Who Is MJ Javid? New Details On The 'Shahs Of Sunset' Star And The Difficult Birth Of Her Son

The 'Shahs of Sunset' star MJ Javid nearly died giving birth. Read all the details.

Who Is MJ Javid? New Details On The 'Shahs Of Sunset' Star And The Difficult Birth Of Her Son Instagram

When Shahs of Sunset star Mercedes “MJ” David tied the knot with husband Tommy Frieght last year, the couple already knew they wanted to have kids as soon as possible. Javid was well over 40 at the time and was aware that the chances of getting pregnant were low for her. She had already taken steps to have her eggs preserved before the wedding and she was prepared to do whatever it took to have kids. She and Frieght jumped right into IVF and she was pretty open about how she struggled with the effects of the medications and how it all made her feel. The pair was delighted to finally conceive a baby but the challenges weren’t over yet. When Javid gave birth last month, she needed an emergency c-section and lost massive amounts of blood. Fortunately, Javid recovered from the terrifying birth and she and the baby are both doing well now. Read on for all the details about her harrowing experience. Who is MJ Javid?


1. IVF

Getting pregnant wasn’t easy for the Shahs of Sunset star and her husband. Javid froze her eggs before her marriage and she and husband Tommy Freight used IVF to get pregnant. She told US Weekly at the time that the process took a lot out of her, saying: “The truth is that I have a lot of ups and downs, moment to moment, especially on the hormones from IVF stuff. You retain a lot of water. You feel really great one moment and then terrible another moment. That’s the reason why I share because, in my Instagram Stories for instance, I’ll say, ‘I don’t feel good today, but I want everyone else to know not to beat themselves up, to be kind to yourself and know that those days happen to everyone.’ Because that’s how we connect to people, is if you’re going through something and you and I share that, [that’s] how much we just closed the gap between the two of us.”



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The couple needed intervention to get pregnant.

2. Pregnancy glow

Once she did conceive her son, Javid said she felt great. In October, she told US Weekly: “I feel great. I mean, I really feel very fortunate not to have any icky side effects right now in terms of nausea or morning sickness or fatigue or any of the difficult symptoms for the first trimester.” She went on to say:  “I feel really happy. Of course, it was a little rough on the journey, doing the IVF stuff before, so I think I really paid the price back then, because this is so easy.”



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Javid enjoyed pregnancy.

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3. Terrifying delivery

Delivering her son turned into a life-threatening ordeal for Javid. She told US Weekly that she needed massive transfusions to make up for blood loss sustained during the birth. She said: “During my delivery, I lost two thirds of my body’s blood supply, requiring 19 units of blood during the surgery, then [was] intubated and placed in ICU from having significant fluid in my lungs after my C-section.” She had been given meds to keep her unconscious for the procedures and says that when she woke up and heard what happened she was stunned, telling Hollywood Life:  “When I woke up and I found out what I had been through I was like…’Woah, that is a lot.’” 


Her delivery was life threatening.

4. Settling in

Now that Javid herself is out of danger, she and husband Tommy are settling into the routine of being parents — with some assistance. Javid told Hollywood Life: “We have help on most nights. The nights that we don’t have help it’s like a painful exhaustion.” Tommy isn’t making her go it alone on baby care. She says: "[He’s] almost as hands on as me. He’s great. He didn’t have a relationship with his dad when he was younger, he wasn’t present, so here we are. He’s really stepping up.”



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Javid is recovering well.

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5. Staying in the moment

As for whether or not Javid wants to expand the family further, the 46-year-old says they aren’t ready to consider it just yet, telling US Weekly: “Some of the times I think about baby No. 2, and then I say, ‘Shut up. Enjoy the moment. You’ll get there when you get there.’” But the Shahs star also revealed that she and Frieght have some embryos left from their IVF process, saying: “We had 12 [embryos left], and I don’t think all of them made it, so now we still have less than a baker’s dozen.” 


No baby pics yet but their wedding was beautiful.


The couple haven’t yet shared photos of their son but she says they will soon. Keep an eye on her social media for the pics.

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