30 Best 15th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

It's a huge milestone.

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It's your 15th anniversary! That means you're one decade down, and halfway to another decade.

No matter how you slice it, 15 years of marriage means you are in the long haul and have started to fully appreciate how precious love is. That’s why the traditional present for the 15th wedding anniversary is crystal.

While the modern present when choosing anniversary gifts for this occasion is a watch, as it illustrates the preciousness of time, there are still other options to choose from. You can also opt for crystal, and there are plenty of great presents to mark this incredibly important occasion.


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1. Enji Studio Emel Earrings


The perfect pair for a little everyday luxe, the Emel earrings contrasts architectural lines in recycled 14k gold with the natural crystal surface of raw quartz points. These post earrings measure 2" and are handmade in San Diego, CA.

(Balefire Goods, $329)

2. Enji Studio Eitan Necklace

This is recycled 14k gold and sterling silver with the natural crystal surface of raw quartz points. It includes a 20-inch 14k gold cable chain and a 2-inch pendant.


(Balefire Goods, $715)

3. Jane Hollinger Arie Necklace

A small Herkimer Diamond Crystal is suspended on a 14k yellow gold ring on a 16.5-inch sterling silver chain with an offset accent gold ring. The Herkimer is 1/4 inch long.

(Balefire Goods, $135)

4. Waterford Lismore Toasting Flute Pair of Crystal Champagne Glasses


This Lismore crystal pattern is adorned with diamond and wedge cuts, and perfect to use to toast a 15th anniversary (with champagne, of course!).

(Waterford, $150)

5. Lulu Dharma Crystal Quartz Luck Collection Ring

Quartz crystal is known as the stone of Universal Energy, dispels negativity, encourages communication and enhances love and harmony. And tthis ring from Lulu Dharma is a gift that will constantly be a reminder of the love you both share.


(Lulu Dharma, $39)

6. Lulu DK Let Your Light Shine Necklace

For the woman who loves simplicity, this crystal embroidered necklace is a piece that she can wear everyday with any look. The inspiring and elegant necklace is a great way for your better half to carry your thoughtful gift wherever she goes.


(Lulu DK, $82)

7. Soul Journey Jewelry 'Love You' Earrings

Though it’s thought of as the stone of love, rose quartz crystal is also one of unconditional love. The Love You earrings are a great gift that comes with a reminder of the strong qualities of your relationship that will continue to grow as you and your partner grow together.


(Soul Journey Jewelry, $42)

8. PlantOGram Kesar Mango Tree

The best anniversary gift you could receive that represents your 15 years of enduring love is the PlantOGram Kesar Mango tree. A plant that produces rare mangos every year reminds you of your vows of health.

(Plantogram, $138.90)

9. Giant Ombre Knit Blanket


This chunky knit blanket by Lauren Aston designs is a dreamy addition to a bedroom or living room. The subtle ombre effect looks seamless up close, but the overall appearance is striking. This blanket is sustainably made and uses 100 percent Merino Wool only.

(Made with Respect, $395.90)

10. Anniversary Wine Glass


Show your wife how awesome she is with this hilariously funny and unique wine glass that is sure to put a smile on her face every time she reaches for it.

(Etsy, $16.99)

11. 15 Years Down and Forever To Go Keychain

It's hand stamped "15 down" with a heart around the date on the dime, hearts next to the date on the nickel, and "Forever to go" on the bottom aluminum layer.


(Etsy, $19.79+)

12. Engraved Padlock

Sometimes it's about the simple things and not the large gifts that show how much someone means to you. Show how much you care with this heart shaped lock love padlock.

(Etsy, $19.20+)

13. 15th Anniversary 'You Are My Rock'


Polished to shine with the words "you are my rock, 15 years." Cast from an actual rock found on a beach in Cornwall.

(Etsy, $26)

14. Maggie Louise Confections Precious Stones 9-Piece Chocolate Set

Art and candy meet within this gorgeous nine-piece chocolate set, featuring faceted milk, dark and white chocolates in jeweled hues.


(Nordstrom, $48)

15. Mako Glass Wine Decanter

Fit a full 750 ml bottle of wine in this modern-style glass wine carafe, designed to enhance flavors while keeping out unwanted dirt and dust.

