succession), Nicolas has finally admitted that he's a dad, and he's going to take on the responsibilities that come with that. But if you're expecting to see the kiddo and/or said kiddo's mom in any photos in the near future, you'd be better off not holding your breath. Prince Nicolas shared in his announcement that he is going to keep the child's identity on the DL, saying: “For reasons of protecting the best interests of the child, I consider that any aspect of her life is of a strictly private nature. From the express desire to protect the child and not subject it to any media risk or bullying, I decided to stop any further comments on this subject.”


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4. Mom's Triumph

While obviously, it's awesome to see that the married Nicholas (he married journalist Alina Binder in 2017) isn't going to hide behind this lie any longer, there's another person who is a lot happier than he is that he finally owned up to his paternal responsibilities. Though she has lately kept a low profile, Nicoleta Cîrjan herself responded to Nick's admissions that he is the father of her child. In fact, Nicoleta, the mother of the royal offspring, was delighted to have the truth revealed. She responded to Nick's post on Facebook saying, "27 May 2019. A day that could really not be more surprising than that! And came to me with the lesson of patience. And with the confidence that the truth will always win.”

5. No Throne 

While Nick has admitted that he is the father of this child, the fact remains that because of the scandal involving the child's very existence, he will never be the king of Romania. In fact, prior to revealing that he was this child's father, he stepped down from the line of succession in a statement that included the following: “The position of the Prince of Romania and the presence in the Succession Line at the Crown of Romania impose a way to lead my life, which I find it difficult to accept. That is why, with much pain in my soul, I believe that the decision of His Majesty the King is welcome for me. I will seek in the future to serve my ideals and principles in a different way.”


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