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Who Is Nick Foles' Wife? New Details On Tori Moore, Their Family And Her Tragic Baby News

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Who Is Nick Foles' Wife? New Details On Tori Moore, Their Family And Her Tragic Baby News

When you see a professional athlete on the football field it can be hard to separate their killer athletic abilities from who they are when they're at home. Some football players have the same allure as other pop culture celebrities, while others just want to play the game and get home. Some football players manage to embody both at once. Jaguars' quarterback Nick Foles is one of the latter. The man is a sensational athlete and generally considered to be one of the nicest men in the NFL. He doesn't do all this alone, however. If it wasn't for his wife Tori Foles, he would be someone else entirely. Let's find out about her, shall we?

1. Love At First Sight 

Nick Foles, the legendary Jaguars quarterback, may be tough on the field, but in his personal life, he's a giant teddy bear. Nick met his wife, Tori when they were both undergraduates just starting up their studies at the University of Arizona. Hearing him talk about seeing her the first time is frankly too sweet to handle, you might need to brush your teeth afterward. “She was the first person I actually ever saw at the University of Arizona,” said Nick. “I was going to my (football) physical. I remember walking down the stairs and thinking, ‘Wow, this might be the most gorgeous person I’ve ever seen.’ But when you’re at the University of Arizona, everybody’s always talking about the women there."

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2. Their Miscarriage 

Nick, Tori and their entire family as a unit came into the spotlight in May of 2019 because Nick was announced to be taking a leave "indefinitely" from the Jaguars to deal with a personal family matter. With so little to go on, fans and critics alike were concerned about what was happening at home. But Nick and Tori are both very open people, and the answer came soon enough. It was heartbreaking when it did. After being pregnant for a total of 15 weeks with their second child, Tori contracted what she described as a "virus." Though she shook the illness, unfortunately, it led her to miscarry, forcing her into the hospital where she delivered their second child without ever getting to see him open his eyes. Her openness throughout this struggle is an inspiration, plain and simple. 

3. Tori's Also An Athlete 

In addition to being so open about something so personal (yet common for so many people) Tori also has a sense of what life as a professional athlete is like herself since she was one back in the day. Tori took volleyball very seriously and while she never played on the National team that doesn't mean her accomplishments were minor. In addition to being varsity captain of her volleyball team for all four years of her high school career, Tori didn't give up the sport when it came time to continue her studies in Arizona. She played on the University of Arizona's volleyball team too. “She’s an athlete as well, so she knows how it goes,” Foles said told NJ.com. “She pushes to make me better.” 

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4. Her Health 

Her miscarriage isn't the only health struggle Tori Foles has struggled with. She was diagnosed with both Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, a condition that affects how quickly her heart beats and Lyme disease. She's written about it often, discussing how it actually strengthened her marriage and her faith. “My life was altered in 2013 when I was diagnosed with an unexpected illness. A year after working at Nike Inc. and living an active lifestyle in Portland, Oregon, everything changed. I suddenly became ill and had no idea why. I was diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS),” Tori wrote. “Eventually, this would lead to an underlying diagnosis of Lyme Disease.”

5. His Future 

Whatever the future may hold for Nick and his family, they definitely only see football as a stop along the road. In fact, Nick has previously stated that as a man of very strong Christian beliefs that he might like to become a pastor once his time in the NFL is over. Whatever he does he wants to spend more time with his family, including his daughter Lily. Speaking about his family Foles said, "When I think about this journey and everything, I get home and I, uh…I get to see her. I get to see my wife. I see her and my wife, just in her face and in her mannerisms, that’s what it’s about. I know that every time I step on the field, every single thing I do, there’s going to be some days she looks and wants to know who her daddy was and what he did.”

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