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How Did Nariah Brown Die? New Details About The Toddler's Gruesome Death At A Motel

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How Did Nariah Brown Die? New Details About The Toddler's Gruesome Death At A Motel

Nariah was a premature baby and just over one year old when she was horrifically assaulted, both physically and sexually. On May 8th, her mother Aija left her in a motel room with her trusted boyfriend to run a quick errand. When Aija returned and saw the injuries, she quickly rushed Nariah to the hospital. On May 10th, Nariah succumbed to her injuries. How did Nariah Brown die?

1. Aija Brown left Nariah Ivy with her boyfriend of a year, whom she’d known since the fourth grade

As difficult as it is to leave your baby anywhere in the first few critical years of life, it’s not like Aija was leaving Nariah with a stranger when she ran out to give a relative a quick ride somewhere. She was leaving her 17-month-old with her boyfriend of a year, whom she’d known almost her entire life. She said, “Baby, I love you...and I’m going to let you go with him... and I’ll be right back,” but when she returned to the pair at the Southside Virgnia motel off Midlothian Turnpike at which they were staying, she found Nariah had been horrifically assaulted.

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2. She rushed Nariah to the hospital, where doctors discovered multiple severe injuries, including punctured lungs and fractured ribs

Aija rushed Nariah to Chippenham Hospital, giving her CPR in the backseat en route. “I was in panic mode, disgusted, in total shock... that anything happened to her,” Brown said. Nariah was transferred to Virginia Commonwealth University’s Critical Care Unit, but was unfortunately pronounced dead soon after arrival.

3. There are signs that the baby was sexually assaulted

It’s horrifying to even think about—a baby, defenseless and sexually assaulted. U.S. Marshalls arrested the boyfriend because he was in violation of probation, but charges have yet to be announced.

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4. Nariah was the sweetest, happiest baby, and she was just learning how to talk

She was also Aija Brown’s only child. According to the family’s gofundme page, Nariah left behind loving grandparents, aunts, uncles, and a host of other family family members who cared for her deeply. She was outgoing and loved to dance. She suffered tremendously in her last moments alive, but the family thanks MCV for everything they did to try to save her.

You can help the family heal by contributing to the funeral expenses so they can honor Nariah Ivy Brown properly by donating here.

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