Who Is Spencer Matthews? New Details On Pippa Middleton's Brother-In-Law Who Hid In Vault During Robbery Of Watch Store

You've seen him before.

Who Is Spencer Matthews? New Details On Pippa Middleton's Brother-In-Law Who Hid In Vault During Robbery Of Watch Store Getty Images 

When my editor graciously assigned me a story about Spencer Matthews, she had no idea what she was getting into. See, there's something you should know: I may be American by nationality but I am British in my heart, and when it comes to the ridiculous reality TV stars in the UK I am a "royal" addict (see what I did there?). And, since Spencer Matthews has been one of these stars for quite some time, needless to say, I have opinions. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Today, I'm here to introduce you to Spencer Matthews, brother to James Matthews who is the millionaire husband of Pippa Middleton whose sister is Kate Middleton who is married to Prince William whose son George will eventually be the King of England. Still following me? I did warn you. Recently, Spencer fled some burglars but that's not the only thing worth knowing about him. Let's dig in, shall we? Who is Spencer Matthews?


1. His Relationship To The Royals

When Kate Middleton and Prince William finally tied the knot and became the new It royal couple (only to have the role usurped later on by Harry and Meghan Markle) they should have been the center of attention. It was their big day, after all. But there was one person at their wedding who stole the show and instantly became a pop culture phenomenon: Pippa Middleton—or, more accurately, Pippa Middleton's shapely backside.


The entire United Kingdom, nay, perhaps the entire world stood up and paid attention when she sashayed into the church in a gorgeous dress showcasing her, erhm, assets. Everyone wondered who the lovely Pippa would wed, and when she wed James Matthews, she stunned everyone: that's because James' brother Spencer Matthews is also well known in the UK but for very different reasons. 



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2. Made In Chelsea 

You see, Spencer, while very well bred and coming from a wealthy family, is also a pretty well-known reality TV star! He's appeared in five different reality shows in the UK, with his introduction to most of his fans coming in the form of his role as resident skeeze on the scripted reality show, Made In Chelsea. This first foray into reality TV wasn't his last, not by a long show. Most notably he appeared on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and Five Star Hotel. On every show, he's been the resident bad boy with fans tuning into just to love to hate the wealthy and posh Matthews as he falls in and out of different romantic relationships. 



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3. Why He's In The News 

Lately, Spencer has been in the news again, but this time it's not for his bad boy behavior on the latest reality show. Instead, Spencer was at the heart of his very own true crime story! The lad of leisure was shopping for watches in London (because that is what lads of leisure do) when he was forced to hide in the basement vault when armed intruders broke into the shop! “I was in there picking up this vintage piece that I’ve been waiting for for ages and these guys drive a scooter through the glass and start battering the shop with hammers, with huge hammers, wearing helmets. We’re in the back of the shop looking at them, sprint downstairs (and) hide in the vault until all the noise passes," Spencer shared on his Instagram. But don't worry, it all worked out: he still got his watch. 


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4. His Wife 

Spencer's royal relations aren't the only famous members of his family either. In 2018, Spencer married Irish model and TV personality, Vogue Williams. She sashayed her way into third place when she appeared on the UK's version of Dancing With The Stars, but she isn't just a glamor girl, either. She also won a survival show hosted by Bear Grylls, the survivalist OG! Tabloids had a field day when Vogue and Spencer started dating, particularly when he finally proposed. She was credited with taming the guy, which makes him sound like a lion and I do not feel okay about that. She also wrote an op-ed about how Muslims should be kept in internment camps in the UK. So you know, she is a deeply flawed person (to say the least) who maybe shouldn't be allowed to write for newspapers. 


5. Royal Etiquette 

Spencer might be famous, but that doesn't mean he's at the same level as his royal peers. In fact, when his brother and Pippa Middleton tied the knot, Spencer was given very specific instructions about how he was supposed to behave. Even though he was the groom's brother and his best man, that didn't mean he had free reign to do and say whatever he wanted. According to The Daily Star: "Spencer has been given a last-minute warning to keep the speech clean. He isn't allowed to give a traditional best man's speech in case he shows anyone up in front of the royals. He isn't allowed to make any jokes or anything." Since the brothers are still on speaking terms, I'm assuming he followed the rules. 


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