Where Is Amanda Eller? New Details On The Missing Yoga Instructor Who Disappeared On A Hawaiian Hike Who Has Been Found

What happened to Amanda?

Where Is Amanda Eller? New Details On The Missing Yoga Instructor Who Disappeared On A Hawaiian Hike Who Has Been Found Facebook

UPDATE: We are so happy to hear that Amanda Eller was found alive and well, albeit dehydrated. She was missing for 16 days before she was found wandering barefoot in the forest. She spent two days in the hospital under observation and is now home continuing her recovery. 

She disappeared without a trace, and now, her family fears the worst. What happened to Amanda Eller and where is Amanda Eller?

Amanda Eller went hiking in Hawaii at the Makawao Forest Reserve on May 8th. She thought it would be a routine hike, but unfortunately, she hasn’t been seen since.


It’s been just about a week since Eller was last seen, and unfortunately, her family now fears the worst. Let’s look at what we know about Amanda Eller’s disappearance, and what investigators are finding out.

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1. Her boyfriend has been eliminated as a suspect.

While it’s unfortunate to say, people who “disappear” often do so at the hands of someone they know — and women who are involved with men on any level usually disappear at their hands.

And that, according to People, is what the police first thought about Amanda Eller, too.


Benjamin Konkol was vacationing with Amanda Eller in Hawaii when she disappeared. And, at first, police were looking closely at Konkol, who was romantically involved with Eller, to see what he knew about her disappearance — especially since he said that he was the last person to see her alive.

“I was the last person to see her and it was Wednesday morning before I went to work … She really likes to be alone in nature too … so it’s not unlike her to do that,” Konkol said at a press conference, per the outlet.

Fortunately, both the police and Amanda’s family shut down the speculation that he was involved, in any way, with her disappearance.

“So far there’s been absolutely zero indication of any foul play or involvement on his part — or anybody’s part for that matter,” Amanda’s dad John Eller told the outlet.


Amanda Eller's boyfriend, Benjamin Konkol, has been eliminated as a suspect. 

2. Her family initially thought that she was, in fact, the victim of foul play.

According to The New York Post, Amanda Eller’s family initially thought that she was the victim of foul play.


“Generally speaking, it’s highly likely she’s lost or injured in this forest, and its equally as likely that she was intercepted by someone in the parking lot or on her run. As the days go by, and more and more people are in the forest, we get closer and closer to foul play,” said Sarah Haynes, who identified herself as a “family spokesperson.”

Amanda Eller went on a hike in Hawaii and hasn't been seen since.


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3. The Hawaii police have pulled out all the stops to try to find her.

According to Maui Now, when word got out that Amanda Eller never returned from her hike, the police — and several volunteers — pulled out all the proverbial stops to try to find her.

“A group of about 25 volunteers gathered with supplies, snacks, water and cell phones armed with GPS apps to aid in the continuing search,” said the outlet, who added that the police have recovered Eller’s car from a nearby site.

Police have found Amanda Eller's car.


4. There’s a reward for information that leads to her recovery.

In the hopes of finding information about Amanda Eller — be it for her return or her recovery — CBS News is reporting that her family has set up a reward account for the person who provides the necessary information.

“Eller's parents offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to her safe return prior to their scheduled arrival on Maui Sunday with other members of the Maryland-based family,” said CBS, while adding that the FBI was also assisting with technical aspects of the search.

Anyone with any information about the Amanda Eller disappearance is urged to call (808) 244-6400.


Amanda Eller's family and friends are desperately looking for her. 

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