Did Ashley Cole And Meghan Markle Date Before She Met Prince Harry?

Did Meghan Markle specifically want to meet famous British men?

Did Ashley Cole And Meghan Markle Date Before She Met Prince Harry? Instagram

When it comes to the Royal Family, the rumor mill never stops. When it comes to Meghan Markle, the rumor mill is on steroids. Now, TV presenter Lizzie Cundy is telling anyone who will listen that before she met Prince Harry, she begged her to help her "find a famous British man." Cundy and Meghan became friends in 2013 when they attended a charity dinner together. According to Cundy's memoir Tales From The Red Carpet, Markle asked her: "Do you know any famous guys? I'm single and I really love English men." Cundy told her: "We'll go out and find you someone." Now, Cundy is dishing all she can recall about her days as Meghan's friend as she claims that Meghan ghosted her once she and Harry went public with their relationship in 2016. Cundy claims she showed Meghan a photo of soccer star and Cheryl Cole's ex, Ashley Cole and Markle reportedly said: "Oh yeah, he’s cute. 'Does he have a reputation?’" Cundy replied: "Well, yeah, but you’re only here to have a bit of fun.” Did Ashley Cole and Meghan Markle date before she met Prince Harry?


1. Who is Ashley Cole?

First things first, for everyone not caught up in the British tabloid gossip, just who is Ashley Cole? He is a 38-year-old, 5'9" soccer player who plays as a left back for Championship club Derby County. He is considered by players and critics alike to be one of the best defenders of his generation. Some consider him to be the best left back in the world. Personally, Cole started dating Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Tweedy in September 2004 after meeting due to living on the same apartment building in London. They were married on July 15, 2006. Allegations of adultery on Cole's part dogged their marriage and the couple officially divorced in September 2010. Cole has two children (born in 2016 and 2018) with Italian model Sharon Canu.



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2. Meghan's pre-Harry London days

Fresh off her divorce from Trevor Engleson in 2013, Meghan was spending time in London being single and out there mingling. This was about the time she slid into the DMs of singer Matt Cardle, who, as we reported the other day, ghosted Meghan. At the same time, she was being pursued by Ashley Cole. Journalist Katie Hind spent a night out with Meghan Markle in 2013 and recounted to The Sun how Cheryl Cole's ex-Ashley was trying to take Meghan out on a date. Of Markle, Hind said: “She asked me about British men, and confided that she had recently got divorced from her husband and now she was single and very much ready to mingle. I quizzed her about American men, but she didn’t seem so keen on them.” Meghan reportedly also ghosted Hind when she went public with her relationship with Prince Harry in 2016. 



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3. Meghan's ghosting

During Meghan's single forays to London, she befriended a number of members of the media including Lizzie Cundy, Katie Hind and Piers Morgan. Of Meghan, Cundy said: “Meghan’s so relaxed, she liked a drink, great fun. I remember her asking about my boys. She was very interested and asking lots of questions. Usually you find actresses just talk about themselves. She was really fun, really sweet. I liked her.” After Meghan and Prince Harry went public, Cundy texted Markle: “I texted saying, ‘Oh my God, I heard about Harry.’ And she was like, ‘Yeah I know. We’ll try and hook up,'” Cundy wrote. “She was probably told by the Palace to end contact with people she befriended in the media. I was literally ghosted by her.” Chances are, due to her heightened profile with Prince Harry, friendships with members of the media were not a good idea. 



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4. So did Ashley Cole and Meghan Markle ever date?

Journalist Katie Hind recalled a night out with Meghan for The Daily Mail. She characterized the future Duchess as an up-and-coming actress who was angling for some press. The two shared a bottle of prosecco at a London nightclub. Hind said: "Producing an iPhone from her handbag, she pointed to the picture of a good-looking man on her Twitter account, and said: 'Do you know this guy, Ashley Cole? 'He follows me and he keeps trying to talk to me on Twitter. He's trying really hard.' 'I bet,' I said calmly. She continued: 'He wants to go out on a date while I'm over here in London. What do you think? Do you know him?'" Hind goes on to write about how nortoriously unfaithful Cole had been over the years and how Cheryl Cole had unceremoniously dumped him for his many affairs. Hind decided she had to tell Meghan the truth. She wrote: "I set her straight. Meghan seemed taken aback, and quietly replied: 'Thanks, I appreciate it. Some of my friends told me to stay away from him, too.' Then she giggled: 'I think I'll leave it.'"

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