(Mako Barware, $20)

16. Boone's Mill Rock Crystal Candy Sticks


Each rock candy stick is individually wrapped to preserve freshness, and the rock candy naturally has a long shelf and is resistant to heat. Each vibrant crystal is packed with tasty flavors such as blue raspberry, red cherry and more.


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17. Ralph Lauren Metropolis Leaded Crystal Decanter


The modern Metropolis Decanter is crafted from gleaming hand-cut lead crystal and features beveled, engine-turned grooves.

(Ralph Lauren, $139)

18. Mod Sélection Réserve Champagne

Mod Sélection is a luxury Champagne that has been produced in the Vallee de Marne region for hundreds of years and has only been available to the political and industry elite in France — until now. Each bottle is presented in a gorgeous leather box, making it an incredible gift.


(Shop Wine Direct, $299.98)

19. Bulova Men's Futuro Diamond-Accent Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

Compelling metallic-blue creates an alluring dial which is further distinguished by genuine diamond-accents on this stainless steel Diamond Dress watch by Bulova.

(Macy's, $295)

20. Macy's Emerald & Diamond Stud Earrings in 14k Gold


Glamorous teardrops are created with beautiful pear-shape emeralds in these stunning stud earrings, enhanced by frames of baguette and round-shape diamonds.

(Macy's, $1,025)

21. Macy's Emerald & Diamond 16" Pendant Necklace in 14k Gold

The colorful hues of a pear-shape emerald are emboldened by a striking halo of baguette and round-shape diamonds in this glamorous gold pendant necklace.


(Macy's, $950)

22. Waterford Tonn Crystal Set Of Wine Glasses

Waterford Ardan offers quality crystal with a clean, modern design for everyday use. Featuring immaculate attention to detail in a simple yet modern way, this wine set of two is suitable for every occasion.


23. AHAVA 24K Gold Mineral Mud Mask


In a single product, two elements of nature combine to enhance your natural beauty: authentic Dead Sea Mud and 24K gold. This nourishing mask delivers a luxury, at-home spa experience and ideal makeup prep for luminous, radiant skin.

(Ahava, $58)

24. Crystal Wood Candlestick

This Crystal Wood Candlestick has gems all over inside, and the crystals and silver mirror reflect shine. It combines both the function and decoration to set your house.


(Wayfair, $63.99)

25. Tocca Gia Eau de Parfum

Gia is an artist driven by reflecting the beauty and power she sees in every individual she meets and every destination she visits. Her distinct scent and look calls to all bold women who are unafraid to show the world exactly who they are. Key notes: Turkish Rose, Pink Peppercorn, Tangerine, Amber, Sandalwood.


(Tocca, $76)

26. Hennessy X.O Ice Experience Gift Set

The Hennessy X.O Ice Experience GiftSet features a 750ml bottle and unique gift box that transforms into a modern ice bucket perfect for serving X.O over ice while entertaining. When served over ice, the subtle flavors of Hennessy X.O are released for a multi-faceted, sensorial taste experience.


(Wired for Wine, $187.97)

27. James Scott Crystal 3-Tier Rectangle Server

Created from crystal, its unique design is hand-cut and deeply faceted for extra sparkle. It's perfect for sweets and desserts, and features 3 separate tiers.


28. 2004 Silver Half Dollar Coin Ring


This 2004 Double Sided Silver Coin Ring is handmade from a 90 percent Silver, minted in 2004. It is available in sizes 6 to 17, including half and quarter sizes. The 3D coin ring reads ”Liberty” and “In God We Trust" on the outside, and “United States of America" and “Half Dollar” on the inside.

(Etsy, $60)

29. John Varvatos Classic


You've loved waking up next to him for 15 years, so keep his scent inviting with this alluring, woody oriental blend of spices, woods, and a hint of sweetness that he can wear every day. 

(Macy's, starts at $69)

30. Custom Wedding Date License Plate

What a fun and unique way to commemorate your first 15 years of marriage! Your custom wedding anniversary date sign can be customized with any date, including your wedding or anniversary date.


(Etsy, $68+)

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