Who Is Destiny Odom? New Details About Lamar Odom's Daughter — And How They've Grown Closer Since His Overdose

She's his first-born child.

Who Is Destiny Odom? New Details About Lamar Odom's Daughter — And How They've Grown Closer Since His Overdose getty

In 2015, basketball player Lamar Odom almost lost his life when he had overdosed at the Love Ranch, a legal brothel in Nevada. He suffered kidney failure, heart attacks and strokes, and was comatose, being placed on life support before he regained consciousness. 

He eventually made a full recovery, and though he and Khloé Kardashian divorced shortly after, he continues to speak out about his addiction.


One woman who has stood by his side the entire time is his daughter, Destiny. Who is Destiny Odom, though? Destiny is 20 years old, an aspiring model, and in a recent interview with ABC News, revealed how his overdose affected her.

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When she was just 17 years old, Destiny said she found out from an unlikely source what had happened to her dad. “I think we found out from TMZ, actually. A family friend called us and was like...are you okay? We heard Lamar’s on life support. We’re like... what?!” she said in the interview.

When her mother and Lamar’s ex, Liza Morales, found out the same way, Destiny discussed how it was a “pretty traumatic” experience.

“I thought it was going to be my last moments with him. I couldn’t believe it. I was just in a state of shock. I just told him that I need him to be here, to be present with me, and just fight,” she said.



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But his recovery process was inspiring to her.


Said Destiny, “[It was] scary at first, because he couldn't walk or talk, like he said. So we were concerned, but at least he was still alive. Was still fighting. That's all that matters.” And according to Lamar, it was his daughter who helped him decide to go to rehab and turn his life around. “I basically told him, if he didn’t go to rehab I wouldn’t talk to him anymore. That was tough for the both of us.”

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And for Lamar, it was a “life-changing moment” for each of them. “It was much needed, and I’m glad it happened. I’m glad she pulled up the courage to tell her old man that. It’s crazy, because it’s, like, the opposite of the life cycle, right? Like, your kid teaching you,” Lamar revealed.



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Years later, now that his relationship with his daughter is repaired and stronger than ever, he’s happy with how things are. Destiny said, “You have to [forgive] in order to move on. Just for yourself, you have to forgive. I would say every day is a step at a time. Every day is a new struggle, new chapter.”


The ABC News interview comes right before Lamar’s memoir, Darkness to Light, will be released. The book discusses his career, childhood, marriage to Kardashian, his overdose and recovery, and the aftermath.

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